Monday, November 23, 2009

What can I say, she's in to malakas

I need to get on the ball!!!!

I have therapy today instead of tomorrow/tomarrow... @ 11 instead of ten. So I have a bit o' time to spare. Still though, not nearly enough as I'd like.

Went to see New Moon w/ Carmen yesterday afternoon. It was so cute how excited she was. Mostly I think she was just happy to have a day out with me, but I know seeing Edward & Bella get their pretend mack on had a lot to do with her vigor... She even wore my pretty purple Star Wars t-shirk & wore her hair down. She now considers 99.9% of the population a potential Meat Market. Scarrry.

I have one conclusion to make from the Twilight series; Edward would make an excellent Alucard. If I was a Peter Jackson I would SO be bringing Castlevania to life. Black No. 1 would have to be thrown into the soundtrack as well as LOTS of fucking. Seriously. That is just about all I could think about the whole movie. Also; EPIC WOLF MUFFINZ! Did you see how large those fuckers were? I mean, they were muffinz as big as your HEAD. *makes silly hand gestures just to get the scope*

Had great fun this weekend with Snookms too. Thursday we stayed up late & watched 'Weird Science' one of my favouritests. I was reminded of how badly I wanted Wyatt to saunter out of my kitchen in Kelly LeBrock's underwear. Triple Sigh! Snookms always giggles at the same parts I do during that movie. Like when Gary is plastered at the bar & gets all crazy with his posse just cause they asked if it was "on tha dang telephone". Ev'ry damn NIGHT! In the family jewels???? Heeheeheeeeeeeeee! Snookms is my TWIN.

We also had great fun just hanging out w/ the spawn at Barnes & Noble. Going there is a simple pleasure; we can get away with just sitting around & not spending ample amounts of money, reading, chit-chatting & drinking things that make us addicted. The spawn entertained themselves with gore mags & I finished up reading Trog Rose (which deserves an entirely separate post when I get more time; I highly enjoyed this book! It was everything I anticipated it to be & I want MORE.) whilst Snookms read magazines about Colts & How to Blow Shit Up From the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen. He's such a conservative anarchist.

Saturday evening I tried to get away with frying hamburger meat, making a pot of fresh rice & serving it as 'dinner'. Snookms was not tryna hear that though & gave me a bunch of shit for it. Mostly made fun of me & said things that made me punch him in the shoulder.

He also made me giggle when he took the plastic ring thingy for six packs of cola & told Fezziwig in a very serious tone, "Hey, David, can you place this around a duck's neck please?" instead of just cutting it up & throwing it away. He knows I get all postal on anyone who doesn't do the 'deed'. Jerkface.

I am not NEARLY as far as I wanna be on Lucifer's Scar. May not even make the mark, I don't want to be delusional about it but I don't want to give up hope just yet. The kids only go to school for 3 days this week so I may have some decent hours to crank out a few K. We shall see. I'm going from loving the story to hating it & right back to loving it again. I try not to go back too much & read what I've already wrote cause I know the shit will make me cringe .... Still though; it is what it is!

Finally got to see "House of 1000 Corpses" with Mysty, it's one of her favouritests so of course I had to see what it was all about. It was great fun & the clown makes me giggle, cause like, Pigs is Beautiful. We have our winter schedule all planned out; there will be some High Tension, I Spit on Your Grave, Slither, & lots of other goodies in store for the near future. & all on the comfort of muh redhead's couch.

Also one last thing:


"People who bought this book also bought no other books in their entire life".

There's more, WAY MORE, but I have to go!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Encouraging the beast within....


It's an odd time for (me!) to be posting a journal entry, but still ... times are out of whack these days.

I think things might finally be back to normal within the next week or so, relatively speaking. At least that is what I am projecting for myself.

Mysty's wedding reception was a hit. Very beautiful & elegant. Snookms even came with me & we brought our spawn. They got restless after a couple of hours & Snookms elected to take them home whilst I stayed, which was very gentleman like of him. My mom & dad were able to take me home just fine, but not before my mom could get hit on at least 20 fucking times in a row. I am just going to have to face the fact that my moms is way the fuck hotter than me. It's rather cute though, cause she is only interested in the ladies now that she has her renegade wizard snagged.

Blacks n reds painted the night, including my hands which I can't seem to scrape the paint off of. I had a blast painting the pretty white pumpkins for Mysty's reception & even carving the ones I did, but I feel like I can't move any of my body parts now. Red and black pumpkins do look adorable however.

I guess I should be working on 'Lucifer's Scar; A Love Story ' but I am just damned tired & brain dead. I've written myself into a corner which I am not going to be easily scrambling out of either, so that doesn't help. The premise is basically Lucifer before he became Fallen Star. Lucifer in all his glory. I've quite fallen for him myself, over the breadth of my words & I am now in the throes of his fell nature. He was god's first creation; god & him become lovers. Adamant lovers. Like at-one-with-the-will-of-the-lord-typed romance things. The colour scheme has become a very inherent part of setting the environment in the heavens; lust, ecstasy, purity. I've woven the concept of evolution into the tale as well. It's classified under the 'erotica fiction' genre of story telling simply because there is a whole lotta lovin goin on with not only god & Lucifer, but with all the angels of heaven. Free love, y'know? It's my preference, anyhow.

I'm starting to really grasp the concept of what I love in a protag. It's got a lot to do with encouraging one's personal best to come out in others, whether it means for the side of darkness or light. & that whole darkness & light thing, very fine line for me. It's not even so much a dynamic as 'line' for me inasmuch as it is one side coming to embrace/accept the other & not wanting to be caught up in the whole evangelistic murk of things. Whatever floats your boat man! Find that, nurture it, forge it the motherfucking flame & hit the 'slay' button. That is just my way, not the way I think I need to project upon others. But whatever! The thing here is that I love watching these small diminuitive characters be given the power over such creatures of the deep & instead they utilize that power to beef up the beast, the guardian, the protector,...Oh, you know what I mean, right?

Midna's a great example. Sebastian from Neverending Story. The Chunk & Sloth dynamic, from that Goonies flick? John Connor & the Terminator. I seriously think Gandalf & the Balrog could've had some great moments of beauty but Gandalf had to go & fight instead of converge. Boo! But still. I think mayhaps the whole Ed & Al bit from Full Metal Alchemist could be another example of what I'm possibly tryna convey here?

Here's a good one fer all you old timers.

Bodyguard, protector, call it what you may. I like it. The combined effort of brain, brawn & compassion, for whatever principle you're rooting for... if I was going to do it, that's how I would go about it anyhoo.

I still try to figure out whom is which in my personal relationships. Like Snookms vs. Me? I'm pretty sure he is vessel & I am diminiutive commander. Mysty & I, not too sure still. Just when I think I've got her to a 'T' she goes & surprises the shit outta me. Let-Dawg & I; here I am vessel & she is commander. It's been steady rock n rollin all life long....

But yes, I am rambling. I still need to recover from how busy last week was on top of my brain being fried from spewing 12k words forth from my noggin in a week's time. I really hope I can get the ol' ball rollin again; my dreams are getting plagued with too much symbolic imagery.

Speaking of which! Antichrist: watch it if you dig symbolic imagery, for that flick is chock full o' the shit. I dig it, highly. I know a handful of others that will too. I was able to order it 'On Demand' & though it was a tad pricy, it was worth it. Mysty came over & we covered up with leafy quilts & sipped on Peppermint white mochas all the while. It was very much temptation at it's finest, but I feel like Galadriel in my effort to resist, for I did not yield to the desire of my loins. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Well I must concoct creative reasonings as to why I can't nor shan't cook dinner & watch the uncut version of 'Drag Me to Hell'. I should want to fuse the two together somehow, no?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ask Me Why & I'll Spit in Your Eye...

So I guess Specially Prepared Assorted Meats are back on the menu!
This does wonders for my life!
& don't even bother to ask me why....
The Joker's Smile.
It's all there, mingling.
& she loves ME.
& I love HER.
I am happy.
All the pieces fit.
Everything is where it needs to go.
& if we squabble again, it shan't be the end of the fucking world.
We'll ... deal.
Cause she doesn't want to give up on me
& I don't want to give up on her...
True story!

& now that that's all said & done!

Mysty is married! Hitched! Tied the knot; OFFICIALLY! I've missed her a bunch, a whole terrible lot, but, that is okay! I'm due to have coffee with her this Thursday wherein she will relay all the gorey details of her marital endeavors. I seriously cannot wait to see her. I will be demanding that she meet me donning her wedding dress. She'd better succumb!

Halloween. Hal-lo-ween! It was relaxing. Fun AND relaxing. Hardly ever do the two go together, but for me, it did. Nothing major, no goblin parties thrown until unmentionable hours of the night or witched/warlock menage a trois....
Just simple fun.

We headed out to the northo-netho region, an invitation to a beheading sent by Snookms' sister. It was her anniversary however, but her & her own were game for trick or treating with the Spawn, which I thought was way cool on their behalf. I mean, they COULD HAVE been all, "Fuck this, it's our ANNIVERSARY" right? But no, they're not all about being whiny bitches when it comes to that kind of a thing. I scat n catted about, engulfing the Fall horizon, admiring little bride zombies & Werewolves as they passed by. Adorable I tell you! They are all just so adorable!

Snookms' sister took it upon herself to make sausage chili, which was bomb ass good, nothing like I had expected it to be. I typically hate on the sausage, but Kristi really came through!

Also, she dug out her year old frozen wedding cake & it was still as darling as the day it was made. Just as delicious too.


So there was that! It was definately a Fall Festivity of sorts.

This song has me all a'flutter. I just ... don't know what to do with it! Dance? Laugh? Cry? Oh hell, I'll do it all...

Other stuff.

*scratches head*

Okay, so it seems like there is more, I know there is more!

Oh! So I am going to take a minute to bitch about Castle Age. I mean, I've just summoned this Hydra, (which was a double edged sword from the start, I just KNEW it!) & straightaway I was excited but sad, kinda like when you have to eat those really cute chocolate bunnies on Easter? I was like "Yes!" but then "No!" at the same time, for I heart the Hydra. But it's also fun to have encounters with one, yes? Even if it means slaying it's five heads until they drown in a puddle of their own stinkin misery. But see, I was initially pissed when I first performed alchemy to summon it. Cause why, you ask? Everybody (and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y) and their fucking grandma-maw was summoning shit at the same time. I was like, fuck, how are we gonna slay all these beasts? Everyone is gonna want to utilize their stamina to smack their own monsters around, it's only natural... right?

So I was whining about that for a while.

Katie, unawares was all,

"Shut your pie hole & go attack the damn hydra."

& I was all like,

"Not til I have dragonbane in my pants!"

& next thing you know, on the chat log for battle engagement, she's all

"crap! I didn't know you had one too!"

But you see? Do you now see my plight? Now you know. NOW you KNOW! (& knowing is half the battle!)

So there's been alot of that going around, & also, I made the huge mistake of becoming a 'fan' of Castle Age on Facebook! No harm in that right?


Next thing you know I'm getting a buttload of crappy friend requests with the magic 'speak friend & enter' words of "Castle Age". Uhm, sorry? But FUCK Castle Age! It is not so important that I need a thousand strangers flooding my gates with all their "Please help me battle Cronus!" status hogwash. Y'know?

I'll readily admit I accepted enough requests to beef up my clan so that I could complete the remainder of quests left. But after that man? No way!

The Outsiders was on the other night, on Encore I think? Snookms & I stayed up to watch that. I have it on VHS, but it's such a pain to dig it out & then wrestle with the VCR. I love that movie, through & through. It's so old, but it's timeless. Few movies have the ability to capture that sort of juvenile essence so truly. I remember after watching that movie for the first time, I was like around 8 or 9 I think, maybe a few years older. I wanted to BE Dallas. Fuck crushing on the son of a gun. Everytime I slid on a jean jacket, I did it in homage to ol' Dally. That movie was so full of character. They need to make an RPG outta that bitch. I'd be Dally everytime. The other two flicks that kind've capture this same essence (for me anyway) are 'A Bronx Tale' & 'Gangs of New York'. Timeless pieces for me...

I'm jazzed about 'V' tonight. I used to watch it faithfully back in the Seattle Days. It aired on Fridays back then, & that is the day my mom & pops would usually argue to the point of my mom storming out, so we'd head over to one of her relatives house, bust out the Jiffy Pop & be on our merry way. Fucking V man! I used to pretend to tear my skin off & be an awesome lizard underneath. & Marc Singer always reminded me of Mark Hamill.

Which reminds me; I MISS BEASTMASTER! & theiving kender like ferrets!

I like, need my mama's robe so's I can pretend to be a cloak monster. OMNOMNOMNOMNOMZ.