Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Halloween was great fun. Snookms' sister, Kristi, got hitched last night too, so I have pictures of that as well.

Here's the bottom half of my costume:

My 3 kiddos. Carmen's Batgirl, Mike Jr.'s the skeleton, and David's Master Chief, or as I teasingly call him "Master Queef", from the Halo games:

I only trust myself to take pictures, otherwise I manage to come out looking like far more of a douche than I'd like to be construed as:

My "goofy" faces aren't as goofy as I'd like for them to be. They're more of the "douche-baggish" calibur:

I'll just stick to the serious look.


Last face shot, I PROMISE.

Now for Snookms:

Okay, I lied. One more face shot:

And muh bloooooody leggins':

Tha "Jr.":

More of Master Queef:

And Batgirl:

NOW back to Snookms:

My favorite pic of him:

Not really sure WHAT he was fer Halloween....

But he was fucking SEXY, that's all I know:

How would you like to have THIS between your legs every night?

More of my bloody legs and bootstraps:


And then, the "whole" me:

(Try not to barf inside your mouth too much)

And then, Kristi's awesome wedding cake. It was so breathtakingly beautiful...I fucking ADORE the cake topper!!

Nothing better than a Halloween wedding:

I loved the edible daisies:

And then the beautiful Bride:

And that's all.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!


Jess said...

"Man, if I had a pimpslap for every ignorant fuck out there, I'd lose an arm."

I may have to steal that.

Dude, what state are you in? Perhaps a road trip is in order.

I'll probably tell them. They're bitter because they're at a pet store for the rest of their lives.

Katie said...

Ok, I loved the costume but the bottom half looks like your tampon leaked. I'm just sayin'!!! Hope you guys had a good halloween! And why did I not know you had a blog here???

Realmcovet said...

1. I don't wear tampons, but I thought the same exact thing when I looked down too.

2. You did not know because I'm a secretative little cuntflap like that.

3. You know now, don't cha?

4. How did you find it??

Billy said...

Great pics. It looks like "snookms" is either being visited by an angel or having a mystical experience. Either one would be cool LOL. Really nice shots :)

Realmcovet said...

Ha!! You called him "Snookms"!! Too funny!

He DOES look like he's having somewhat of an out of body experience, does he not?? What a hoot!!

And thank you. Very much. :)