Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boredom is my own worst enemy

I haven't written too much. Edited my memoir. Sent out a few "queries". But I've lost the fever. Maybe it'll burn back soon. Til then I've got writer's block, dishwasher's block, sex block, and laundry folding block.

Well, "Ewoh Nairb", thanks for the heads up about the Zack & Miri flick. Wish I could say the same, but not 5 minutes into the movie and 1 of 3 teenage cuntflaps managed to fling gum on my arm. Aside from these douch(e)bags, Mysty and I were the only other human beings in the theater, so we knew it was them. I looked down at my arm where the gum had hit it's target and about puked. There was a small pool of drool on it, and staring at it wasn't going to get me any calmer. The rebel in Mysty confronted the 3 goons, asking "Did one of you just throw gum at us?" And then, "Cause if you did, I'll have you thrown out." A bunch of teenage bullshit spewed forth from their cocksucking wordholes, denying the whole thing, but throwing at blasphemies all at once, so I had the Hulk shakes and was ready to smash something. I called them the douch(e)bags that they were, and Mysty said she didn't mind going to jail tonight, but I didn't think that was neccessary, so Mysty and I just tried to enjoy the movie.

The more I kept thinking about it, the more Hulk smash I became, so I just knew that before the night was over Mysty and I would indeed end up in jail for pounding 3 little 16 year olds. So I told Mysty I was going to the bathroom and came back with the manager. He was very understanding and kind, and confronted the 3 douch(e)bags and again we're met with neck rolls and trash talk. So I told her that if she cussed at me again she was going to get 4 acrossed the forehead, emphasizing with my fist. She told me "Fuck you" and I told her to "Come here, and I will", and that's when the manager stepped in between us. Mysty had came over by that time and was ready to punch a bitch in the neck, so we decided to just leave.

The manager not only refunded Mysty's money (she paid, what a gent!!) but also gave us 2 tickets each to come back anytime, with a formal apology and called the kids assholes. All in all not a bad night, but everytime I remember that little pool of teenage drool sitting on my arm, I wanna puke in some tin foil and eat it.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Mysty said she didn't mind going to jail tonight,

See, now there's an experience I can't check off my list, damn it. However, I'm going to see Rise Against tonight, and you just never know, do you...

Realmcovet said...

Ooh!! Rise Against is the shiz. Flash them titties for me, would ya??

Maybe one day you and I'll go to a concert together. I'll be sure you can officially say that you've checked that one off your list, mmkay?? :D

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I draw the line at mash pits. I'm too little for that shit. Strong, but little. And old. Very old.

The husband thinks he'll be the oldest person there. Heh. He does have a bit of grey in his goatee, but he has no idea how hot he is. It's part of his charm.

Realmcovet said...

Aw. Yer so in love. How repulsively endearing. :)

Little schmittle. If your strong that's all that matters. I used to be 100 lbs. and get tossed to and fro in them things. Lost a safety pin piercing in the eyebrow once, I didn't even realize it til I got home and had a chunk of flesh missing from my eyebrow, but other than that they're pretty schnazzy. I got slung over a bodygaurd's shoulder and removed from a pit as well. He said "This bitch is gonna wind up getting herself killed". I stamped away foolishy. >_<

You and the ol' ball and chain have fun!!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

We had a blast until we discovered the car had been towed.

Ewoh Nairb said...

MAS SUCKAGE... and how f***ing rude.

I don't go in on the violence thing, but that is just me. I know it is fine for other folks. So be it.

Back in my youth I still felt the same about violence, but I could jump into a fight and pull my friends out with no problems. I once took a punch straight in the face... and just laughed at the guy. Scared him shitless and he never came close to me again.

You should still go and see the movie anyway. It is damn funny... little sappy and the end, but I can live with a little sappy :)

Realmcovet said...

Damn Sex. That blows. Hope you got it all back in one piece.

Yeah, I'm not too big on punching people in the neck either. Twas a "spur of the moment" typed thing I s'pose. I do plan on seeing it in full with Mysty next Wednesday. And sappy is good with Kevin Smith flicks. He can pull that card and soooo get away with it. Dude is a directorial genious. That's awesome that you took a punch in the face without retaliating. Says volumes about what a man truly is.