Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This might be long & boring to a lot of you!

A day off! I found one! Just laying around... Really!

Ahhhh. Such a busy month.

I guess I'll start with spring break. It was fun. Sleeping in, playing SoTN, staying up late, enjoying the nice weather we had. Saw Clash o' the Titans in 3-D (which I totally dug so quit bitching about 3-D Katie)... I worked one day during the whole duration of spring break so it wasn't bad at all. Good times.

The week after that, Let-Dawg came to visit! All the way from Cali. So like, now I have to go visit HER & all her minions.

Let's just say that I was fucking floored at how grown up she looks in real life. I mean, I had some semblance of what she was going to look like what with the beauty of technology provides today via picture mail, heck even cute little videos she sent to me of her tap-dancing & whatnot... BUT STILL! These things do her no justice compared to the beauty I laid eyes upon in seeing her in person for the first time in over 15 years. She is all grown up.

So when I picked her up at the airport what I really wanted to do was cry, my stomach was all tangled in knots, but instead I did the opposite & just started laughing hysterically. Cause I'm Autistic like that, y'know? She was crying so hard, I was so touched by the moment.

I was nervous as all get out driving with her & 3 spawn in tow, plus I am not even a little bit familiar with the new airport system Indy hath provided us with just recently, so I was just a silent little ghost on the drive to Mickey D's whilst the spawn prattled on with her in the car. I kept sneaking glances at her. It was so surreal.

After we stocked up on rations @ McDonald's we took her home to our humble abode. Settled in for a few, waited for Snookms to get home from work so he could meet her & all that jazz, then she & I headed out to Plainfield to smoke & chat @ Starbux cause that is all I ever dreamed of doing with her. The weather was beautiful but OH SO WINDY. Leticia kept teasing the weather & calling it a Dust Devil. She got attacked as a result & pummeled with Indy Mulch. It made me giggle.

We walked around Metropolis for a few, then agreed to head out to the ol' Renegade Wizard & Warlock's Wife pad. They were pretty jazzed to see her. First thing my mom said when she saw her getting out of the car was, "Oh no, don't call the cops on me!" because like, cops were always being called back in the day when she & I were an item. MEH.

We had a lovely evening of just sitting out on the deck & catching up. It was awesome to see my mom & Let-Dawg have a conversation where we were all on the same page. 15 years ago it would've went something like, "Hey mom, can I smoke some dank in mai bedroom?" "Uhmmm, NO!" So yeah. They were talking about being good mommies for their daughters & plants & Fibromayalgia (sp?) so yeah. It was 'interesting' to say the least.

The hour grew late & Leticia was beyond exhausted so we headed home to a house full of sleeping Turners so that we too could turn in for the night. We got home, rejuventated on foods & got our pajamas on. I wound up staying in the living room with her til hella late because we were just having too much fun talking & laughing. It was like a day had never even passed by between us. Our brand of humour, I believe, is the tie that will continually bind us.

The whole night long I kept looking at her face & how young she still looked, I could still see Leticia there, so wide eyed & innocent. But there is this facet of chaos that generates a will of covetous nature from me. I want to consume it & allow it to become me. Like, maybe if I just cut her foot off & eat it that will be enough? She is such a wonderful enigma...

The next day I took the spawn to school & came home & we just sat around in our jammies & rested. RESTED! RESTED? It was weird. BUT FUN! We sat around in our jammiez & stepped out on the patio to smoke & stuff. Then she busted out the copy of Lost & Delirious I had ordered her a while back, she even took the liberty of not watching it at home yet so we could watch it together for her first time. SWEET.

I started tearing up hardcore all throughout the movie & feeling hella dumb. Fucking Paulie is top notch in that flick. She pretty much emulates all the turmoil I struggled against as an awkward teen. SO MUCH EMO. Thank GAWD she had me all distracted with signing her copy of my two books, otherwise it would have been even moreso awkward.

So by the time that was over we didn't have much time to do anything else before it was time to pick up my spawn. We elected to grab some lunch @ Panera (which is my FAVOURITE) & I ordered the potato(e) soup along with a chicken cobb salad. Best combo evar? Let-Dawg did the same, I ate way the fuck more than she did.

I think it was that night that we elected to see Hot Tub Time Machine, which Rotten Tomatoes hated pretty much, or in other words, "everybody" hated I guess? I on the other hand, along with Let-Dawg gave it two thumbs up, way up. It was just our brand of humour, plus Crispin Glover as the armless dude who was no longer armless in the past? He like, stole muh fukkin heart away... It was a perfect movie to see with Let-Dawg.

We had a field trip to take she-spawn to the next day; Indy 500 museum & race track. It was surprisingly fun, but outdoors. By then the weather had taken an about face & totally fucked us up. SO COLD. Poor Little Miss California Sunshine thought she was in the tundra & shite.

After that, the whole trip was basically dedicated to the fucking hospital, which I don't even want to go into all of that here, long story short, Jr. had 2 appts & my pops wound up in the hospital on Friday, but he is all better now so that's all that matters here. Still though, Leticia & I still managed to have fun, she's not one of those friends that you need to be in the 'scene' with to always be having fun & shit. Hell, SHE IS THE SCENE.

When it was time for her to go, I was so not ready. It came so abruptly. I knew it was coming but I just kept tucking it away, like somehow it wouldn't happen if I just kept pushing it far enough into the recesses of my mind. Yeah right. Snookms' mom was a doll & had us reserve a room in her name @ the Holiday Inn Carribean Cove (it's an indoor waterpark hotel that tricks you into thinking you might actually be at the beach for at least 5 minutes) & that is the same day that Let-Dawg was leaving. So after her & the fam & I went to lunch together @ El Rodeo she rode with us to check in to our awesome hotel room, then it was off to the stupid airport. The airport was useless to me that day, y'know?

I don't even want to talk about goodbyes. This ended up being a surprisingly awesome goodbye, but still. I HATE GOODBYES.

So this was all like, almost 2 weeks ago I guess? Or something. Don't hate me because I'm bad with time frames okay?

The next week, which was last week... ? Well I had a lecture Neil Gaiman was speaking at to go to on Friday to get me through the dark & dreary tunnel. Leticia leaving took a toll on me, alot harder than I had imagined. There was something like depression, just missing her being at my side I s'pose? Mysty had took the awesome initiative to set up us being Friends of the Library so that her, BrandiCandi & I could have front row seats at the lecture. Mysty is fucking awesome like that. She be getting the hookup yo. So dig it? I was almost in a fangrrl panic knowing Neil Gaiman was about to step foot on stage. I felt as though I needed some restraining harness other than my own sheer will to keep me from clobbering him with my drool when he finally did walk on stage. He was everything I hoped he would be. & more. He said when he grew up he wanted to be either a werewolf, or a writer. Mysty & I swooned & giggled hardcore when he said that because I started calling her husbandry Werewolf & it just stuck like that so that is what Mysty makes everyone call him now.

He spoke a bit, did some readings, held a Q&A which I couldn't muster the guster to ask a question, & then did a final reading of which was my favourite. Something about a St. Auron? I dunno. I was too bewitched body & soul to reach that far into my memory bank & record. BrandiCandi will remember! & there was a Paige! A lovely lovely Paige I had the pleasure of meeting due to Mysty & her being mutual pals. Mysty is superfamous everywhere she goes. Everyone knows her no matter where we are. Paige has awesome ink, she had this awesome owl tattoo on her arm that I took a picture of with my camera phone but cannot currently share with anyone because my fucking phone is now broke.

So after drooling over Neil Gaiman, Mysty took us back to her pad where we met up with her Werewolf & one of my exes (sp?, WUT? I'm not used to talking about 'exes'!) & headed up to Melody Inn. I had the pleasure of hearing Slam Dunk, Lair of the Minotaur & Coffinworm live that night, it was fucking off the hook? I was initially all about Lair of the Minotaur, but when Coffinworm got on stage they stole the fucking show. Everyone knows everyone @ that particular haunt, except me, of course, I was a fucking newbie fail on various levels, but I didn't care cause I was so far stuck up Mysty's ass you could no longer see my little Anarchy ballet flats sticking out. But I tell you, everytime Mysty takes me to one of these 'things'? These live/local/underground shows? It is like getting in a time machine & being transformed. I feel like a teenager again, reckless & flawless & rejuvenated. Somehow Mysty has that affect on people. We all drink from her Eternal Fountain of Youth. & I don't know, because I am new to this 'scene', or rather, just coming back into it as an old fart, but... there are all these adorable little outdoor nooks & crannies you can slip back into & just chill & smoke & chat up with potential Venice Beach material. It's pretty great & I am thinking everyone needs to try this scene on for size at least once in their life. I typically live such a sheltered life, as BrandiCandi had put it for us people that live under the stairs, & this was so entertaining... watching Mysty @ her finest.

So yeah. There is that. There's way more to babble about here, I finished Mordicai's Watchtower Gothic (a LONG TIME AGO, actually) & just received Mr. Parrish's very own Tavernier Stones in the mail about a week ago... I want to talk about those, but in another session! Time's up!