Friday, October 7, 2011

gretel & hansel

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i keep forgetting snookms isn't coming home tonight! he went on a trip out of town, will be gone over night. i haven't been away from him for more than a night since the day we kissed. this is going to kind of suck, but at the same time, i like being able to test my parameters. i wonder when i'll finally break? i sure do miss him already. he always leaves his bowl & spoon out on the counter from his nightly 3 bowls of cereal ritual & uses it the next day so he doesn't have to dig for a spoon & bowl the next morning & i always get aggravated & throw it in the sink anyway, but it reminds me of him so i'm leaving it out. & then when i was folding his underwear i got all emotional. he'll be back soon enough.

we are talking about going to see paranormal activity 3 this coming saturday with the kids & a buttload of their friends, i think it will be super grand. the more the merrier! (sometimes)

this month has been full of activities, mystymayhem sure knows how to give me a run for my money in october. she does not EVEN fuck around. she managed to put together another successful "ghouls night out" this year. our evening involved jockomo pizza for a dinner meet-up with like 20 of her worshippers (lots of fresh meat this year!) & they had the CUTEST topping combos i've ever seen. there was even a "slaughterhouse five" pizza named in honor of vonnegut himself. so the pizza joint got sexy points from me. & thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, just a block over & across the street from jockomo pizza was the irvington ghost tour at the lazy daze coffee shop that mysty had taken the initiative to set up for us. IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN ON A GHOUL'S NIGHT OUT. 15 bucks got you a book of the haunted history of irvington, as well as a well guided, 2 hour walking tour of the community led by the author of the book you receive at the beginning of the tour. he is an actual ghost hunter & was more than happy to brag that he was doing it "before ghost hunting became cool". so we all trolloped aboot this gorgeous middlesex-ish looking town with the leaves crunching under our feet & the moonlight & lanterns the guides held to guide us. there were so many lovely stories & it was such a beautiful night.

when that was over half of the girls/ghouls had to bail since it was getting late, but the rest of us headed to the asylum house, where we went last year with the hopes of getting felt up by jack the ripper. no such luck tho, he wasn't there this year. but it was still fun, & an annual ritual well worth re-living. there were some new set ups & ideas, but less pop out actors coming to grab you & carry you away. it makes me wonder how similar this haunted house experience is in comparison to the "sleep no more" one that mordicai speaks so fondly of. i'm sure it pales in comparison, but at the same time, the spooky/sexual interaction situations that go on maybe? oh heck, i don't even know. I JUST KNOW I WANT TO GO SO BAD

getting off subject too much is soooooooo my thing to do.

so yeah, our night was over after that, mysty & i got to enjoy each other's company on the drive home. (we even got to see a shooting star together!) it's nice to have her all to myself sometimes? she's good with a crowd tho, unlike me. i don't even know how i am NOT going to wig out at our book launch in two weeks. she's going to have to coach me big time, i am TERRIBLE with crowds! get your tomatoes ready ladies & gentlemen!

i am kind of fangirling out over here about mysty & i being able to book our event at lazy daze, even. it's the same spot we started our ghost tour at & it's smack dab in the middle of historic downtown indy. there's going to be all kinds of halloweeny action going on that day too, so again, i am shocked that jeff is letting us do it. BUT EXCITED. we are going to take turns reading excerpts of our story to whoever shows up & then have our books available to purchase for anyone interested in dropping 2 tens on the table. initially i was just going to have my kids stay home & have snookms come on his own because there isn't a whole lot i can read of my story without traumatizing them for life, but i found some choice paragraphs i can chop up so that they can partake of the festivities. my heart would not be in it if my babies couldn't make it!

the college-front is going decent these days, i have a pretty well established study schedule that i more or less stick to & it is getting me the results i want. i was kind of bummed that i only got a B on my last paper in ENG111; it was a review of "the soulforge" & i wound up spending too much time explaining shit rather than critiquing, (something i am notorious for) which was the whole point of the paper, so i got points off for that. my professor included the note, "my wife reads these books, i on the other hand am not a fan"... so i was like "oh, FINE, be that way!"

but it's cool. a B is a B is a B is a B. i'm just used to effortlessly scoring A papers in that class & got a little too careless. my next paper is a problem/solution essay & i'm doing it on the drop out rate in indiana... it will be more of a challenge but i'm looking forward to it.

managed to score a B on my 2nd math test, despite the fact that my professor likes to berate us on tha regz in the classroom setting. he didn't yell at any of the students the last session, but none of us were brave enough to ask questions or piss him off this time. so he was a happy little camper.

my greatest accomplishment this week was in biology; i got a 92 on the lecture portion of our 2nd exam, & 100% on the lab. i knew i did well, but i wasn't sure if i got all of them right. the process of elimination is really on my side when i'm in unchartered territory, i s'pose. i studied the heck outta the chapter on bones, as well as the muscular-skeletal system & whatnot. also the cardiovascular system is & will always be my motherfucking jam, so i had a lot of that already committed to memory from 9 year old me fantasizing of becoming a heart surgeon. i had the human body model (both pregnated & non-pregnated versions to boot) & would take the little heart out almost every night before I went to bed & mentally make love to the atriums, chambers, & ventricles of that thing. i can still smell the fumes of testors modeling paint like it was just yesterday.

well, i'm off to bed, i've gotta get up earlier than usual to meet up at kid conferences early in the am, & then there is the therapy that i have neglected to show up for in the past 2 months. i've got some serious catching up to do with mother katherine...