Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pretty amazing if you ask ME!!!

Yesterday I had to take Tha Jr. to his speech therapy @ Riley Children's Hospital. On the way there, the most strangest of loveliest coincidences occurred.

I don't know if those of you that follow me on Twitter remember me mentioning that fellow I witnessed having seizures a week or so ago.

Well I was so 'traumatized' by that, I just couldn't get over my concern for the guy. He was so....young. His body was convulsing over & over & over, he was face down in his own puke. It say the least. He'd finally come to, but was in a complete daze. His shirt was covered in his own vomit. This all took place at a gas station off the state road a couple blocks away from where we live. There was a motel acrossed the street from the gas station where this had all occurred; apparently that is where the boy that was having seizures and his father lived.

At this particular time, his 2 friends were just standing there with helpless looks on their faces; I mean, there isn't a whole hell of a lot you can do for someone convulsing face down in a gas station parking lot on the side of a state road? Luckily there happened to be another lady that pulled over in concern for this fellow, & she was pretty much panicking & cussing up a storm because she wasn't able to give the 911 operator on her cell phone the crossroad for our location.

I was so freaked out that I almost couldn't remember either.

"Country Club Road!!!" is what I was finally able to come back with after getting over the initial shock of seeing this all happen.

The whole time he was convulsing he was looking straight at me, through me, beyond me. I wish I knew what was happening in the brain when things like that occur. Some strange psychic phenomena occurred in my wavelengths of thinking & I communed to him with my eyes *youwillbealrightYOUWILLBEALRIGHTyouwillbealright* (as if my Jedi powers could assist him in this moment.)

To shorten this a bit, the ambulance came. Mike & I were headed out by the time they did come, but we at least stayed long enough to wait for his dad to come jetting acrossed the street in midnight state road traffic from the motel they were staying at. His eyes spoke with such urgency when his running legs came to a screeching halt, towering over his son, asking, "Are you okay buddy? Are you OKAY?"

Snookms & I didn't wanna add to the drama so we cut out quick, but that moment stayed with me all night, & well into the week ahead. Every time I drove passed that motel, I would look, scan for any sign of the kid, the only evidence of that moment birthing itself into reality being a dried up puddle of puke in the gas station parking lot adjacent from the motel. I wanted to know that he was going to be okay. More than okay.

Yesterday all my concerns were put to rest.

Driving through the intersection of Girls School Road & Rockville Road to take Tha Jr. to his speech therapy, I notice an unlikely 'commotion' while waiting in the line of traffic to turn right to get onto Rockville Road. There were semi trucks honking, not just once, twice, nor three times a lady, but incessantly, to the point of irritating me. & every time a semi driver honked, I heard loud obnoxious cheers. By now I am at the front of the line of traffic, getting ready to turn right, my window's down, & lo & behold, what do I see?

The fellow!!!! My dear sweet fellow!!! He's alive & well. MORE than alive & well, he's cheering, clapping, jumping up and down with the same 2 friends he was with that night. He's the star of the 'semi show' apparently too.

I sneer with delight at him & his buds, as they motion the universal "hey semi truck driver, do blow yer horn" gesture to the semis passing by. Every single one of those trucks took such pride in honking their horns loud and clear for all to hear. & every time a horn was honked, you'd see my fella there, clapping with sheer delight at the success of such a simple pleasure. I wanted to get out of my car, run over & hug him, tell him I've been so worried about him, but seeing him in this moment of joy for little things in life, it more than make up for any hug I could get from him.

One thing I DID happen to notice is that the kid walked with a gait. At first I thought it was one of those typical "pimp" walks that alot of teenagers walk with to try to look hard, but upon further observation, I saw that it was something he could not help. His left arm was also fisted up into a tight ball on his side, as if it were locked into place that way, and in this my heart caught itself. I couldn't help but wonder if that was a result of the grand mal seizure (as I have been told it is called) he had experienced. Or perhaps it was a pre existing condition? Either way, my heart went out to him.

He was just this teenage boy, living in a motel with his dad, gaining pleasure in the little things in life that I take for granted most days. It was beautiful.

To add to the beauty, I was so excited about the fact that I had saw this kid, that on the way to Menard's later that night, 'round 9 pm or so, I began to unfold the events of my merry day to Snookms. We were driving down that same road, & right as I finished telling him the tale, THERE HE WAS AGAIN!!!! Walking alongside the state road, probably heading home to his humble place of abode. All I could do was crack up for 10 minutes straight.

It was....magickal. Truly Magickal.

Other quicksies I wanted to share, I posted em on Facebook for all y'alls viewing pleasure, but just in case, here they are again.

2 videos of the fellow that's doing the art for my 'Teenage Wasteland' project, one titled "Video Game Animal Whisperer" & the other is "The Enemy Crab from Final Fantasy".

You sort of have to have the esotoric knowledge of videogamespeak to fully appreciate them, particularly the "Video Game Animal Whisperer" one, cause he talks about Metroids in them, & you have to know what a Metroid is to appreciate the humor. Another thing that really helps is knowing who Jason is in real life, because he is generally a very quiet person, keeps quite a heavy lid on his emotions & what he is thinking. So to see him do these videos is a fucking GEM in my eyes. I crack up SO HARD when he calls the video game animals "infidels" & says they are intelligent because they come from a 'computer program'.

The "crab" video is still pretty funny without knowledge of videogamespeak, you can just appreciate it more if you know what Final Fantasy 7's victory battle muzak sounds like, because that is a key component in the 'funny' here.

My thoughts are STILL obsessed with the notion that someone needs to loop the Final Fantasy 7 victory battle muzak (not so much the initial trumpet blaring part, but the flowy *igotskillztopaythebillz* mixture of harmony that comes afterward*) & make one of those silly video game raps that you see on youtube. Jason? Denny? Can I get an AMEN?

So that is all for today.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Special People

She's the AWESOMEST. The BESTEST. By FAR. est. I am in love with ALL of her work. But this Kat-Daddy in particulars:

Who makes this? Who gets inside my head & gets to paint a picture out loud about it? She does. That's who. & she does it better than I ever could have.

Oh ho ho. Still haven't gotten a chance to read my Lucifer novel. Boo!

Been a wavery fucking weekend it has. Spent a lot of it doing research for my Teenage Wasteland project.

Current tabs open?

Those are all elements that are heavily embedded into the project. & so much more, but those are the ones that call for most of my attention currently. Jason (the arteeeest) has requested more story to jive off of, so there it go.

Am sincerely in love with this picture of Orko:

*art props go to this feller right 'ere.*

I am in love with the idea of some sort of Trollan as a familiar for one of the many characters of Teenage Wasteland. A gat-wielding Trollan. So Jasky/Jaski is off on a mission to make it so. Too bad I can't use Orko, what with copyright issues & such. Orko is delight!

I'm still high offa my Friday meet with Mysty afternoon. It was such a delightful surprise because she brought 2 photo albums chock full of my favorite person: MYSTY!

There was Mysty the Infant, Mysty the little curly headed fireball of mischief, Mysty the OverAcheiver, Mysty the Anorexic, Mysty the Green Lipped Hobgoblin, Mysty the SurrogateMotherTree, Mysty the Infinite Lover of Lovers, Mysty the Typewriter, (my favoritest!) & the "Do You like Seafood?" Mysty. Hell, they're all my favorite.

She even allowed me the pleasure of reading her books. Her precious authorings, covered in the blood, sweat & dust of her years. She is truly, The Wisest Unicorn of Them All.

We are supposed to be seeing "Jennifer's Body" this Thursday. I am looking forward to it as if it were a trip to Hawaii.

I are currently stuck on this jam.

Other such jams are of the Quinn Fox nature. You should totally check it if you dig MegaMan2 Remixes, Sonic the Hedgehog3 & Ristar remixes, or just ambient typed trance funk. He's meg talented. :) I've even got a couple songs uploaded to my ninja player ~~~~~~~~~~~>

*see ninja player*

So yesterday, after I cooked everybody in the Turner abode hamburger's delight for dinner, I ventured up to SuperTarget to do some much needed groceries. There was still a hint of daylight out when I set out to do so, but I have to say, I was totally unprepared for the beauty of what stood before me when I exited that SuperTarget building.

The sky, it was of that unworldly kind of blue, a true midnight blue, & combined with the artificial street light, it just made for some heartbreaking pangs in my chest, consisting of a newfound appreciation for what this realm of existence/stance has to offer sometimes. It was quite humid, that seductive wet in the air that makes everything sit still in it's cloud of precipitation and fuck, & it gathers up all the fragrances of the earth, & puts em there for you to smell. I took a deep breath, packed away my groceries, lit up a Newport & just stood outside my car, underneath the exposure of the streetlight above me, taking care to sip drinks of my Pepsi when the taste of nicotine became too inherent to deal with. Definately a Ristar Remix Moment.

It's times like these, when I look back and remember on my past. The remembrance is almost too much, & it brings an undeniable feeling of desire for things no longer in my grasp. Sepia-conditioned snippets of time replay in my mind, my brothers & I playing Faxanadu for the first time, or finally finding the DragonLord on Dragon Warrior, or even those accursed Gold Golems for that matter. The wonder & amazement of questing, of discovery. These things mattered so little to the outside world. But to us, they were everything. It was the reason we awoke, the reason we went to bed at night, hand in hand, with smiles on our faces, & hope for the new day ahead when nothing else seemed to provide us with hope. There's a small handful of faces that get that in this world. I can live today & be at peace knowing that we weren't the only ones. I long for the day we can ever relive some of our past, even if it IS through our own children's experiences, or perhaps the experience of others. But it is there, that stream of conscious, flowing like the air we breathe, waiting for it's chance to transform into a lifeline all it's own for others to live & flow upon.

I don't mean to get all mushy. It's just what that kind of music does for me.

~8-bit for life~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Dreams May Come?

I am not sick anymore! Hurrah!

A day to myself where I'm not wiping noses or on borrowed time.... So nice!

Really excited about a number of things here. Just finished up reading Blaze Ginsberg's memoir "Episodes" which was delightful for me to read. Blaze is a 22 year old high functioning autistic & it was like a dream come true having the opportunity to get inside his head & see what made those gears turn. He is fucking funny and adorable & I want to punch all the ladies that never answered their phone when he called. SERIOUSLY!

I can now move on to immersing myself fully back into City of Saints and Madmen; finally finished getting through all the danged footnotes for the history of Ambergis. They were quite delightful footnotes, don't get me wrong, but not the easiest of reads for a numbskull like myself. My attention has been directed to a one 'House of Leaves' though, so that escape from footnotes might not last too long. It's going to be the next book I order, for sure!

Also overjoyed at the notion that I have 'Lucifer; The Divine Comedy' in my grubby little paws as well, VERY jazzed about reading it.

I guess I should probably be reading the other volumes first, but I was so dang excited to finally have it in my grasp that I didn't even bother to think that I could order the other volumes online. Bah!

Other such things are me being ridiculously content with our new living room arrangements; spent all weekend re-organizing things, dusting the dust bunnies. All of that fun stuff. But I'm really pleased with how everything has found it's place here. The house is now plastered with premature spurts of Halloween decorum, thanks to She-Spawn's birthday party. (Oig that party was HECTIC! But fun.)

Made pancit over the weekend too, after the party-ings were long over of course & I was really pleased with the outcome of this dish. I had to make a pilgrimmage to the Asian Supermarket beforehand; those fucking things are so god damned SPARSE in the midwest! (In SSF, there was one on every street corner, I miss that?) Anyhow.... I always end up knee deep in Mango ice cream, avocado ice cream, pancit noodles & lumpia wrappers whenever I go make it to "Lee's Grocery". & I love to marvel over the live crab scraping for it's last hope of life in those cardboard boxes. I've plotted setting them free several times, but to what end? They taste so damn good.

So now my next cooking project consists of rolling up fried hamburger meat combined with green beans, fresh garlic, carrots, fresh garlic & a fuckton of *more* soysauce into fat blunts. That is lumpia for you!

Much better than eggrolls, in my humble opinion. & you MUST dip them in my handmade mixture of soy sauce, salt, & lemon juice potion! Must!

Not much else to say here, I've been really busy with the 'physical' doings moreso than the 'intarwebz' doings as of late. (Aside from trying to get my shitty skill ranking up on Vampire Wars.)

Sadly, I want to make love to my Avatar.

Today I just want to lay around and catch up on the second season of True Blood & play Guitar Hero 1,2, & 3 all day long. Fezziwig told me the other day that he bought that Warlock controller as a late birthday gift for ME!! How sweet is that? (I was under the impression all this time that he had bought it for himself.)

Here's what it looks like:
(I'm too lazy to get up and take a picture myself)


Been working on a few storylines too; one involves Lucifer Morningstar taking bed with God, (& don't worry, I've already consorted the Oracle Bones about this one; they say it is A-O.K.!) the other is the artwork for a dream Mother Katherine helped me ring out in therapy.

She's amazing about this dream stuff, I tell you! Mother Katherine had me assign the dream itself a title, & a title for 'Act 1', 'Act 2', & 'Act 3'. & also? I got to relate all the participants of this re-occurring nightscape into the different parts of myself, which was much funner than you'd think!

The title? "The Knives & the Naked".

Act 1 you say? "Awakening".

Act 2; "Retreat".

& Act 3 I titled "Harbour".

Basically this re-occurance of slippery-memory-slopes consists of me running endlessly from this naked entity

(looks shockingly similiar to 'The Usher' from Carnivale)

that wields a typical household butcher knife, & the whole time I am scrambling along with my 3 children, trying to get away from it, running through forestry, occupied cabins, scrambling around in closets, trying to get away from this motherfucker.

By the time I wake up from these dreams, I am exhausted beyond belief (from running & hiding the whole time in my sleep) & traumatized it for a day or 2. I never let on to anyone how much this affects me, because it just seems so, trivial?

But Mother Katherine insisted that it is indeed not, & decided to do this dream analyzation thing with me. Again, she had me assign the dream a title, & gave it 3 'Acts', & then asked which 'parts' of me were who.... Like the one dreaming the dream even? Holy crap, how amazing is that, right? (Yes, I have 'parts', we all do in some way, shape or form, most of us just roam around in life, unawares. Not that that is neccessarily a bad thing if you are unawares, mind you!)

Parts I have uncovered of myself are The Protector, The Creative One, The Little Girl, Naked & Embarrassed (they are a dualing entity) The Manager Part & The I.S.S.S (The Infinite Shutdown of Systematic Sadness). So all the people in my dreams, they were really all 'parts' of me, manifesting as not only myself, but my 3 children in this dream as well.

& the suprise part comes at the end.... The Naked Man is ME too! Whoa, right? I know, I know, it doesn't HAFTA be, but that's just how it came through in the flow of the moment. It was very revelation-like for me.

& the key words here? I ain't scared of that dream no more.

Weird. Not magical weird or Jesus jogger weird, just.... You know?

And also! A sneak-peek at the draft of the inked version of Gyn & Co. from Teenage Wasteland--------->

Joy abounds!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


current mood: ouija board necklaces & vertically striped stockings
currently listening to: haunt me -arab strap

i am in a dream.
& in this dream, i am on fire.
i run. so far away. but i am not burning.
i am laughing.
for you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sex's Meme!!!!

One of my favorite people/writers in the world asked me to play, so here it is:

What does writing giveth you and what does writing taketh away?

Writing gives me the freedom to express things I would normally never express otherwise. It's strange but I have this inability to converse verbally what is always wanting to be conveyed in my mind, the heart of hearts y'know? But when I attempt this feat verbally out comes the diarehea. (still not sure how to spell that word goddammit!)

Writing takes away.....hmmmm. My emissiary force field of mystery & shadow. I am a shy/quiet person by nature, but when I write, NOTHING is held sacred from these fingertips. There are parts of me that hate other parts of me for this, but it is what it is, right?

What characteristics do you share with your characters and their lives?

My ability to see right through the heart of humankind. All my characters possess this quality to some degree or another. Other's bullshit detectors are more finely tuned than other's though, I s'pose.

What was your hardest story to write and why? Give us the rundown.

I think the hardest story to tell was my husband's in my memoir 'Fartsmeller by Day, Bounty Hunter by Night (Autobiographical Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mother). He's a very private man with even more private thoughts. He isn't comfortable with having his life story spilled all over the canvas that is the artwork of 'my' storytelling. If I do nothing else in my writing, I will have liked to have said that I was honest to say the least. And it was hard for me to be honest, but at the same time, respectful of my husband's wishes for me to be considerately gentle of his story. It was like footsteps in the dark for at least a year, and my everytime I read that draft I fucking cringed because I knew there was more that needed to be said, I just didn't know how at the time. Finally I decided to put myself in HIS footsteps, instead of trying to tell the story from MY point of view, and the words came flowing forth. I tell you though, that was a very scary road to go down, seeing the world through Snookms' eyes. I STILL don't know how he gets up to face the world everyday & still manages to show me his beautiful smile when all is said & done.

Tell me about your writing community or "tribe."

Hmmmm. Well, I started this blog as a sort of secret 'therapy' almost two years ago. I had no desire to reach out to others or for others to do likewise. I wanted room to say whatever I wanted to say with no judgement from others. I danced that lonely dance for a year, & then let the stalker in me take precedence over any sense of reason I had left to keep my dignity intact. I happened acrossed SexScenes' blog when I found John Robison's blog (he has her on his link-list fer cryin out loud!) & I fell in love at first sight. She's cutthroat. If writers were pirates, she'd be that writer. She doesn't judge you, but she'll tell what time it is any day o' the week if you catch my drift. I started 'noticing' other like minded individuals commenting on her blog & slowly fell in love with a small handful of those fellers too. Stephen Parrish, Erica Orloff, Jess Watsky, to name a few. Jess was a jewel I found without the help of Sex, but I DID happen acrossed her way when I noticed a comment from her on John Robison's blog in regard to a Land Rover. I figured any teenager gal that knows anything about anything when it comes to Land Rovers is MY KIND OF GAL. Life has been ever more beautiful than it ever would since Jess had been brought into my life.

So you wanna know the ties that bind this small handful? Quirky, got a mouth on them, will fight you tooth & nail if you drive em to a corner, but have a heart of gold underneath all that bark. And GOD DAMN can they WRITE.

And they didn't judge me. I had a heart full of hate & didn't know what to do with it, but they didn't judge me. They saw through the rust of unforgiveness & stayed with me for the long haul.

What sucks worst about the business of writing?

The time man. The motherfucking TIME. And the rejection. I'll hafta agree with Sex on that one. I can see why that shit could drive one to drink. Thank God I don't drink anymore.

What's the scariest thing you ever wrote, maybe something that nudged you in places best left untouched? What have you realized about yourself through writing?

A work in progress titled "Jupiter's Scar". It's a memoir being told from the different parts of me, chronicled from the first time I lost my virginity, all the way until I met Snookms & decided to started riding his jock. I sat down one night, with only the desire to write an introduction to the first chapter & about shit myself when I realized it was 4 hours later & 3 thousand words to boot. 30 pages flowed forth from the different parts of me & I hadn't even realized any time passing. THAT'S how much I had been denying those parts of me to tell THEIR half of the story. I haven't gone back to it since because I am still afraid of what else they have to say. I realize that I have denied my all the different parts of myself to be integrated into a full functioning unit, & that they want their fucking turn to tell their story already. Exciting, but yeah, S-C-A-R-Y.

What is your career going to look like in five years? Ten?

Five years? Emerging writer. 10 years..... in a dinner conference with this lovely community of writers, patting each other on the backs on a job well done for our almighty worldwide publications. A girl can dream can she not?

What writers influence you?

Betsy Dornbusch's writing, Jess Watsky's writing, Mordicai Knode's writing, Erica Orloff's writing, Stephen Parrish's writing, Katie King's writing , Neil Gaiman's writing ( I won't even bother with a link, everybody & their GRANDMA knows who this dude is now), Weis & Hickman's writing (same here for the most part), the music of Amanda Palmer (here too), Augusten Burroughs writing (you get the point right?), Nicola Griffith's writing, Kelley Eskridge's writing (if you don't know of Nicola's or Kelley's works, YOU REALLY REALLY SHOULD!), & the scripts for Richard Kelly's works. Those are the ones that come to me without giving it a second thought.

What are you working on now?

A graphic novel called 'Teenage Wasteland'. I just recently wrote what this all is in a previous blog, but I'll sum it all up again here:

If you toss much of the artwork & style of Persepolis, Crazy Jane & all 64 (plus
others!) of her magnificent personality superpowers
, & the backdrop of The Cult of
the Unwritten Book
into a ring, & let Carnage work his might
& magic of symbiosis, well then you have Teenage Wasteland. Add a luck
dragon, a handful of ForestMasters, & a few oldskool NES character cameo
appearances & there you have it.

So there THAT IS.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Meet me in Montauk....

The she-spawn is driving me MAD with her incessant babble. She is INFURIATED that her brother brought the Zelda guide to school, so now she claims that she can't play. At the top of her lungs she insists this.

Sheeeeeit. I member the days when me & my bros weren't even ALLOWED to use a guide until we beat the game first. A Renegade Wizard Policy™ made clear via the might & magic of his Marlboro donned belt buckle of brute. It taught us well though.

I also 'member the time my brother & I woke up early to play Castlevania 2, Simon's Quest. We were stuck at a wall. A MOTHERFUCKING wall. So we sneak a phone call to the Nintendo therapist, right? & he says, "Switch to your blue crystal, kneel for 5 seconds, & behold."

"Fuck you. NO. No WAY." is what I offered up to my brother when he hung up. "I know, right? What kind of bullshit is that?" the brother agrees wholeheartedly.

Dubiously we hit 'select', switch to this useless crystal & halfheartedly wait for nothingness. Lo & behold, this tornado of miraculousness comes to whisk us away, in which our hero will have to "prossess" Dracula's rib into a tasty treat! What a horrible night to have a curse!!!!

There were other times too, where my brother & I learned cold hard Renegade Wizard NES policy. Like the time we woke up early to play Kid Icarus & got all the way to second fortress where the Eggplant Wizards reside, quite close to defeating Hydra, Hewdraw, wtfEVER it's name is, when out comes the warlock in nothing but his underwear, intoxicated with half-sleep, groggily demanding us to reset the game & start from the beginning. (He didn't wanna miss out?)

So this high pitched whining that she-spawn is belting out right now is quite irritating. Kind've goes with the whole age old saying of, "When I was your age" bit, except electronics related. Funny!

Made a pilgrimmage to B&N yesterday & found some H.R. Giger & M.C Escher framable print portfolios. 14 framable prints for each artist! Not too shabby for $9.98 a piece. The H.R. Giger one is going to my pops (the Renegade Wizard) cause it's his birthday Sunday. I covet it like a motherfuck, but I can always go back & buy one for myself this weekend if I really want to. Besides I owe it to my pops, he's the one that got me jockin H.R. Giger's stuff anyhow.

M.C. Escher's art just so wreaks of my dad's oldskool scribblins:

(This one's titled "Procession in the Crypt" & really reminds me of a work in progress my dad never finished. Too bad this one wasn't in the portfolio I bought!)

I have these beauts' right here though, & amongst others:

So I'm a pretty happy camper!

I got to talk to my brother yesterday, finally! & he told me his guild Premonition (which is ranked 1st in the U.S. & 3rd nationwide) was sponsored to come out & play at Blizzcon 2009, which is BIG DEAL amazing to me (& apparently many others!) Says his hotel, airfare & other expenses were all paid. His user name is Malakai & he's one of the officers for the Premoniton Guild of WoW. I couldn't be prouder of the little bugger. :)))))

Well I thought I had more to say but....


That's right. I was able to send SexScenes@Starbucks her birthday gift yesterday, albeit late. Sorry lady! But yeah, I'm totally looking forward to speaking the Dragonlance jargon with her once she reads what I sent her. IF she reads it. & if she doesn't read the chronicles trilogy before she leaves this earth, I shall cut my wrists. So THERE Betsy!!!!! Happy effing Birthday to YOU.

And that is all.

Oh wait. Also!

I want this SHIRK!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brain Tsunami!

So much to say, so little time!

Ahhhh. I had a hankerin for a good post yesterday. Had it all put up in that noggin o' mine; I was going good in the morning, aside from a nose that was running like a faucet. Woke up @ 6:30 in the am, good to go, & by the time 10:00 in the morn hit me, I felt like complete and utter SHIT man. I had the body aches, my ass was singing hymns to the porcelain gods I hadn't heard in ages, & to top it off a fever. So I said 'fuck it' and parked my tushy. Watched Grease 2, tweeted an enormous amount of ridiculous crap, watched Lucas, picked up the spawn from school, watched Persepolis (which I HEARTED by the by!) with 2 of my spawn, took a cat nap & then Snookms baked me Red Baron pizza after the kiddoes all got put to bed. He fell asleep before I could take the first bite! Boo. Well, not really 'boo', because Snookms is gorgemous when he is in slumberland.

But I was sad not to have his verbal presence in my wake.

I decided to watch the half hour of Persepolis that I had missed when I snoozed a cat nap, & then watched some stand up rerun on H.B.O. of Ellen Degeneres. I luff her.

Snookms awoke from his slumber by then & got on the comp to play chess & was giggling like a school girl at Ellen's antics. This is the part that made me giggle MOSTEST.

So I've been up to a whole lotta shake n bake kinda creative thangs. Much brainstorming & fun & things that make the mania phase of bi-polar feel like a dreamscape.

I was wiki-stalking much info over the weekend, doing the idiosyncratic fun that is Living Social on Facebook, picking my five fav's for the Justice League. I was at a loss for a moment, but I just can't let go of ol' Carnage & how amazingly wonderful he is, so I dared to pick him for my team. After much 'doh-ing' Homer style, I remembered delicious Crazy Jane. How could I ever forget?

I happened upon this lovely a few years back, when I was doing some research on the Troops for Truddi Chase (from the book 'When Rabbit Howls') hoping I could come acrossed some actual interview footage of Truddi Chase. I was like, madly obsessed with her for at least 9 months to a year. In my search, I came across lovely 'Crazy Jane', discovering that her character was created as a sort of 'homage' to Truddi Chase & her many personalities.

So I wikipedia'd that em-effer with the quickness & struck a Realmcovet styled gold mine o' delight. It entailed 64 of Crazy Jane's personalities, complete with the superpowers for each.

& then came acrossed this & had a mental/emotional orgasm.

The Cult of the Unwritten Book.

Pretty much amazed me out of my pants. Then of course I had to do some research on Richard Dadd. I was floored at how lovely life can be for me sometimes, finding so many like minded individuals, all of whom which were tossed in the booby-hatch, or were in some sort of civil danger of such. It gave me hope.

If you toss much of the artwork & style of Persepolis, Crazy Jane & all 64 (plus others!) of her magnificent personality superpowers, & the backdrop of The Cult of the Unwritten Book into a ring, & let Carnage work his might & magic of symbiosis, well then you have Teenage Wasteland. Add a luck dragon, a handful of ForestMasters, & a few oldskool NES character cameo appearances & there you have it. It's a fucking gold mine. Well, wait. SILVER mine. Cause I abhorr gold. We haaaatessss it!

So I've been weaving & knitting & pearling left & right, trying to piece so much together of what I've come up with so far & feeling really grandiose about it all. And I've been sick, so I have the great excuse that comes along with sitting around & looking like I'm not doing jack shit.

In other news, got some great finds @ the Scholastic Book Fair. I did manage to squeeze a couple hours in to help the ol' librarian, but I didn't feel right taking her up on her offer of picking out a free book for my 'trouble', 1.) because it was really no 'trouble' at all, I quite enjoy helping out @ the Scholastic Book Fair & 2.) like I said, I OWED her from LAST year.

So I called it even. The ol' librarian didn't, she insisted, but my insistance defeated her by +24 endurance. So HA!

But yes. The 'great finds' as follows:

The House in the Night by Susan Marle, pictures by Beth Krommes

This is a fucking LOVELY children's book of gorgeous scratchboard illustrations of the night. My hearted THUMPED at it's calling, wanting to leave a trail of rose petals in it's wake of beauty & illuminated darkness. It's the kind of book that I marvel over and allow the tips of my fingers to trace over every path, every corner, not having one pang nor ounce o' regret that I spent 17 fucking dollars on a children's book.

& then of course, the 3rd series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid; The Last Straw:

The first 2 had me unexpectedly delighted. Anybody could find humour in these books, no matter how old you are. I find it particularly endearing because there is Dungeons & Dragons like humour thrown in here and there. And although I've never gone as far as completing my character sheets (I always just wanted to draw them instead, or write a story about them, I didn't have the brains for all the numbers & classifications & stats & such) & actually sitting down to engage in such fun endeavors, I can definately appreciate the humour such a book presents in describing the horrors of trying to play a serious game with your overprotective MOTHER having to be accounted for as one of your 'companions' in the party. Giggles abound in this book series for those of you that roll the dice. I promise you that.

So I can't wait to see what this Jeff Kinney has in store for this next gem. Being an online game developer and designer makes him appreciate the kind of humour that I brake for, I imagine.

Other things worth wasting your reading time over.....

Oh! Carmen, the she-spawn, bought this with her $35.00 lottery winnings:

She/He/It's adorable, & I think I've conned the she-spawn into naming it 'Akira'. I make her name everything 'Akira', it's a name I'm quite fond of. She always winds up changing it to something froopy, like 'Dash' or 'Hermie'. Once she had 2 fish named 'Spiderman' & 'Batman' which was pretty adorable though, so I'll give her that. The iguana EATS too. Like crazy. Loves the SHIT out of Romaine Lettuce & eats at least 2 leaves a day so far. It's really adorable when it eats. NOMNOMNOMZ.

One last mentionable thing to report is that Malinda Lo's book 'Ash' comes out today. I've been waiting for a book like this my whole life, & finally it's here! I'm hoping to go down to the ol' B&N today to hunt for it, & that the store isn't going to be full of the douch(e)bags I anticipate them to be by not carrying it yet, so I don't have to order it online & wait for it to be in my grubby little paws.

'Ash' is basically a lesbian retelling of the story of Cinderella.

Kinda funny, but I when I was watching Grease 2 yesterday, I was musing that SOMEONE needs to do a retelling of the Grease 2 movie, 'Ash' style too, with Nicola Griffith playing the role of Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield). I could so so SO see it happening. She would be the dream on a mean machine, with HELL in her eyes. YEP.




Please & Thank You.

Other than that, I don't think there's much else to report. I'm sick. I'm bored. I'm hungry.....what else is new?