Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Blood of a Child's Broken Neck

It's the name of the newest piece I've been workin on. Been watching/falling asleep to alot of Carnivale, so Brother Justin (although I quite like Alexias) has been interceding my brainwaves as I slumber with his words of blasphemic wisdom, courtesy of Mysty.

I get the sensation that I'm being followed by Sofie's mother, and she's all in black too, but I am not afraid but comforted by her presence, unlike Sofie was at first. I also get the impression that I've received my boon. Yes. The Avatar Has Received It's Boon.

I had a dream last night that I wrote a short story and it got published. And I was trying to get myself to read it out loud in my dream, so I could write it all down when I awoke. This is all I've been able to come back with. Much of Carnivale has manifested Itself within, as well as the work I've been doing with Mother Katherine in therapy.

It's not even a story, much less a SHORT story. Perhaps more of a narrative, I s'pose?

The Blood of a Child's Broken Neck

"Tonight the air is infused with electrical magick. Humidity flows throughout the vessels of TimeAndSpace, so thick, so heavy with the burden of This Realm's Tears.

In these tears are Release. Liberation. Salvation.

Tonight the Heavens know no boundaries. There is no Infinite Shutdown of Systematic Sadness (ISSS) to broadcast the Air Waves tonight with the message of Numbness.

Slumber falls upon the Weary and Heavy Laden, for my yolk is Easy, my burden to be Light. Yea, though we walk through this Valley of Shadow and Death, thy Rod and Thy Staff, how they comfort thee?

I will come upon ye altars and enter the Land of Sleep & Hades for one fell moment.

But what is one moment in Hell but an Eternity?

Gain resource through the spiritual webs of Her Tapestry, and though it is arbitrary, these these rudimentary Spells & Components will serve as the Manifestation of The Protector. She will split and live multiple lives in a variance of shells, but always she/he/It will be there to rescue and preserve you from Harm or Danger.

There are more. There are others. But be Patient, for they shall all reveal themselves one day, to resurrect, rehabilitate, & reunite."

So again, there is THAT.

I haven't been ignoring any of you. I still read all y'alls blogs and what not. Things have been crazy hairy around here, what with it being the last week of school and all for my spawn. They are officially out now, & it will be even harder to have time for the computer, given that most of it will be stolen away by accursed Gameboy Wielding, Spongebob attire wearing, cupcake and eggs smelling spawn. I just spent half an hour catching up on Kathulhu's blog and commenting, although I have the most fun commenting her blogs. I can get away with putting my stamp on her Earth as "Your Shalafi" and she can't do a damn thing to overturn my unruliness.

I need to tell Sex how helpful her 5 piece on why you should write short stories manifesto is, because it really has been sinking down in me, so much that it's even taken precedence over my dreams. And NO ONE is allowed there unless I say so!

So there is all of that. The Jr. graduating from Elementary Years has been kind of a big deal? I mean, it only took such a short time to be where we are today. And six more years ain't a whole lot more when you think about it.....halfway there son! I am now officially trailing around a 7th grader in the front seat of my shitty '01 Kia Rio.

I have lots of pictures I want to put up within the next few weeks; of homemade jewelries, our camping trip, fun summery stuff like that. I just don't know that I'll be able to shake the time from my wrist to do so, with late night fort buildings, catching up on Degrassi: The Next Generation, & making cinnamon buns @ 3 in the morn to reckon with. Summer is all about those things, y'know?

& so much more.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Midnight babel blog!

Tonight just calls for one of those!

Started off the early afternoon with waking up to Snookms being grumpier than Battlecat, and I verbally bitchslapped him like the Orko I am.

I left all in a haste, there was no food in our house! We had all been far too busy enjoying the summer this weekend to care about food, I s'pose.

Again I left in a tissy, some of my last words being along the lines of, "Are you going to wait until I'm on my deathbed, dying of cancer to enjoy your life?!" and some tears too. But see, once I got halfway to SuperTarget, I thought maybe I should call Snookms and tell him I really was just sad to see him stressing and that I wish I could make it dissappear like presto!magick! but I can't. And that is when I get all postal on his ass since he has gotten so on mine?

I thought along the lines that maybe he needed to cool down though, so I'd just apologize when I got back from doing groceries, and what do you know? The ol' chap calls me right after I manage to find the absolutely PERFECT cluster of bananas in the produce section.

Chiquita, you deserve a sweet serenade! He is just calling to say 'I love you'. And 'I love him too'.

So the rest of my grocery trip was spent hopeful & happily.

Came home, unloaded a fuckton of groceries, cleaned out our refrig. & ate stuff that tasted good. Realizations were came to when trying to warm up deep dish pizza in the microwave though. Our 13 year old microwave has finally taken a permanent shit. It is actually older than our 'bout that fellas? So after Snookms flew his rc plane, I exercised on my ExciteBike on Cloud-like lvl4 limit break- (yes, the motherfrakkin OMNISLASH) style upped resistance, then and only THEN did our Partridge like family make it up to Menards to see what they be havin. Menards only had 300 dollar microwaves that you could mount to your hood range, so we all dilly-dallied on over to Lowes before they closed and found a better deal on those types of microwaves there. We took it home where Snookms laboured on it, only to find out that the thing breaks a circuit after 10 seconds of running.

Boo! So now Snookms must return the damn thing 1st thing in the morning and get another.

After we got over our initial frustration @ radiation manipulation, I grilled Salmon steaks(for Snookms and I!) & hot dogs(for the spawn!) & made my favoritest salad in the world, with diced avocado chunks, Bacos, & monterey jack cheese topped w/ Italian. I ate like a racehorse.

By then Snookms was Down for the Count and snoozed to Joel Osteen yakkety yakking for 3 hours straight. I about humped a humpback whale when I first saw Osteen's bro? I was like, "Holy FUCK do they look, act, talk and move alike!" I was in for a real shock, y'know?

When I got over my paralytical shock I went to bother the spawn in the garage, Snookms had hooked up the ol' slot machine their gramps had gave 'em, & Jr. is always win here. He keeps having to stop and refill; he just knows the jig is up on that, I swear it!

Carmen and I got bored watching him succeed over and over so we ditched him to play Guitar Hero and watch a little Death Note.

Hadn't ever got to watch an ep. yet, so I figure now's a good time as any? Wrong. Far too engaged in trying to beat Symphony of Destruction on Expert to pay good enough attention.

I really do love how my spawn's room is set up though. It relies heavily on the fantasy of what my brothers and I would've conceived the perfect room to be for the 4 of us when we were all about the Faxanadu and late night G.L.O.W. escapades. Those were the days of Dragon Warrior, Gauntlet, A Link to the Past, & Legacy of the Wizard.

THOSE days practically rip my heart out, remembering them THESE days.....

But yes. The room. The Spawn Room. In each of 2 corners sits a t.v. One with cable connections to the On Demand, the other with all the mad systems hook up. PS2, Sega Genesis (gotta get my Altered Beast on!) & N64 for Tha Jr....he's hopelessly addicted to Lego Racer. So yes, the Carmenator and I had fun TRYING to watch Death Note and playing GH1.

I think GH1 is my favorite of GH's by far, it has the most songs I find enjoyable on a single playlist. I could jump around from Guitar Hero to Guitar Hero disc, but that shit gets annoying after a while with a ps2. Don't know if the ps3's load time is annoying like that too? I certainly hope not!

My favorites to play:

Thunderkiss 65, then Infected(Bad Religion) then Sharp Dressed Man, (ZZ Top used to PISS me off to NO end when I was a wee little lad. Why, you ask? I don't know..... All I know is that my dad would CRANK that shit Souljah style and I would seethe in my skin, watching his head bob to the muzak, and NOW, though? I love it. W-E-I-R-D.) Ziggy Stardust, (Bowie) Stellar, (Incubus) Hey You (the Exies!), Take it Off (the Donnas) Symphony of Destruction, (Megadeth, although THIS version blows my ass out of the water everytime I hear it... Female? Arch Enemy? *sighs shamelessly*) Fat Lip, (by Sum41, which normally I don't dig, but playing Fat Lip on Expert mode is HELLAFUN. Think I am lying? Try it, & you will see.) & then Cochise by AudioSlave is the last I can beat on Expert Mode.

The rest of the songs on the GJ1 playlist I struggle through on Hard even, which pisses me off and does my carpel tunnel no favors either. At least I can beat Bark@ TheMoon on Hard. So there is THAT.

When I am done consoling myself with that pathetic notion I meander out into the living room, where I see Tha Jr. has given up on his Get Rich Quick scheme and has focused his attention on the level stinkin' MAKAR gets lost on in Windwaker.

Although I shouldn't say stinkin. I quite like the Korak.

That is when I see an empty computer chair calling my name to come blather on about the inane events of our lackluster day here @ the humble Turner Abode.

I will probably end the night commenting on Mordicai's LJ in regard to his wedding anniversary and him possibly being sick on it, and make some abnormal fangirl status kind of comment in regard to Megaman2, then possibly respond to Karina's email in regard to the cool necklaces I made for her & her sweetie as a token of appreciation for getting & sending me ANWAGTHAP. (Nicola's "And Now We Are Going To Have A Party" Memoir)

I'm really excited about K seeing the necklaces, but I told her I would wait until she got the necklaces first before I posted pics of what I made on my blog first, because I want it to be a surprise for her. I hope she and her sweetie like 'em, and don't think they're too generic or cheesy. I cringe @ the thought!

Then after all of that, perhaps I will sip a Pepsi Throwback and watch/fall asleep to Stardust. I heart that movie. Screw all haters.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sexy Betsy (aka SexScenes@Starbucks!) was offering "twarots" on Twitter yesterday, so I asked her to hit me (in the way of writing, that is).

Here's what the cards and she came back with (verbatim):

First card, past: King of Pentacles.

Rev.. Pentacles is a money card, the King is a practical guy, maybe to the point of being a miser. Reversed, as we see here, probably means someone was ignoring that conservative sense to the point of destruction. This is a can't see the forest for the trees kind of card. The art is complicated and wild, and reversed, tough to make out. It could be you, but more likely it's your creative urges complicating your life.

Second card, two of cups.

Present. Second time I've seen this card today, both times reversed. I might have some weird energy influencing this. At face value, this card means romantic love, so reversed it means lost love, or just "missed" love. it could mean friendship, as well. You're not seeing someone who could be of great importance. This is about blocked coexistence or when two people should be working together but something is keeping them apart. Writing related, I'd see maybe you're missing an opportunity to learn from someone important.

Third card, future--Strength.

It's a woman quieting and controlling a lion. There's a chance to overdo, to give in to impulse rather than controlling your creativity. As for writing: I think this means to master your craft and find your focus.

Hope this helps

And so there that is....kinda funny, cause it's what I've been wrestling with fer sure. Here's a chapter I've been working on that will only second the notion:

The Birth of Mysogyny

She lays frigid with the flat of steele encrusted into her rib cage. Gyn cried out to Nothing, yet
the Nothingness answered in reply.

Silence whips through her spaghetti thin hair, roaring horribly that thin ragged whisper of possession, and in this, Gyn dies.

Her delicate body lay bloodless and naked on the Earthen floor, infantile hands tucked morbidly underneath. Breasts smaller than a sparrow’s head, and lips as blue as a robin’s egg, they no longer spoke the words of a virgin child. Cold and facetless, like diamonds in the rough, her eyes were now free of that once invigorating luster that should have possessed a 9 year old’s eyes.

Not a soul knew that she had done thus unto herself. Not a soul knew Gyn had slid the razor of Azura’s blade into her own ribcage, ending her life as an inhabitant of this realm.

And not a soul would EVER know why. Only They. And THEY had no soul.

THEY hath been summoned. The 9 Brothers of Revelation. Their destinies held forfeit, THEY were not of this Earth. No hearts to tell them to stop when Gyn bled from places a child should never have to bleed. No mind to comprehend the pleading prayers a child should not have EVER had to utter. Bereft of this realm’s sensibilities, They sought out to do the will of one only, and like Robots, THEY obeyed, following this path called Destiny.

"For THEY knew she so loved the realm, that one had given her only begotten daughter".

Not only with Knife Hands did THEY stab, but with pulsating members THEY spoke, eternally intruding and invading Gyn’s many entryways. THEY persisted and prodded until Gyn’s Portent was unveiled.

But the Portent only burrowed further and further within her, until she transitioned into the Portent Itself.

Rebirthed in this blasphemic attempte, Mysogyny is borne. Bred by Blackened Brigande, who rob souls for sporte, she was borne to the will of Hate and Disdaine.

And so it had been written:

"The curve of your back, the flow of your estrogen, your incessant will to be ever accepted; all cast off in a Hell Bent fury to let it burne under the Scorching Sun."

Bedraggled and heavy laden, Mysogyny steps out of Gyn’s vernal corpse, kicking it aside as though it were a nuisanced and hungry alley cat.

She clothes herself immediately with Asteroth’s Trenchcoat, feeling the dire need to cover her nakedness and self hatred.

His blood was still drenched upon the coat. His blood reeked of Gyn’s innocence. His blood was to serve as Restitute.

She drank of him heavily, knowing she would need nothing more in Eternity’s realm to quench her blasphemous thirst. With an expert hand that Mysogyny could not quite understand of herself, she unbuckled Asteroth’s belt, peeling his jeans from his blood caked legs.

-They would HAVE to do for now.

Though Asteroth upheld the facade that he was a Promoter of Peace, Mysogyny had knowledge of his formidable weaponry. Images of Gyn, Asteroth, and a 9mm being placed in holes a 9mm shouldn’t have belonged began to flit through Mysogyny’s head, like Teletubbies dancing on PBS.

"FUCK. YOU." Mysogyny seethed through clenched teeth.

Other parts of Mysogyny danced, hurtedly, tickledly, sickenly, and she hunted the closet feverishly, looking for the Key of Asteroth. Hurriedly she fished it from the deep of his pockets, finding the Robe he would wear on occasion, nestled far into the chasms of this supposed closet.

Feeling as though she were in some twisted Narnia, Mysogyny half expected to see Mr. Tumnus scamper along the walls of the closet, inviting her into the same Tom Foolery Gyn was so accustomed to be a victim of.

"Not today motherfucker", replied Mysogyny wryly. "Not. Today".

She smiled the smile of broken glass and fallen empires, clasping hand over cold metallic grip, finding EXACTLY what she came for.

The dancing never ceased in those wicked places that we all like to call ‘private’.

Mysogyny cocked the hammer, squeezed the trigger, and let the bullets spring forth unto those 'wicked' places, cackling triumphantly.

And so there THAT is. Just for clarification, Bets says she uses a Rider Deck, not the Hello Kitty one, I just thought I'd throw that in there fer the sheer fun of it all......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Krull-like Objects and other such things Snookms hath made

A little fun with pictures:

Snookms makes stuff!.....with WOOD!

A Krull-like-ished object-thing that was leftover from the picnic table Snookms built for his mom for madre's day:

A PO-TA-TO! Cannon....(this one's the pneumatic version, he made an igniter one too!)

Nerf gunz Snookms paints for our spawn:

Golden M-16 air soft? Wha??

A 2 colour sided schnazzy, just fer fun!



Snookms @ work on my pentagram/gon! ha! table:

Finished product!

I will sacrifice many a virgin on this table:

The hexagon one he made for his mom:

Love the finished concentric-like look:

Snookms should be rather proud of himself...he's been working on these every weekend, even made an octagon one for my mom and dad. These things run anywhere from 300 to $500.00 smackaroonies @ places like Menards & Lowes, and he builds em for what? A little under a Benjamin and 3 hours of sweat? He had to create his own design for my PENTAGRAM/GON Ha! table because there were no plans for one online. His mind is troubled with numbers, in a good John Nash kind of way, y'know?

Well I'm sorta bummed caused I do not know what the hell I was thinking, but I swore up and down that this week was of the 21st? And 21st = Terminator Salvation. But it's NEXT week. *slaps self*

Mayhaps I can talk the Snookms into seeing the New Star Trek instead.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yay fer Magickeepers!!

On my quest for the Holy Grail of Saints and Madmen @ Barnes & Noble, lo and behold, what do I find????

I was so happy I wanted to piss rainbow coloured cotton candy.


Now I just have to wait for Adamant Stone.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hey all! Seems like it's been forever since I've lasted posted. Certainly feels like it.

Between Tha Jr. getting sick on our anniversary, to us turning anniversary day celebrations into weeklong festivals, and the lovely weather versus helping out @ the school book fair, and BACK to Tha Jr. being sick again TODAY, I just haven't had the mojo to write. On HERE anyway. Yep. I lost muh fuckin mojo.

I guess I'll start with 2 weeks ago when it was Snookms and I's actual anniversary.

I get a phone call from the school an hour before they're s'posed to let out, and it's the nurse saying Mike's in the office yakkety yakking. Said he was pale and listless, all the telltale symptoms of his infamous migraines. Told the nurse I'd be there at the drop of a hat, picked him up, went ahead and picked up my other 2 spawn being that it was so close to the time that they get out, and my kiddo could barely make it to the car he felt so shitty. I had to carry him in the house and listen to him whimper and cry out about how bad his head hurt him in between vomiting sessions and there wasn't damn thing I could do for him except stand by and wipe his mouth for him after he puked. He finally fell asleep after an hour of that, but woke up an hour later still in pukefest mode. My mom and dad stopped by to drop off well wishes for our anniversary and like presto magick, Tha Jr. is all better. You get the kid talking about birthdays ( I swear by all that is holy and war-like, the kid has EVERYONE'S fucking birthday memorized. He IS a HUMAN CALENDAR.) and you get a brand new person. I can tell he is officially better when he asks if he can play Windwaker for Gamecube.

So there's THAT.

Snookms and I were so relieved to see Tha Jr. better that we didn't give a fuck about anything else at that point. We ended the night with a late night trip to Rally's. Sometimes giant messy cheeseburgers are the perfect remedy for everything.

The next day I was able to place an order for our cake, and the bakery staff there was fucking amazingly helpful. They were so excited about getting to work on the cake, and loved my ideas as well as some of their own suggestions thrown in. They told me it would be ready by 2 the next afternoon, so off Tha Jr. and I went (I let him stay home the next day to recover from the bullshit headstorm) to Target to buy anniversary t-bone steaks and fresh green beans. Managed to make the late night fancy dinner after the spawn were put to bed for the night and topped the evening off with me dressing up in my wedding dress and Snookms wearing some awesome suit that made him look like a sex god.

The icing on the cake? He was wearing his Vans with it.


The day after was all about the cake, cause it turned out beautifully, so beautifully that I stalked the cake decorator and put in a recommendation/comment card thingy saying that the whole damn bakery staff deserved to be acknowledged.

Friday was spent whining about seeing The Soloist. I had marked the day of this film release on my calendar months ago, and Snookms knew this. But he was playing hard to get and it was pissing me off to NO END. I started to think that maybe we just weren't going to see it at all, and then we finally left our house @ 10:00 p.m. to go see it. By then I was pretty tired and grumpy, but Jamie Fox and Robert Downey Jr. came through. They movie was able to pull out enough of the detail from the book that I felt satisfied by the end enough not to complain and say, "I liked the book better than the movie". I believe they compliment one another, even though one thing in the story changed that kinda threw me off. But I loved it, and my kids loved it, and I could tell it struck a pretty profound chord within Snookms, especially when they portrayed Nathaniel Ayers descent (or rather ASCENT, I SAY!) into madness. Snookms knows that path all too well, and while there is much pain, there is much beauty in the eye of the storm too, no?

Saturday and Sunday were kite-flying, cooking out kinda days, which were spent doing as such. Snookms' pal was able to slip out into the night borrowing his Uncle's "Thing", so we were out all night bleeping horns and yellling charge to the passerby, where they would yell "CHARGE!" right back, or sometimes even dare to dance an elven jig of frolic in front of MEIJER. I'm SERIOUS here people!

So that was the end of our celebratory week. There were some quiet moments of self reflection that were absolutely stunning, like when I was scampering through Hummel Park on the lengthy draw bridge with a trail of giant bubblepods following after me. Bubble wands are MAGICK, I'm telling you!

Have also been doing lots of work dialoging (?!) with the different "parts" of myself as per my therapist's suggestion. At first it seemed too much like homework, but once I put my ass in chair the words just flowed like vessels of time, space and mass that never ever wanna stop. There's been lotsa of strange illustrations taking over in my graphic novel as a result, and some of them I reluctantly shared with my therapist. She's basically walking me through this fucking novel, holding my hand and leading the way. So if I ever get rich or famous I owe her my right foot, being that I already owe Kathulhu my left one. Fuck!

Got to see Origins the following Friday and wasn't dissapointed by any means. I mean, sure, they changed some of the story line @ the beginning that didn't fall in exactly with the graphic novel Origin, but fuck, loose ends had to be tied in somehow, right? I was hoping there would be more emphasis put in on the life of little "James", but s'kay, Wade made up for it. And the young Striker too. I have manipulative-old-fuck complexes, big time. Mysty was just teasing me about this yesterday on our outdoor smoking escapades @ Starbucks. I told her I had a thing for Preacher Kane (Cane? Cain? Kaine? Kain? Kane?) from Poltergeist 2, and she already knows about my huge man-crush for Brother Justin from H.B.O.'s Carnivale, so she called me out on it and gave me some funny shit about it.

So now Carmen is nose deep in my Origin book, I've already read it twice but I had it out the night before we went to see the movie, hoping I would be able to skim through it quick enough, but alas, time is never on my side! (if I could have one superpower!? T'would be to STOP TIME, like Flashman from Megaman 2!) I let her take it to school to read when she has free time, but now I'm kinda worried that her teacher might think it too violent? Ugh. We'll see.

Speaking of Carmens! She surprised the shit out of me last weekend. Snookms and I finally brought her out to the Skatepark in Plainfield with ramps taller than GRENDEL and boys that could skate to Heaven and back, and she didn't wuss out. She got right up there with the fellows and skated to her heart's content. Fell on her ass when she finally tried the big ramp, but she DID it and I was so proud of her. When we first got there all the boys were like, "Huh?? That GIRL is gonna SKATE here????" I was so happy for her and Snookms was impressed with her bravado as well.

Other fun and useless information:

Me sending Let-dawg pictures of my MANGLED maxi pad, and her returning the favor by sending me pics of her nostril stuffed with cigarettes.

Me wearing Snookms' shanky work sweater right now, cause I miss him so much it HURTS. It has caulk stains all over it, and smells like a Carpenter's/Jesus's ass, but I don't care. I wish he was here so we could build a fort out in the living room and snuggle and sleep all day, jes' like in the olden' days, yo. I wasn't able to slumber next to him last night, cause Tha Jr. woke up in the middle of the night PUKING so I let him steal my spot in our shared matress while I slept on the couch in the living room having nightmares that I was raped by a fat werewolf that looked like Billy Mays.

And then of course the Scholastic Book Fair. Every year the school librarian stalks me @ this time and makes for damn sure that I am there to circulate and make change for evilspawn-that-are-sometimes-but-hardly-ever-nice. But I don't mind one bit. I actually live for this time of year. It's a sign o' the times, wailing "Summer is almost here!" Was able to snag a YA book titled Every Soul a Star. I hope it doesn't get all teen pop on my ass though. Doesn't seem like it will though. It does make mention of Cameron Diaz a few times too many, so we'll see?

Mysty also gifted me with Jenny Mccarthy's "Mother Warriors", which I have been wanting to read/investigate. I've heard alot of hateful accusations from mothers with children of autism that claim she is an asshole for being "anti-autism", and hopefully some of this book will disspell that s'posed myth? I've always liked Jenny McCarthy from before. She was able to pull the hot-n-funny thing off pretty good? There's this one picture of her posing on a toilet taking a crap, and she made it work to her advantage. Believe when I say that I've tried and it never worked for me. It's not as easy as she makes it look, I'll tell you THAT.

And then there's Lady Sovereign. My Fezziwig showed me this video last night cause he knew I'd just LOVE it. Crushes ABOUND!

The wicked bass makes me heart electrically drunk!

Friday, May 1, 2009

"You have to do it running but you do everything that they ask you to
cause you don’t mind seeing yourself in a picture
as long as you look faraway, as long as you look removed
showered and blue-blazered, fill yourself with quarters
showered and blue-blazered, fill yourself with quarters

You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends
when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery citibank lights
arm in arm in arm and eyes and eyes glazing under
oh you wouldn’t want an angel watching over
surprise, surprise they wouldn’t wannna watch
another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

Make up something to believe in your heart of hearts
so you have something to wear on your sleeve of sleeves
so you swear you just saw a feathery woman
carry a blindfolded man through the trees
showered and blue-blazered, fill yourself with quarters
showered and blue-blazered, fill yourself with quarters

You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends
when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery citibank lights
arm in arm in arm and eyes and eyes glazing under
oh you wouldn’t want an angel watching over
surprise, surprise they wouldn’t wannna watch
another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends
when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery citibank lights
arm in arm in arm and eyes and eyes glazing under
oh you wouldn’t want an angel watching over
surprise, surprise they wouldn’t wannna watch
another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults"

This is the song in my heart of hearts. This is the melody I wear on my sleeve of sleeves. If someone were to crawl into my brain, this song would be reverberating all throughout me, resounding furiously, thumping and bumping, pulsating life into my every vessel.