Friday, May 10, 2013

a few well-earned comforts

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hooray for being on summer break!

i've been enjoying my extra time lately by catching up on cleaning, gardening, recreational reading, & going on hour long nature walks.

the good news is, I MADE IT THROUGH MY FIRST SEMESTER OF UNIVERSITY. i kinda surprised myself in realizing that i did actually make it through the semester. i mean, i didn't even realize that i had been doubting my ability to survive as much as i was, but when the wave of relief hit me the way it did when i saw my final grades? oh man, you don't even know! i almost starting crying because i felt so triumphant. people do this kind of thing everyday, so i don't know why i kept making it such a big deal. i kept it to myself how hard it was for me to adjust (for the most part).

socially, i realized that i am still very much a leper. but i do love how i bring out the undercover goth girl every semester in at least one of my classes. i imagine they feel drawn to me because of my appearance, but as i mentioned before, i really don't "classify" myself in that particular category or whatever. but they do, & as a result see me as somewhat of a social haven to confide in while getting through the semester. the friendships aren't super meaningful, but it touches me how they are willing to keep in touch as young as they are. & they also totally get me having a "family-comes-first-life". super important relational issues to be addressed here y'all.

so yeah, i got all a's in comm, philosophy, & history, & a b in algebra. i was sweating that algebra grade too, let me tell you. but i got an 83 on my final exam, & it replaced my lowest exam grade (which was a low c) so it all balanced out nicely in the end i s'pose.

let's see, movies i've seen recently or saw sometime ago & forgot to mention: ethel (an hbo documentary about robert kennedy, his wife, & children which i loved, loved, loved), go granny d (fuckyeah) iron man 3 (fuckyeah), oblivion (meh), hope springs (so-so), silver linings playbook (adding to my top 1 billion), perks of being a wallflower (same), zero dark thirty (left the theatre afterward feeling quite perplexed emotionally), & the new evil dead (disappoint). i'm totally sure i left some out, but those are the ones i currently remember most.

books i have on my tbr summer list: a song of ice & fire: book one, the second sex (simone de beauvoir), the feminine mystique (betty friedan), & the purity of heart is to will one thing (soren kierkegaard). all except the game of thrones book are due to my philosophy class & me wanting to dig a bit further. especially regarding existentialism! so fucking compelling.

the shows i've been keeping up with: nurse jackie (enjoying getting back into it far more than i thought!) the big c (blah, honestly), game of thrones (sigh, but i think i enjoyed seasons 1 & 2 more thus far), & that's really about it.

an exciting new place to hang out is the serenity tea room in zionsville. i was introduced to the place through ann, my communications professor & mentor. she hosted a paranormal lecture & investigation there one evening which my husband, spawn & i were invited to & i've been in love with the place ever since. mysty & i got to go there together & we were both in our full "goth-popcorn" gear & no one batted an eye at us. the two teas i am most in love with are serenity, which is the house tea, & then tranquility, which hails from their sister headquarters downtown. i have to put on the frowny face unfortunately when i mention the downtown franchise because i did not enjoy going there. snookms & i took a last minute adventure there on my last day of spring break & i was underwhelmed with the service, the tea, & just the whole environment altogether. it felt like a pretty privileged establishment, which is the opposite of what i felt at serenity in zionsville, & even tho the propylaeum is in a most gorgeous victorian mansion, i was not fucking havin it. not even a little bit.

well the spawn are hanging about like desperate alley cats, waiting for me to take them to the grocery store to buy junk food & come home & watch scary movies all night, so i guess i will check ya later.