Monday, November 14, 2011

all my friends are embryonic

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friday nights are my favourite. i'm sitting here watching the newest season of degrassi & eating some magnolia brand mango ice cream from lee's, the asian grocery store that my mom & i typically haunt to gather ingredients for our holiday filipino food-fest. i love going to that store with my mom because she knows all the oldskool brands & has a story for all kindsa different food items from her past, which make our trip that much more precious. i seriously treasure our trips there together. she's like a little girl again & i love how knowledgeable she is of everything there. a wizard at it, really!

human biology was fucking rough today. i struggled with the lab assignment; the packet we had to work was chock full of dna & rna translations & decoding. i wanted to fucking cry at first because i couldn't get it at first, but then the professor pointed out that i had to use mRNA codons to determine amino acid sequence & i was sort of okay after that. i just couldn't wait to get out of there today & see my mom & kids.

finalllllllllllllllllllly got to watch splice late wednesday night, it's been in rotation on the hbo channel & we have that channel so i obliged most willingly. i really liked it a lot, kind of figured i would after my dad told me about it, but it took forever for me to make the time & develop the willingness to sit down & just watch it already. the only thing i kind of hated was the way the boy version looked. everything else was pretty much perfect & i just wanted to hug dren when she was crying about her cat. :(((((((((

the following night i stayed up super late, glued to my monitor because i was hooked on reading the two chapters my public speaking professor sent me of her ms. it really reminds me of that new show 'homeland' on showtime (which is my new favourite) because it's about her experience in the middle east but it has ties with her life here in the states, traversing between the two realms very elegantly. it's really intriguing to read her life story & i feel so flattered she was willing to share it with me & the next morning i was able to talk her into sending me the rest of it. i'm looking forward to reading it this weekend! i'm hoping i can point her in the direction a few agents that will be appreciative of her manuscript. i can really see it happening as a publication.

& then thursday evening my daughter was a representative in the spelling bee competition for her school. their team scored last, but she was the top scorer of her team, which i was really proud of. there was some seriously hard words to spell. i used to be a wizard at spelling back in my day, i got like, 3rd place as a fourth grader or something. but i don't ever remember having to spell some of the crazy words that were on her list! scrimshaw? octahedron? YANGTZE RIVER??? sheesh.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

in love with a ghost

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american horror story does have a pretty sucky element to it, which i can't quite put my thumb on? but there is this chemistry between tate & violet that i totally obsess over. it's like a kitiara/lord soth kind of trope we're dealing with here i guess? that undying devotion, that is so sad & sick, there is a deep down part of myself that resonates. & how he wrote "i love you" in chalk on her wall? it was so romantic it made me want to puke.

also, i like seeing dylan mcdermott cry because it's sexy.

anyhowwwwww. TODAY YOU GUYS. today i had to present my second informative speech in the public speaking class i'm taking this semester & i scored the whole 150 points it was worth total! i was really blown away by that number because i just started working on it the night before & thought for sure it was gonna suck, suck, SUCK. but apparently it didn't according to my teacher. which, i in fact adore. she used to live in iraq, saudi arabia, germany, & louisiana. before she was a professor, she would give presentations to military troops in saudi arabia & all these other countries, on ethics, medical needs, & all kindsa other cool shit. i got to tell her a few weeks ago that she was a college student's wet dream because she's super efficient teacher-wise & she was so flattered. she was all, "leave it to the girl who writes erotica to say that. i can't wait to tell my kids somebody thinks i'm a wet dream!" i blushed with pleasure of course. i dunno what it is with me falling all over these teachers this semester. shalafi! TEACH MEH

let's seeeeeee, rewind to the day before that, wednesday i think? snookms had a day/night off from work because of election day & we got the spawn out of school early & went driving out the the strip on west washington out past plainfield to go antique store browsing. we managed to find this huge fucking antique mall that was still open for another hour, so we got lost in the past & had so much fun. we got turned back on to going to antique stores after our visit downtown in irvington after me & mysty's lovely book launch last week. i love that my kids actually LIKE going there & don't hate it. & it's free! if, of course, you don't want to buy stuff.

now, let's go back to monday, the beginning of this week, when i finally go visit mysty's new haus. it's her & werewolf's first haus, & it's so lovely. i mean, i know it's just a house? but it seriously has a charm to it that i fell in love with right away. mostly it's mysty's stamp on it i s'pose, but i really love the vaulted ceilings, as well as the colours that her & werewolf painted their rooms. also it didn't help that i had a dream about that haus a few months before. when i walked in & saw the gypsy teal coloured walls with a fresh coat of paint & the slant of the vaulted ceiling & about fell to my knees because it was pretty much the exact replica of what i had dreamt months ago, except it was snookms & i living there, & it was in our neighborhood. so freaky, but i've come to expect experiences like this anymore. i'm a starting to become a firm believer that my family comes from a long line of non-nurtured psychics.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the proboscis/prognosis ...

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taking a quick snack break before i dive back into reading 'the hunger games'...

this book, man! this fucking book! i'll place the blame on my daughter, as she's the culprit for making me care about it in the first place. her school has a new librarian, & she's all about getting the kids into literature by making them care about what they read. i mean, i know it's important to engage a child whether they care about a particular subject or not, but at this tender age it's so hard to make them care about much of anything that doesn't directly relate to them. so yeah, the new librarian put this, amongst a handful of other "controversial titles" on the shelves to replace many of the ones the previous librarian had targeted for shespawn's age group. this peaked carmen's interest, (which i'm happy to say doesn't take too much in the way of reading these days) but yeah, i guess the new librarian's strategy has "success" written all over it, as there is now a huge wait for most of the titles she recently put out there for her YA public. shespawn felt she couldn't bare to wait any longer, so i indulged in her pleading to buy her a copy from the store. i couldn't deny a kid that's begging to read! she's had it for a week & is on page 100, i just started a few days ago, & i'm on page 55. i'm at the part where katniss is tasting hot chocolate for the first time.

i guess i can blame another part of why i started reading it on shespawn's reports of the movie that is in the making. she was complaining about who was being cast for the role of 'gale', saying that he was miley cyrus's ex (whom i secretly adore) from 'the last song' movie they were both in. i got especially curious when she mentioned that josh hutcherson ("jess" from the 2007 version of 'bridge to terabithia' movie) was playing as peeta, & then resolved firmly to read it when she said that ol' what's her face from the movie 'orphan' was playing as the knife throwing girl. (i so adore isabelle fuhrman & can't wait to see her play some more roles!)

it took me awhile to get sucked in; carmen has been sick with a mild virus all week that led to some wheezing in the chest which had me concerned enough to take her to the doctor over. once the doctor was able to alleviate my worries, i felt nothing holding me back from tearing into the book today. it's been my 'go-to-guy' for the better part of today, aside from making foodies, giving flirty winks, kissses, & nods to snookms, & whining over the cramps from my period. i'll be digging right back in once i'm done here, as a matter o' fact.

wanted to make a quick mention of the "WWW" book launch. it was a real success, everyone showed that said they were going to show, & a few unexpected faces as well! it was smack dab in the middle of the halloween festival that was being held downtown in Irvington, so streets were blocked off due to the costume parade that was going to be coming through later on. the lazy daze coffee shop was super fucking packed, but sure enough our little area was available to set up me & mysty's cozy little repartee for the afternoon. so many people supporting our cause, it felt really invigorating. & snookms was such a complete sweetheart, he even came up to mysty once we were done signing books & asked to purchase a copy of our book with his $20 in hand. i had to clutch at my heart strings, & i saw mysty's face just kind of melt too. it was really a great experience. i was so happy see katie there, & my mom & dad too. i was super shocked to see mysty's husband's parents show up, & delighted to formally be introduced to mysty's mom.

(mysty & i signing copies of our book at lazy daze coffee house, photo taken by miss katie!)

my ex showed up & snookms totally handled it like a champ. they even talked about pizza for a bit & snookms referred to him as "prince charming" for the remainder of the evening, which totally had me giggling for mr.-quinn fox-whom-i-have-promised-to-stop-calling-denny. it's harder than you think, remembering to refer to someone who has not only been a great ex, but a family friend for nearly the past 20 years.

welllllll, not much else to report. going to resume reading about katniss slurping hot chocolate. & even if there are no fight-to-the-death-matches soon, i'm still totally enjoying hearing katniss configure to what ends she would have to go to make meals that the Capitol produces with the ease of pressing a fucking button.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

the little girl inside that died ...

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i need you everywhere; in everything ...
where ever i go; whatever i see ...
it is all a magnified version of you; past, present, & future
i want to feel you in my bones, in my marrow, furrowing deep beneath the many layers of tissue & sinew i possess within this mortal coil of a shell
your vibrations travel within me, in waves overflowing, crashing to the ground with a resonance,
this beautiful lexis is so ambiguously translated, that ...
that i cannot bear to decipher where it will go or where these things will take me
my nose stings against the breeze of where you carry me, through the night ...

you take me down, s'very far down from what i've ever known
only to bring me back to majestic heights of drowsy unawares
pleasures unknown, not ever sought after...
as a child, thinking i would never care about so much of what you have brought me into,
yet i maintain my childlike image, in an eternal vial of reproach ...

... you will forever be the Thing that has saved me from drowning in a volatile puddle of my own self-hating ways ...