Thursday, March 31, 2011


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dearly beloved! we are gathered here today to update!

i'm so happy today because i don't have a class to go to or an appointment that needs keeping or any other such obligation that will tear me from what i love doing most. (which is lounging around in pajamas and torturing my kids that are on spring break)

i started my writing classes a couple of weeks ago. it's an accelerated course too, so it's kind of been kicking my ass, but in a good way? at first i thought i was going to regret taking this class but it has been really beneficial to me so far.

mysty is supposed to be coming over in a bit & i'm super excited about that. i'm going to head up to green leaf & grab her some taro bubble tea. i think i'm going to go with mango for myself. i'm really jazzed for her & i, cause remember that 'women writing the weird' antho i was telling y'all about? one of her stories got accepted too! so we're both going to be in it. & deb, the editor, said that she was able to fill the spots up so it looks like it will be coming out sometime in the fall. *does a happy dance*

rewatched black swan with shespawn yesterday & i was able to enjoy it a little more this time around. i don't know what it was last time, i think i was just really out of tune with my emotions? i actually got teary eyed a couple of times with this second viewing. i of course had to fast forward & tell shespawn to get outta the room for some scenes but i overall had a better experience watching it the second time round. perhaps the expectation factor being washed away helped to better the situation? who knows.

haven't got to see suckerpunch yet, but snookms took shespawn to see it on their day out. shespawn really liked it. i've heard a lot of mixed reviews, but i wanna see it for myself still. i think it'll be as cheesy as i've projected it to be, but visually cool. i can take the cheese like nobody's business y'all.

i'm going to be attending a self defense class @ ivy tech in april, the day after me & snookms' anniversary. (we'll be married 15 years! holy cow!) i'm rather excited to be taking this class because i'm kind of tired of feeling a tad helpless when i get outta my car late at night y'know? i mean, i have a visual of what i'll do in my head if an attacker comes, but like, nothing extravagant. i wanna be able to bash a person's brains out with a milk carton if i have to okay?

oh yeah, snookms & i took the kiddoes to the HorrorHound convention this last saturday. it was a lot of fun considering how horribly crowded it was. only got to see mysty & her werewolf for a few seconds tho. they had some cool folks at the panel that i squeaked, ooh & ahh'd over in my own weird way. the terminator 3 chick was there, ol' what'shisface from reanimator, & a shitload of others. corey feldman was supposed to be there too but i never did spot him. i did come away with some rad loot tho. i was just happy to share the experience with snookms & the kids.

united states of tara season 3 started up last week so the sunday nights with my mom & dad have re-convened. i'm glad because i really miss hanging out with them. they are some of my best friends in life. my dad has such a low tolerance for bullshit, but goddamn is he funny. his stoic demeanor is most definitely an asset. & my mom is so cute & charming when she tortures my dad with her little girl nuances. it makes me proud to be a part of their circuit. their relationship dynamics remind me a lot of me & snookms. i love how my feet are the only feet snookms will ever tolerate touching him. he lets me pet any part of his body; WITH MY FEET! but if anyone else even thought about putting their toes upon him he would roundhouse kick them in the face. i really find that kind of shit endearing. LOYALMINOTAUR

so i guess i better bounce. i gotta get some bubbletea & mysty will be here soon! don't wanna get flogged by my domina!