Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Menu

  • Hickory smoked & grilled turkey
  • Oven roasted turkey
  • Snookms penis
  • Pansit
  • Lumpia
  • Homemade mashed po-ta-to(e)s
  • Turkey & beef gravy
  • Dinner rolls
  • cranberry jelly sauce
  • Green bean casserole
  • Homemade pumpkin pie
  • Pecan pie
  • leftover Mandarin salad that Snookms' sister made last night

Monday, November 22, 2010

Napalm Wishes & Caviar Dreams

I hate to say it but I may be throwing the towel in on NaNo. I am s'very behind, still only @ the 5k mark. I've had at least 3 days off that I spent having nothing to do with writing. I've gone over the last chapter & the flame has just kind of tuckered out. For now. Maybe it'll spark back up, but for now I am just not going to beat myself up over it. The absolute desire to want to tell that story is still there, so I'm happy for that. At least I have some good bones to work with when I do decide to pick it back up. Right now it is kind of a schizophrenic mess & I know exactly where all the threads tie together but I just can't get to the point where it makes sense to anyone else.

I went over to my mom & dad's last night for Dexter/Spartacus-but-it's-no-longer-Spartacus-because-we-watched-the-final-ep-so-now-it-is-United-States-of-Tara-Night. My mom wasn't awake yet so the renegade wizard & I watched a few episodes of Ancient Aliens & it was dumping a bunch of extra fodder in this noggin o' mine for NaNo inspiration. My dad is a real hoot when we watch that show because he gets fed up with the Brendan Frasier lookin expert & says to him "Get a fuckin haircut if you wanna be relevant". Just like that, right at the t.v.! One of the eps was addressing the secret tunnels that were discovered in some Zoroastrian Empire in like, 300 B.C.? Was pretty awesome to see all these ancient underground caverns carved out in the peaks of these petrified lava formations. I am all for supersekrit tunnels, y'know?

Dexter was top fucking notch, as usual. The intensity of that show can almost get to be too much? Like, you have to get up & go take a walk around the house afterward to gather your thoughts kind of intense? That's good though, I like it. In a matter of watching one season I have pretty much fallen for every character in the story, it's just that good. Relentless & Heartless Dexter hardly ever comes out to play, but oh, when he does? ... I am putty in Showtime's thriving little handsssssss.

United States of Tara is somewhat of an oldie, but it's great to watch. I think Buck & 'T' are my favourite alters of any of the personalities so far. I'm sure there are many others that feel this way too. Kudos to Toni Collette for pulling all those off so diligently. Buck is the motherfucking Protectors of Protectors, no? SO MUCH LIKE MY OWN.

This was Sunday, right? & then Saturday evening I went with Mysty & PrettyPrettyDeathPrincessErica to the Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Irving Theater on the East Side. It was all very last minute for me, I was at a bit of a crossroads in decision making there. I am horrible at making choices in a hurry. Also, I was a virgin, so that experience was pretty exciting for me but also nerve-racking. Mysty's such a good, enthusiastic little mommy, though, taking pictures of her girl at her first day & all. That's what she reminded me of anyhow.

(ppdpErica, yours truly & Mysty being creatures of the night)

Thursday was the midnight showing of Harry Potter. I confessed I was dosing off big time for the first hour and a half, but not because I was bored, but because I am olde! I bolted awake with the impression that Mysty & her Werewolf might poke fun at me for my lame old lady-ness so that notion of worry right there was enough to keep me alert for the rest of the show. There were SO MANY fucking people @ the theater. & then team Gryffindor all got bitched at (well, unwarrantingly accused, anyway) of stealing the Gryffindor flag that the Indianapolis Harry Potter Society had made for the event. Kudos to Mysty for speaking out & aloud amongst the masses in our favor. I mean, I hope the flag turns up, but weDIDN'TfuckingDOit!

Oh! I made a second attempt @ homemade potato(e) soup yesterday afternoon, this time using a gravy based recipe. It came out a lot better this time; last time it seems as though the recipe was just really milked down mashed potato(e)s with some celery, onions & diced ham thrown in. This time 'round it was actually creamy & you could taste more of the onion flavor in it. The only thing I didn't like was the ham chunks I used. They were way too chewy to blend in with the whole homemade feel of the soup. So next time I am going to try bacon chunks & see how that pans out. Snookms & his pal really liked it though. I made a ridiculous amount & it is all gone already.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to consist of going to our family's abodes & then Friday will be me & Snookms' day to cook stuff. He'll be doing a turkey (he's talking about cooking it on the grill using a special recipe his co-worker is handing down to him) & I'll be doing pansit & lumpia again, like we did last year. I'm kind of worried that the idea of cooking the turkey on the grill sounds better than it really is, but Snookms is willing to take the risk so we shall see. At least we'll have the filipino cuisine if it doesn't work out.

Okay so something I have to talk about real quick before I go is Spartacus. I am currently in final episode mourning, because there is no more Spartacus to watch. I don't even know if there is going to be another season in production but seriously? SRSLY! That fucking show. Everyone is fucking everyone, both literally & metaphorically. & Lucy Lawless is so good at being cunt. Who was she, Lucretia? Yeah, that character right there. OOOOH GAWD. & Crixus. He was such a stubborn fuck but goddamn he was sexy. I tried to fight against it for the duration of the show, but that last episode had me by the balls. Something in those eyes of his reminds me of Snookms. The longing & passion he played so well, I s'pose. & then of course Spartacus. If Crixus & Spartacus had a bay-bay, Snookms would be their lovechilde. His loyalty to the Thracian way of life + his steadfast loyalty to his wife's cause = Snookms & his lawful good alignment swagger.


Me & shespawn's newest 'which movie star would play a good character for so & so' meme is Heather from Silent Hill 3. She had shown me some article on the net the other day saying that there was a possibility of ol' what's her face? from Drag Me to Hell & White Oleander had a possibility of being fronted the role, which I thought might work. At first we were Team Holly J all the way but this morning I realized her boobs were too big. & then shespawn said Emma Watson & I was all Huh/waaaaat? but then I was like, "Y'know? I'd like to see that. I wouldn't mind that at all". So that was the basis of our morning conversation today & it was rather entertaining.

& now? I got nothin.