Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lady Sings the Blues

Ahhhh. Sweet warmth to the thighs does wonders to my ill at ease body.

Been to "Christmas at the Zoo" all night. I thought my face was going to freeze off on the train ride, but I took it all in stride. I kept shrieking "Botox injections!" whilst buzzing past the onlooking walker-by. Did they pay attention?? Nope.

We got to go to a free Dolphin Show too, and even though I've had to bear witness to that show for the umpteenth fucking time, it still manages to tinge some sort of my desensitized heart whenever I see a dolphin leap at the command of it's trainer.

I have to sit and wonder what it must be like for those trainers day in and day out, being able to live the rest of their lives in a profession that most would only dream of. Those dolphins look to their trainers as if they are the only thing that matters to them in their life, and I just find that so insanely endearing. To know that something so heavenly looks to them for it's every move, just brings tears to my eyes.

The only difference in the show I saw tonight versus the 50 other shows I've had to endure (volunteering as a chaperone on school field trips) was the choice of music for the dolphins to dance to. It was all Christmas-ey, but it was really kinda sweet. It set just the right ambiance for Christmas festivities, and there was a version of some Christmas song that Gloria Estefan (sp?) was singing that was just so touching that it brought tears to my eyes a few times.

I must have not been the only one to have been affected by the beauty in Gloria's unique inflection, because my 11 year old son David tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Who does this song?" I told him that I was pretty sure it was Gloria Estefan, and he says, "Sounds like Grandma."

My heart melted in hearing that statement, because it is all too true.

There was definately something in her voice that brought me to thinking of my beautiful mother's singing voice. My mom has the gift of song upon her heart, always has, and she managed to pass this same gift along to my son David, the one who was asking about the music in the first place. He's a closet singer, doesn't like an audience, doesn't sing on command, refuses to show off. But you will catch him at his finest hour, singing to his heart's content the chorus line from Dream Theatre's "Pull Me Under" in the shower, mind you. You can also catch him singing "Through the Fire and Flames", or "Heroes of Our Time" by Dragonforce with amazing accuracy, and I just know it's because of my momma and her beautiful gift getting passed on to my spawn.

She's been singing the blues lately, literally. I think the weather's affected her somehow. Always does. I can't help but wonder how fucking dismal winter would be for us if it wasn't for festivities such as Christmas, Kwaanza, and all the other colorful arrays of creative human survival we have come up with for ourselves to endure the suffering and agony of barren Winter. I get "S.A.D." too, and I have to go force my eyeballs into a lighting fixture when I realize what it is. Never helps, but at least I can say that I've tried.

Long time family friend Brian has been coming over lately with his daughter Kailey. They get here around 7 or 8 p.m. and stay till about 12 or 1 in the am. It's been kinda nice though, because life has been extra hard around here for Snookms and I know Brian's witty humour kinda takes the edge off for him when my porn star head won't do the trick. He used to be in this really cool band called Loxstep, (my Dad even helped remix the "Grace" track!!) but he kinda let it all go to be there for his daughter. His band was doing really well back in North Carolina, even went on tour with awesome ass bands like Atreyu, but he just didn't feel right not being there for his kiddo. That takes a lot, to leave behind dreams that are coming true for you, just so you can help build dreams for someone else. Much respect for the guy, and I can see why Snookms has kept this guy on as the one and only friend he still hangs out with from his youth.

Welp, I'm off to cheer up my mama, some way, some how. Maybe you all can go visit her page and give her stats mad hits and then she can feel all giddy and loved. She gets them a plenty, but more can never hurt, right??

Happy Winter venturing all. Don't forget to wear your mittens!!


Sarah Laurenson said...

Aw. David is awesome. Glad you get to hear him.

I have a friend with SAD and she was told to get up and go to bed with the sun to maximize her time with daylight. Not sure if it helps. She's still in the first few days of trying this.

Hope you and yours have a great Holiday season - whatever Holiday(s) you choose to enjoy.

Realmcovet said...

Thank you so much Sarah! It is a pleasure to hear him sing with such inhibition. (When I can catch him in the shower!!)

And that advice in regards to SAD sounds pretty practical. I hope it works out. The moon is like the sun to me in many ways, as I'm a night owl, but maybe that's what's put me in this mess in the first place!!

Hope you have a great Holiday season in whatever way you chose to celebrate too!!