Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Busy, busy, BUSY!!!

So like, my back is about to keel over with pain and exhaustion.

I spent the better part of this afternoon getting my Halloween costume ready, squirting blood all over it and what not. It looks pretty cool though and I can't wait to sport it. Unfortunately I am going to have to discard the ideal that I am going to be a chainsaw wielding, blood spattered maid. I will have to settle for a giant bloody knife again this year, as I never got the chance to buy the chainsaw.


Darn and phooey.

After I was done prepping my costume I moved on to carving the pumpking I bought for Mysty last night. I hope she likes it. It was a bitch and a half to carve. The rinds for these types of pumpkins are uber thick, and it was really hard to get it working into carvable material.

But alas, here are the seeds of what I've sown:

This is one side....

And then, here's the other side:

My hands, neck, and back are KILLING me. I still have to pick up the kids from school, eat, and take a shit. Then I can make dinner, get dressed and go see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D with Mysty and my daughter Carmen. I can't wait!!


Billy said...

Saw you while surfing through Stephen Parrish's blog (I think :)

People near me--I live near New Orleans--stopped carving pumpkins around ten years ago, or more ... in favor of all the wind socks and electronic WalMart stuff. Geez. Have pumpkins become obsolete? What's Halloween without all the slimy gook from inside the pumpkin. Neighborhoods without shining pumpkins have no ambience. Blah.

Realmcovet said...

Yes, Walmart has seemed to have sucked the ambience out of many things 'round here....almost every business out here has managed to close down due to Walmart wind socks. :D (I do like Walmart to a certain extent though, ironically enough)

A neighborhood without pumpkins, eh? That is kinda sad. Maybe you should dress up as the Headless Horseman and start hurtling flaming pumpkins to and fro as a statement for this lack of pumpkin madness.

Thanks for coming by. Don't be a stranger friend!! (Stephen Parrish's blog are the greatest!) And you've got quite a stack o' blogs yerself, you must be a very busy man!!