Monday, April 27, 2009


Yep. Indeed. 13 years of being married to my best friend. I have SO MUCH MORE to say, but I have SO MUCH to accomplish today, including ordering a "FACECAKE" with this plastered all over it:

And perhaps a little o' this:

Maybe some of this:

And hopefully, if there's enough room on the damn cake left, this:

But when it all boils down to the e-FUCKING-ssentials? Past the promised gifts and summer vacations? Beyond the passion of lust and into the vortex of love being an actual fucking reality? And getting past that reality to realize that you truly can be married to your best fucking friend in life and NOT have to agree on every fucking thing and get along with each other every day of your life to be an "item"?

THIS is all that ever really matters.....

My mom and dad took the time this weekend to put together a SONG (yes, please DO click on the link, so you can hear "Kapantay ay Langit" for yourselves!) for Snookms and I celebrating 13 years of mad love for one another. It's in TAGALOG, the language of the Philippines, and it brings joy to my heart to hear my mother sing every word, every turn of graceful inflection.

It's always been a dream of mine to hear her sing a song for me in her native language. She speaks it so eloquently in fact, that I would sometimes need to hear her speak in that fluid form just to fall asleep at night. I remember it so well, like it was yesterday, curled up in a ball snuggled firmly into her backside on her and my dad's kingsize waterbed, preying witness to her late night phone conversations with any one of her 7 siblings. I would hear the nervous click of her fingernails as a backdrop to the language I heard her speak with such ease, and into the land of slumber I would drift, thinking I knew how to speak the language of the gods.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm just sayin' is all....

One of the many reasons I am attached to Mysty's hip:

She can pull this shit off with ease.

And a PERFECT song to go with the scenery?


Go ahead, you know you wanna click it baby.

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's the little things....

Had a pretty busy weekend, and now it's back to the basics for me....

Friday was a beautiful day. First Friday in a long time that didn't involve some combination of rain and depression. Spent it mowing down on Italian Subs @ Penn Station and driving Go-Karts in Plainfield. Topped the night off with Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from the drive thru @ Starbucks.

I WAS going to push for a quick venture to Barnes & Noble to see if they carried any of Jeff Vandermeer's works, like City of Saints & Madmen, I even wrote the title out on masking tape and wrapped it around muh wrist like a bracelet so I wouldn't forget, but Snookms looked WAY tired so I elected for perhaps another day. Besides, I was still reading "Little Things; A Memoir in Slices" by Jeffrey Brown that I snagged on Wednesday while out & about with Kathulhu on Wednesday, which was s'very fun to do with you Kat!

She even treated me to lunch AND dinner. I owe her my left foot now.

I've also been traversing from "Little Things" to "Esperansa Rising" all weekend, and while I'm done with "Little Things", I couldn't quite get the last chapter finished for the latter, as it had to be promptly returned to my 5th grade son's school this morning. It's the book he's reading for class, and I fell in love with it when helping him with some homework one evening. It had me bawling this morning though. The author paints such a beautiful picture in her descriptions. I really felt enveloped in the culture in this one!

"Little Things" is exactly what it is: An account of all the "mundane" activities in our life that we take for granted, but written out comic book style, and magnified to the umpteenth degree to make you walk around appreciating all the "little things" of life. I even found meaning in walking around "Dicks", the sporting goods store, while Snookms went on a mad hunt for bullets.

Mysty got an arm corset done last week. It looks FUCKING AMAZINGLY brutal.

Here's a step by step:

The sight of her blood made me want to whimper and snap spines on this next one:

And as Mysty so quaintly puts it, "Black Ribbon, messy bedroom"....


So some time this week I am hoping to see Mysty so I can feed her arm some chicken soup, cause it looks like it hurts like a MOTHERFRAK.

I really miss her cause we didn't get to hook up last Wednesday like we usually do, she was feeling under the weather. But I hope we can do something this week, as I'm suffering from Mysty Withdrawal Symptoms. (Diarehea, swelling of the feet, palpitations, and psoriasis of the cuntflaps.)

Katie also made me this cool ass 23 song mix cd, but I'm dying to know who some of the artists are on there, cause she forgot to bring the playlist. But that's okay, I've got a few figured out. Song number 22 is this wicked Cure song that Lady Sovereign did up and I heart it SO much.

And then here's a peek at my latest project, Teenage Wasteland:

(yes, it's scribbled on a collection notice from a fucking parking lot ticket I never paid, no I don't know where I'm going with it, and yes, there's gonna be origami up in this biz-natch)

I might post more pics sometime down the road. I guess I'm just really enjoying the outlet it has provided me in my creative side. There's a lot of prose and rhythm to the script, like a Jabberwocky poem that's far too long. But what it's doing for me is limiting the amount of limits I have in my creativity. Even if it goes nowhere, I feel I have gone somewhere in my journey of letting shit flow & be created.

It's got lots of urban overtone, sort've like a Neverending Story meets Boyz in the Hood, or better yet, Menace to Society. I've really run far away with myself here, but so far I love where I'm at and I'm staying til somebody says it's time to go.

The protagonist is Gyn, short fer somethin', but I ain't telling (although you can read it in the "fine print" if you look hard enough) and he/she/it is a timeless entity, that is a sort of "parasite" in eternity, riding on the backs of assailants that help get the story told. And then there's Ocean, Freedom (as in "Freedom got an A.K.), and perhaps a dude named Mobius. He's supposed to have a mural of a faery ass raping a minotaur on his back, but I haven't quite fleshed the guy out to my liking yet, so we'll see.

Old muzakal influences such as Ice Cube & Da Lench Mob, Eazy-E, E-40, Totally Insane, Spice 1, MC Eiht and many others are very essential in the making of this tale, and are displayed as a "food menu" of sorts on the backs of pages of things.

Must go now. Try to have a beautiful 24 hours evr'bodAY.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An award from SEX!!

Yep. Muh dream come true. An award from the one I stalk. I'm speechless!

Give me a few to come up with nominees.....

I'm still taking in the newness and freshness of having internets back. I've been "internet-less" for almost 4 days now, and while it's been nice, OH BOY HOWDY how I've missed the motherfucker.

Our monitor took a shit Thursday? I think? & now I finally uncovered the ancient treasure that is some 1980 whatchamahoozit clunker from the garage. It looks like something that Bill Gates might've wankered off too before Microsoft came into existence. Like maybe the kind of screen Jeffrey Dahmer might've stalked potential eating material from. I've got it plastered with oldskool Dance Dance REvolution Mcdonald's happy meal toy stickers, but it still doesn't do the thing justice. I actually kinda like it, truth be told.

New things in REalm's land farANDwide.....

Facebook: Why can I not find you on here Sex?

Leticia and our daily phone convos: There just isn't enough time and space for all the shit we speak into existence. 7ft tall tatooed Bob Hopes that I wanna fuck in my dreamscape? Squidward's nose being a dick? Satanically sacrificing the neighborhood childrens like shishkabobs for asking to use the restroom? Will it ever end? I should hope not.

Starbuck's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate: Mysty turned me on to this bitch, amongst many other things which resemble her "Art Saves" skin modification grafted acrossed her bosom in Slayer fashion. We did a whole bunch o' NOTHING on Wednesday, and while this bores me to hell most occasions, it was the most fun I've had with her EVAR. No false pretenses. Or fake mustaches. Just me, her, and GIGGLES that don't give you migraines.

Jeff Vandermeer: Found his blog via Ugly Bad Bear's blog. I am s'VERY complete.

Snookms: He's been ominous lately. And in a good way. Not the "I'm not going to get in a car with him tonight cause he might chop me up and dump me in a river by the freeway" kind of way that I'm usually accustomed to. And he shaved and it's sexy. I usually fight for the five o' clock shadow, but not today Jesse. Not today!

Tha Jr.: It's early Saturday morning and the fucker's @ a chess tournament at some high school. Finals and shit. And the hilarious thing about this all? He's just in it for the fun. And a chess shirk(t).

Kathulhu: We missed you Wednesday! But the Grease flick on the big screen was a no go. Hope to see you next Wednesday, naked and begging for me to be your shalafi still.

Myspace: Come dig muh new shiz.

I dunno what else.....

OH!!!! THE SOLOIST!!!! I saw a preview for this MONTHS ago. These are the kinds o' movies that I brAKE for. Like, get on all fours and beg and do whatever you tell me and I'll do it? Well, Snookms was a sweetie and bought me the book last week and I finished it in 2 days and OH BOY HOWDY am I obsessed. I must see the movie. I MUST SEE THE MOVIE. Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers deserve to be characters in my graphic novel, complete with Brahms & Beethoven rat-shooing sticks. *huge SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Thaz all fer now. I will come up with nominees soon I hope! Thanks again Sex! WOOT!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New & Improved!!

Muh new & improved "hand-made" Myspace friend's list: (I heart SEXAY & BEAUTIFUL!!!!)

"Snookms"(Brace yourselves!!)

Tha "Jr."


The Cha-chin-a-tor

The one that squeezed me out....

My awesome cousin, Dominick

Beauty beyond words

Let-Dawg & Company:

(I'm HER "Shalafi")
Thou shalt obey when I speaketh!!!

One FUNNY gal

Pretty girl

Another silly chick

The sister I never had:

Pyramid Head's Next Victim:

Some dork named u?i?q
(plays with Barbies frequently)

Green-Eyed Douche-Bag
(likes hot asians with cat breath)

My muse....
(when all is down, she turns muh frown upside down).

A hot ass that I stalk:

The Amazing and Fantastical Karina:

There are a plethora of reasons as to why I enjoy Myspace.....this being one of em. I like how you can be sneaky and customize junk like this and what not. You can't really do that shit here on Blogger or Facebook so much. As "Nazi" as Myspace is getting, there are still ways to bypass the Hitlerizing bullshit and still have fun. Squee-DOOD-ley!!!

Let's seeeee.....what else?

Still high offa Watchmen. Snookms kinda reminds me of Dr. Manhattan. So much that after the movie was over I had to come home and fuck him just to make sure his dick wasn't blue. Or any other colour for that matter. A rainbow penis would be really lurvely, ya?

Snookms took the spawn & I to see the newest Fast & the Furious flick on Friday. Pretty cool, loved the soundtrack. I was really glad Vin Diesel didn't try hooking up with any one else. & Paul Walker got pretty cute after he ditched his last semblance of hope that mullets were going to come back into style?

Other than that not much else to report. I are currently in the throes of my annual re-reading of Soulforge. Whenever a warm spring breeze flows this book calls to me, and I must obey it's will. Young Raistlin in the summer just wouldn't be the same without me! This book really made me want to fuck Raistlin with all my heart. Turned me into a full fledged Raistlin groupie. It also gave me a pretty bad hard-on for a possible Sturm and Kitiara fling as well. Soulforge is such a wonderful read!!!!

Also, J-U-C-I-F-E-R!!!!!!! Holy CRAP is JUCIFER badass!!! Mysty got me into them. It's just a chick, playing guitar and doing vocals and then some awesome ass old dude banging away on drums. Amber Valentine makes muh heart skip a beat. Fo' sheezy.

My current fav by them is "The Mountain", the first song that plays when y'all click on the link I just gave you. Go listen and then of course have a wonderful day. :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Minds of the Manic Depressive Unite!

Deep within the winter's eve, the deadened twilight shines ominously, glows with an impure radiance.

It chillls not my skin inasmuch as my soul within.

That deadened glow is but a mere recollection of all that has been undone in this Age of Mortality.

These fervent attempts made in the name of immorality have truly brought out what it is to be immoral; to know no limits.

Alas, the demise of restraint for the sake of divine morality we no longer know. For we have broken all boundaries. No longer are we confined to the restrictions of mortality.

And for shame, I was beginning to succumb to the likeness of mortals. I developed a secret fondness for the diminuitive creatures that Life has cursed with the Spell of Death.

Mortality, it seems, to go hand in hand with morality.

And with immortality and immorality, the likes.

Strip immortals of their eternity and suddenly the desire for righteousness manifests within. Impart immortality to a mortal and boundaries are crossed, reverence disregarded, values neglected, esteem despised.

Mortality, immortality; it transcends from one extreme to another in a matter of moments.

All values, maladorous or naught,are cast off in an attempt to grasp the novel ideal of the other.

And in this revelry, it molests something within myself. It vexes that of Hope. Hope for humankind, for all kind. It disturbs the momentum of realms far and wide.

What is a promise of immortality, if in turn, it is only going to strip away morality?

And what of demise?

Does one continually need intimidate humanity with the follies of death in order to bring forth conformity? Maintain ethics? Instill morale?

So in all unreality, there is no end in the end.....

And I am....

So very tired.

Tired of these legions of fools, succumbing to the desires of eternity. Yet while "Eternity" thrives in my very hand, It yearns for completion, closure, a finish, if you will....

And in it's entirety, though lavish, though loving, though longing, I too, desire for an objection. To encompass all this vastness, and I have yet to do so.....

None shall know The Hour, nor so I, for if I had knowledge of this it would only bring yet another round in this age of immortality, and I care not to indulge.

So farewell Moon, while your deadly palor vexes me, once again, it is a mere reminder of the end to come.

An end not so terrible, an end where I, Lorde of Life, God of Giving, can have a true place of resting.

Farewell my love, which was once thine Enemy, for Life has given even I, Lorde God, all encompassing, all knowing, all seeing, terrible and beautiful....

A place in this realm of Chaos.

Okay, so, I wrote this many fucking moons ago. I had this vision in muh head, y'know, of this god? This eternal angry god, that was just royally pissed at the universe and the way things had turned out. Somehow, someway, the ascent to Godhood had been discovered, and the ability to ascend to the becoming of a God been granted to the Mortals of this plane of existence. And this "origin" of sorts? Was all cool with it and shit, was totally jazzed for these newfound mortals that had discovered immortality,right? But then came all the drama what with new heights to soar and boundaries to cross, and so this "god o' origin" got all "WTF!!??" on mortals. So I just had the aforementioned flowing all crazy in my head until I finally was able to jot it all down in some dusty forlorn and forsaken fortress of a journal.

I dunno. I guess it's just kinda weird is all. I've never had the opportunity to read Watchmen. I was able to talk my bro into keeping the spawn for the night so Snookms and I could slip off fer a few and go see Watchmen. I was fucking blown away. In hearing the Comedian go on and on about humanity, and then Dr. Manhattan in his will to abandon the realm of was just a complete mindfuck for me. Kinda like someone got inside my head and had conversations with it years ago, and now it's finally taking it out on a date and taking it to bed for a good frolic between the "sheets of mentality"?? I was just mesmerized is all, I guess. Go fucking see it if you haven't already, but don't take the kiddos!

Oh, and real quick! SexScenes@Starbucks, aka Betsy Dornbusch, got one of her stories, titled Kenna's Song , put up in Big Pulp. If you're not into sissy vampires, but glock wielding em-effers that get all feudal on your ass, then go here!! It's a great read!