Thursday, December 19, 2013

make her one of us

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So I got a new fancy phone as an early Christmas gift... I've never had anything this fancy before... I can even take selfies without having to turn the camera around... pretty cool! Also, I'm posting this entry from my phone just to test it's efficiency in terms of blogging.  

To catch up... school is done for the semester. I'm relieved to say the least.  & I think I'm officially done having to take math classes ever again.  At first I was really glad about that?  But now I'm realizing how much I enjoyed the learning process. I got a C on my final for the class. Wish I could have done better,  but it is what it is. I got A's in my philosophy & comm theory class & a B in my English class. I got super lazy on my writing portfolios there towards the end & paid for it. Just glad that I only have a year & a half left before shit starts to get real. I was super proud of my final essay & presentation for my comm theory class. It really sucks that most everyone hates PowerPoint now because they are SO my freaking jam. I forrealz love doing them with all my heart. I focused on Brienne, Daenerys, & Cersei's characters and used standpoint theory as my critiquing artifact. I really fell in love with that theory the most out of the 30+ theories we covered in the class. 

Man I seriously can't get over how easy it is to navigate these here instanets on my phone! Maybe I'll even post another blog entry within the next century.