Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Been forever, right? I know!!!

Well first off, happy October everybody. Mine has been pretty great to start off. September ended with shespawn's 11th birthday. She got an xbox 360 for her bday, so I was pretty excited about that. Didn't have enough money to snag her any games tho so we just let her pick out Bioshock to rent @ Family Video. That game is WOO-HAW, got you all in check! ... right? Yeah, it's pretty engaging. I mean, I haven't played myself, mostly just stood back in the dark corners & watched proudly as she plugged away through it's recesses. She had to play gaming counselor once Fezziwig & his homiez got in on the action. It was pretty cute.

Last week was just a whole buncha fucking fun, got to see the unedited version of The Exorcist @ Regal (too bad it wasn't at Rave tho, eh?) with Mysty & her Werewolf. I hafto admit I was getting some butterflies in the stomach the week previous to it, because I am a gutless turd when it comes to that movie. But like I told Mysty, going to see it on the big screen helped me to deal with the childhood trauma of it all I guess? It was fun! I never have got to see Spider-like Megan run down the stairs all crazy with blood dripping from her maw. That was damn spooky. & the whole, "Let Jesus fuck you" bit. The version I always saw was just, "Fuck me, FUCK ME!!!" so yeah, blasphemy all around folks!

Theeeeeeeen, Friday was great because I got to take my 3 spawn & let them pick out Halloween paraphenalia @ Halloween City. That place used to be a furniture outlet so it is pretty damn huge for a Halloween store. I totally dig it. Jr. was able to pick out the mask he claims is from the 1978 version of Michael Myers from Halloween. They didn't have Fezziwig's Freddy claw he had had his heart set on getting so we left to get early dinner. I tell you what, traffic on the Westside of Indy is a bad nightmare. Not at all the good kind. I almost wanted to off myself fighting for the right to park in Panera parking lot. The Chicken Cobb salad nearly wasn't worth the battle.

Was s'posed to go clean for my mom & dad that night but I wound up cancelling cuz my bones were a'achin'. It was a super busy week for Kristi Klean. No maid cosplay for me that night!

Instead shespawn & I elected to stay home & found The Exorcism of Emily Rose On Demand to watch. Had my Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate to sip on whilst we enjoyed preying witness to eager spider consumption on Miss Rose's behalf. That movie is still freaky, but not nearly as freaky as The Exorcist.

Saturday was nice to wake up to. A little toss in the hay with Snookms before getting outta bed for the day. Then he made me coffee which always scores him massive brownie points. Grabbed shespawn & we headed up to Walmart to do some ultralord groceries. I always wind up doing massive groceries when I go there. But it was fun because we had the cash to do so. They had the cutest Halloween themed clothing there, shespawn picked out a skele-bride long sleeved tee & a matching beanie. I found a vamp themed one with deep red colours mixed with grey, the sleeves are all did up in black & white stripes too. Found an owl beanie just for me too! So we looked like cheesy twins all night in our new threads.

Got home & made that Velveeta/salsa hamburger nacho dip thing for dinner. I got stupid excited about making it because it's so easy to make & it has been so long since I last made it. Like, years ago long? I almost had Snookms talked into going to the haunted hay ride up @ Hanna Haunted Acres but he backed out @ the last minute. Boy am I a sore loser. So as a consolation prize he offered to take us to a late night flick @ Rave & I caved when I realized I could talk him into seeing "Let Me In". I've been superexcited about seeing this movie for a long time, so when he agreed to take us & the spawn to see it I was like, rubbing my eyes & asking for people to pinch me in my supersekrit land. We went to the 11:15 pm showing & it was still damn near packed with humanity.

I pretty much enjoyed this movie. I've never seen Let the Right One In, so I had nothing to compare it to, but Mysty is threatening to make me watch it sometime in the near future, so we shall see. I have a feeling I may be partial to Let Me In, just because I have a tendency to stick to what's been spattered across my eyeballs the first time round. Some parts kinda got boring, like restating the obvious in a lot of areas, but the rest of the movie was pretty okay. I totally dug the 70's vibe they tried to pull off. I will always be a fan of that. & that Kodi Smit-McPhee kiddo? He's pretty damn cute. I heard Snookms' pal remark that he was a clone of Mike Jr. which I could totally see. I liked his role. Chloe Moretz was what she always is in those kinda movies. She's good tho, I dig her. She's what I always wanted to portray myself as when I was a littul girl. Emotionless, y'know?

Night melded into the day by the end of all that, I can't even remembered anything that happened after the movie was over. Snookms is a pretty great movie companion to have tho, he makes the funniest remarks at the most ample of oportunes.

Sunday is my day tho! I've taken it upon myself to commit going to my mom & dad's place every Sunday night, as they are on top of all the new shows, Dexter being numero uno on their list. I've only watched a couple of eps here & there since the new season's begun, but what I did watch of it was just flawless television in my opinion. My youngest brother Chris showed up at the last Dexter get together & my mom & dad & I all dared him to be Dexter for Halloween. I should make a Facebook petition eh? Seriously, he totally looks like him & has the personality resemblance & body language as well for it. I hope he does it. It'll be like an early Christmas present for me.

My mom & dad also bought the first season of Spartacus, so them, being the gracious hosts that they are, pop in an episode each time I visit for Dexter Night. It's pretty great. I <3 the dialogue a superfuckinglot. & Lucy Lawless got me off in that first or second ep when her slave/mistress was getting her off. I was like, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"

Let's see, what else? Oh, Mysty has concocted a Twin Peaks Night as well, to begin this Thursday which I am totally looking forward to. She was able to finally get it in at her local library so away we shall go into more great television. The only things I care about television wise these days are Big Bang Theory & Dexter. I could absolutely use a Twin Peaks Night.

See man, I don't like making big long posts about all the mundane shit that happens in my life once a month. I'd like to aim for quick bursts everyday, that way I don't bore everyone to death at great lengths with what I'm talking about. If I can commit to getting on here at least once a day to keep up with my everyday agenda that'd be great.

Tumblr has been pretty great lately. I have a major Tumblr crush on velveteenrabbit. & slutwitches. They are my newest flavour o' the month. helenofdesTroy was the IT spot there for quite some time but she/he/it must have gotten busy with whatever in life distracts us because there were no posts from her/him/it for quite some time. Tumblr got pretty boring after that till I started branching out & following others. But yeah, velveteenrabbit reblogs treasure, I'm telling yew. Long lost forgotten gold that makes my heart want to dig deep for more. So yeah. That is what is up on my side of the lawn, there is a lot more behind the scenes, but nobody cares to hear about that shit on the internets.