Saturday, January 22, 2011

subtle poisons

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oh man has it been a day! a week! a month!

it's been over a month since i last posted? shit's been crazy around here, but a good kind of crazy i s'pose. at first it was pretty miserable but things have really turned around for the better.

yesterday i was s'posed to team up with mysty, katie, robbie; we were going to chicago to see emilie autumn perform. her show was postponed tho, hella last minute but not last minute enough that we were already out there before we found out. it sucked, but at the same time i was kind of relieved. my back was killing me all day & i did miss my kids. i kind of hated the idea of being away from them all day.

so instead mysty & katie & i still met up (robbie tapped out since he's still not feeling 100%), but we opted to go eat at applebees for an early dinner & then went back home to pick up my youngest & her cousin so that they could go see the new justin beiber flick while we 3 grown lay-days saw 'the rite'. i mean, it was 'okay', but i was almost thinking i might want to see the justin beiber flick more. i was genuinely interested in seeing that movie. but whatever, i ain't gonna cry home to mama about it.

thursday was pretty cool because snookms & i went on a belated valentine's day date. first we ate at chili's & couldn't eat anything because it was way earlier than we're used to eating. it was just barely past eleven & neither of us are used to even thinking about food till around 4 or 5. but at least we had great leftovers to take home. afterwards snookms wanted to go to dick's sporting goods @ metropolis & i opted to venture into barnes & noble. i just wasn't in the mood to have a bunch of hunter doods gawk at my v-day outfit. my knee high platform boots are stoopid noisy to walk in & turquoise lace stockings were just as loud as well. the people in b&n tend to be a little bit less rubberneckish so i felt less socially anxious about lurking in there.

i originally set out to complete my sandman collection but the only volume they had was #2. i was dissapointed for a little bit but then brightened up when i found sophie crumb's 'evolution of a crazy artist' (daughter of r.crumb!) for a price that was a lot cheaper than i expected. i went ahead & picked up 'american gods' as well since i've never had the chance to read it. i bought a used copy for my oldest brother, erin, for christmas, but he's still reading it & i'm too impatient to wait for him to get done so that i may borrow it. by the time i had decided on that purchase snookms came slithering around the corner of where the sf/fantasy section meets the special needs section, so i started headed up front to pay for my shit. snookms got caught in the bargain bin net & soon enough i too was knee deep in it's treachery. i managed to come away with 2 purchases, but i was still happy. snookms was strong enough to resist temptation, as usual. i found 'cobain unseen', an amazingly beautiful hardcover photography book of kurt cobain in all his glory, & only for like, 10 bucks. & then there was this origami kit i picked up for my 2nd oldest since he is a wizard at that folding shit. that was only 10 bucks too.

when we got home snookms & i slipped right back into our pjs & i snuggled up next to him in our bed while i thumbed through the kurt cobain book & snookms slept. it felt so cozy! i have been super excited about our new bedroom set up as of late (thanks to snookms' big brother & wife) because they gave us their old dresser/tv entertainment stand-thingamahoozit. it's fucking huge & takes up at least 3/4s of a wall but it holds all the clothes we both had in our old dressers, plus our t.v. & shit-ton of action figure crap. as a result i was able to free up the custom built in bookshelves that snookms had built for me years ago & he had the idea of making a little nook so i could have a place to study & write. together we worked about 3 or 4 days to make the room into perfection & our efforts have paid off quite handsomely because it almost has this hotel feel to it every time i enter the room. it's tiny as fuck, but very cozy & not cramped with too much crap like it was before. having that tv stand/dresser thing really helped! it feels like a hotel room that i got to customize with me & snookms' personal tastes. i really love it a lot.

took the kids shopping for some much needed clothes the week before last & paid up all of our bills since we got our refund. also went out to dinner a coupla' nights, but other than that not too much else, aside from school, school & more school. i've been doing really great in my life skills class & not as great as i want in math. but i'm slowly getting it, even if i'm not making the grades i want to in that class. i am learning, i know that much. slope intercept form! quick! what's y=mx+b???? huh? SOLVE FOR y BITCH!

oh yeah, & in my life skills class i won the game we played last week. each student had to make up 3 questions for the test we had last monday & put them on index cards. then we had to go around the room & quiz one another on the questions. if you got the question right the person asking the question had to give the card to you. if you got it wrong you got nothin. if you ran outta cards you had to sit out till someone with 3 cards or less came to bail you out. by the end of the class the guy with the highest amount of index cards was 8 & i beat him with 11 cards total. i won a bunny sticker y'all. proud as shit, i aint' gonna lie.

& the other thing! the thing i am most excited about, really... a short story of mine got accepted into the 'women writing the weird' anthology that deb hoag & adam lowe are going to be in charge of publishing. deb hoag is the editor & adam is in charge of the business end of it. adam sent me deb hoag's way & said my style might be a good fit for the project she was working on. one thing led to another & next thing you know i'm getting an email saying that my story had been accepted. i was excited, to say the least. i was told it will be published possibly as of winter this year, so keep your eye out for 'a stray child' if any of y'all wind up picking it up. also, if any of you are interested in submitting anything that pertains to that genre, let me know because they are still taking submissions!

can't think of much else to say, really. tumblr is where i usually go if i have free time, so if you ever wonder where my face is these days it's either there or nestled firmly between snookms' hairy thighs.

(i even put up a new avatar pic, via ju ju mechanics)

feel free to stop by & say hello!

...two stoges y'all, i'm out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

shinRa technology at it's finest

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(img src via bespoke innovations)

i found the cutest pyramid head cursors on also, some really cool elemental icon sets. so now i have a gogo yubari backround with the five elements as icons & pyramid head for a cursor. woot.

my laptop crashed over the weekend so snookms had to fix it & i lost everything. but it's whatever, i'm over it now. i celebrated with a new theme.

so my first day of school was really fun. i was so nervous i thought i was going to puke on the way there but everything went really well. it's a life skills class & i love everything about the class so far. journaling for homework, talking about our emotions, the teacher looking like a redheaded tina fey. heck, even the students had really great senses of humour.

tonight i go to my math class & i'm not as nervous as i was yesterday just because i'm ore familiar with the terrain than i was yesterday. it's at my old high school so we'll see. more than anything i'm just worried with how my brain will take in numbers. it seems to automatically shut down whenever numbers are involved. that's why i suck at dnd. it's frustrating & embarrassing at times, but it is what it is. no sense in trying to hide from it or lie about it. BOOM. there it is.

other stuff. it really seems like there is but there isn't i guess? still plugging away on wasteland & i got all excited when gillick had a flashback dream of the carnivale days w/ red & blondie. i have homework to take care of already for the next two weeks so i'll probably be spending more time on that than anything else.

also. the first thing snookms asked me last night when he got home from work was if anybody hit on me. he said, "because if they did, they're gonna hafto meet me @ the flagpole after school".