Monday, December 29, 2008

We've gotta let Olive be "Olive"

Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!! What a freaking HOLIDAY!! Whew!!

So much to say, so little time.

Fer starters, got to watch Little Miss Sunshine with my daughter today. Saw it when it first came out long ago, but I bought it for Carmen for Christmas, and before everybody starts hopping on the "inappropriate for children" bandwagon, a quick "fuck you" goes out, because out of ANY FUCKING MOVIE that I've seen in these past few years, this one probably spoke loudest in the way of supporting children feeling comfortable in their own shoes. Yeah, there's an "eff-word" thrown in here and there, and a few gramps-porn references, but nothing a quick fast forward of the remote can't censor. And if you really wanna get down to the nitty gritty of it, they can hear "fuck" any time they eavesdrop on mom and pops arguing. Like any of ya haven't let it spout off yer lips at least ONCE.

But anyHOOGLE. "Let Olive be Olive". That's my favorite part in the movie. When Olive's mom says that to Duane and Mr. Hoover, when they were trying to stop Olive from being in the pageant. Duane had a good point when he said "Fuck them, I don't want any of these people judging Olive". But mama just took the wedding cake when she said 'nope.

This movie tears me up inside, and in a damn good way. It's not easy to make a movie like this work, to portray true family happenings like this. This movie hits home for me in such a way that no other movie could do. And DeVotchka's musical presence all throughout the movie only further accents it's message of a victorious "FUCK YOU SOCIETY, I WILL DO WHAT I MAY WELL PLEEEEAAAAZE". Love it, love it, LOVE IT. One of my ideals, indeed.

Going to see Spirit tomarrow night with Mysty. Then IHOP afterwards, to speak in tongues til ungodly hours of the night. I'm so jazzed about this that I have the manic shakes. She is one of the few female entities in my life that I can be myself around. My true human self, and not have to feel like I need to put on any heirs. Fuck how I feel so lucky to have this female in my life. She is, BY FAR, THEEEEEE BEST thing to have happened acrossed my wake this year. She opened up a door in my heart that I never knew existed.

Well let's see. I know yer all DYING to know what I got fer Christmas, right???

Mike's Uncle, which has affectionately nicknamed me as "Gook", took it upon himself to give us a fucking Wii for Christmas. He made up some bullshit story about having bought one for his daughter, but his ex called at the last minute, saying that she already had one, with his "only" option being to "hand it down to us". Snookms must be his favorite or something, because this guy is ALWAYS hooking us the fuck up, even though I have affectionately nicknamed him "The Green-Eyed Douch(e)bag".

So there's THAT.

To top this bitch, my mom n pops got the family a 32 inch flatscreen. Yep, a flatscreen t.v. I about cried, not only because of the gift giving pleasantries shared, but because this is the first Christmas we've had in years that didn't involve someone in the hospital, or homeless, or dead. Mom and dad had all the usual unconventional Bedford fixins, Pancit (a filipino dish that is TO DIE FOR), home made Enchiladas, Smoked Spiral Ham, Christmas Cookies in the shapes of planes, trains & automobiles, Jesus Cake, and dinner rolls. As usual the renegade wizard got teary eyed, and it's fucking contagious as all hell, because then I got the crying disease, and it was just breathtakingly beautiful. Even if we had NOTHING BUT EACH OTHER, it would've been grand, just because there was no immediate tragedy befalling us like the shadow of Nazgul wings over Gondor. My bro Chris is still in prison though, which is a fucking thorn in the side for all in the Bedford Household, but alas, he shall be getting early release, with the prospects of possibly April of 2009 being his out date. So we keep our fingers crossed and our hearts hardy, for if we think too long on it or dwell much further of his absence, it cuts to the heart like a razor. Hope dulls the pain, frightening it away for one more day. Sorta like them apples keeping dentists away and what not?

Other side goodies include Little Women on DVD from my beautiful momma, as well as American Beauty, which are 2 other flicks that hit MAJOR home for me. Snookms discovered a Borders book shop downtown that supplies EVERY LAST ONE of the Sandman Series and managed to snag me volume 5, A Game Of You (which I have YET to read, phooey!) Barnes & Noble didn't seem to have SHIT in the way of Gaiman, aside from The Graveyard Book and a few leftover forsaken fragmented patches of Sandman. And everybody and their fukkin GRANDMA has The Graveyard Book, so it's not like B&N was going out on a LIMB there or anything. So I'm all giddy about not having to panick cause I ain't got the whole Sandman series yet. Endless Nights shall be in my grasp at last.

And for anybody who's NOT read the series yet, or even dabbled a schmabble??? Go fucking read this for Christsake. It will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about why in the fuck you should have been reading this series LONG AGO.

And yeah, I'LL be making that fucking movie, motherfuckers. I'll be. Screw Peter Jackson.

I must go Wii Bowling now. Happy New Year's all.

P. to the S.

I'm currently making my memoir into a blog. Gonna take a while till it's all in working order, but I'll put a link up when I make it available for any to view who care to. You'll just have to see. :D


Sarah Laurenson said...

A flat screen and good food? Sounds lovely. Hope it was a real blast. Happy New Year!

Realmcovet said...

It WAS lovely Sarah. One of the best. Happy New Year to you and yours too, friend. :)

spyscribbler said...

I love the movie, because it showed that some things are worth doing, especially for children, even if they suck at them!

Jess said...

Jesus Cake? MY Jesus Cake? I knew I'd sent it somewhere! ;)

Pancit? Tell!

Erica Orloff said...

WOW! What a haul!

And I LOVE Little Miss Sunshine. It's TOTALLY appropriate for kids because it's the power of being YOURSELF!!!!

I tell my middle kids (11 and 13) that they can see ANY movie (R) with sex in it (not like gratuitous T&A movies, but movies with naked people once in a while) and sexual relationships, but NO violent movies. We saw something at the theater (can't remember) and we walked out and Oldest Son asked, "Were you OK with us seeing that?" (there was a sex scene in it), and I said, "WHy is it somehow OK that you can see a Terminator blowing off people's heads, but the second there's a penis or a hint of a penis, it's like the world is coming to an end?"

So let Olive be Olive!

Realmcovet said...

Spy: Yep. EXACTLY. Kids have a right to aspire towards their dreams, no matter how much they may or may not suck at them. Amen brotha!! :D

Jess: Jesus Cake indeed. Did you leave some of yer pubes in it? They were quite delectible. :D
And Pancit is awesome. It's rice noodles, fried steak, sliced carrots, green beans, cabbage, doused in 10 pounds of soy sauce and garlic. It's so GOOOOOOD!!

E:Somehow I knew you'd be on my side with this one. This may sound kooky as all hell, but I feel as though I've known you my whole life. I'm guilty of letting the kiddos watch some (and I do put emphasis on the word "some".) violent flicks, but usually it's meant to be ironic, kinda like presenting Graham Greene's "The Destructors" to a class full of unsuspecting kiddos. :DDD (You'll have to pardon my Donnie Darko references, which by the way, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT MOVIE??? It'd be RIGHT up yer alley.)

And yeah...what's a little penis?? Sheesh!! :D

Erica Orloff said...

LOVE Donnie Darko. And yeah, if it's cartoonish or weird and not torture for the sake of torture . . . I have so much less of a problem than woman in peril and let's sadisitcally abuse her for the pleasure of the movie-going audience.


Realmcovet said...

E: Yep. I hear ya. I had to wrap my mind around how I was gonna present Donnie Darko to my 2 eldest, and think of a way to explain it in their terms, without making it look like I approve of some teen just hauling off and shooting some guy in the eye, y'know? Not easy to do...:D