Saturday, July 30, 2011

malice in wonderland

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i hate the human race -grief
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the wasteland

  • 2 more days until I turn 35.
  • getting ready to read some more of the ms for the Women Writing the Weird anthology.
  • the other writers are blowing my mind.
  • Adam & Deb say they're working on a Halloween-ish date for the release.
  • my hair is back to its usual blue/black. also, freshly shaved.
  • starting to get some birthday girl blues, but oh well.

Monday, July 25, 2011

not a soc

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blue skied an' clear -slow dive
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the wasteland

so like, i just remembered some other things i totally wanted to talk about that i forgot about in my last post.

my moms bday. my dad & i drove out to Eduardo's, this filipino restaurant that i found out about when i was on a mad internet hunt for goldilocks venues to appease my mom. i got fed up when i realized that goldilocks only exists in california & the philippines, so when i googled 'filipino restaurants in indianapolis' this was literally the only thing that popped up. about a 20 minute drive from our house, so it was worth coaxing snookms into venturing out. i guess the place is mostly a fried chicken joint that sells filipino food on the side? the day before my mom's bday, snookms & i went to scope the place out. not a fancy place at all, but not terrible either. it prolly wasn't the best place to throw a birthday shenanigan (i really hate that word for some reason) but i figured we could always bring the food to my mom & surprise her for her bday with it, so that is what we did the next day. it was a nice surprise to realize halo-halo is served there too, because my mom is nuts about that dessert. its basically an ice cream sundae served filipino style, is the way my mom has always explained it? shaved ice, jack fruit, evaporated milk, leche flan (some kind of carmelized sauce i think?) ,coconut & these little things that look & taste just like green rice crispies called pinipig. my dad ordered a huge serving of pancit for the whole family, some pork adobo, shanghai lumpia, and the infamous filipino version of the shishkabob which i didn't get to try any of because everybody tore that up quickstyle once it got served at my mom & dad's house. we also got my mom a cake that said, "Maligayang Bati sa Iyong Kaarawan!", which of course translates to "Happy Wishes on Your Birthday!".

my mom seemed really touched by everything. she has this way of saying thank you that makes you want to go the extra mile, all day & every day, y'know? she's just so full of gratitude & it's super gratifying. i mean, i'll like do something as simple as scrub a skidmark off their toilet & she'll make me feel like i just laid my coat out over a puddle, gentlemen renaissance style & all. no doubt!

also! i was able to order my books for this next upcoming semester. it has got me really excited for this school year, not only for me, but for my kids & snookms too. jr. got his schedule today & i can't believe he is going to be a freshman this year. OHGOD. & i'm going to be 35 years old in a coupla days too. ohgodOHGODohgod. not because i feel old, but because its just all going by so fast!

last night we all actually sat together as a family & rented "Limitless" on demand. i thought it was going to be this dumb hipster shit that was going to bore me 5 minutes into the movie, but you know what? it really was some hipster shit prolly, but I WASN'T BORED. i was into it intensely & even predicted the ending. i think i tend to like movies better when i can figure them out & nobody else in my vicinity saw it coming, y'know? so HA!

ooooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaaah, I ALMOST FORGOT. shespawn showed me the trailer last night, but i was ridiculously excited about the newest Paranormal Activity trailer. the whole time i watched part 2 last year i kept thinking to myself how great it would be if they went there, & they DID, THEY DID! so hooray for October y'all!

one last thing real quick, i was able to explain to snookms the manic side of bi-polar due to the movie's portrayal of the whole "limitless" perspective. it's just like that, you feel like you understand everything so clearly & that you are capable of anything & everything. it all just goes together like the most perfect puzzle you ever could piece together. i was so happy to be able to convey that to snookms for some reason, & the movie just got me all amped up like i wanted some NZT-48. but sometimes i get it fo' free, ya heard?! fringe benefits of being manic-depressive i s'pose?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

good things

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got this feeling
when i heard your name the other day
couldn't say it
couldn't make it go away
it's a hard place
can't be friends we can't be enemies
it's just too much
i feel the weight crushing down on my face

the hardest part is things already said
getting better worse i cannot tell
why do good things never wanna stay
some things you lose some things you give away

broken pieces
try and make it good again
is it worth
it will it make me safe today?
it's a dumb song
but i'll write it anyway
it's an old mistake
but we always make it why do we

this time it'll be alright
this time it'll be okay