Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life, blog crushes, more introductions and wishing for wings of the Fae to sprout so I can go to the gas station with the quickness


It's a lazy Saturday morning. The sky is gloomy as all get out and it's still cold. Boo. And Snookms is working today (another BOO) but I need to quit looking at it that way cause he hasn't had any work for the past 2 weeks. We've been living off our paycheck from 2 weeks ago, which we still have plenty of, but no bills are being paid. But we have finally filed our taxes and will be able to catch everything up when we get it. I was kinda hoping we'd have some leftover to shake around and have fun with, like you know, buy the remaining Sandman series I've yet to read, or blowing it all on a trip to the beach. Dear God! How I miss The Ocean! But s'okay, the bills will be paid. Hurrah!

Last night Snookms took us out to dinner @ the new El Rodeo in Avon that we discovered a few weeks back and the spawn really liked it. Everyone was in high spirits and it was already 10 o'clock at night! I love the asadero cheese and how amazingly friendly everyone is there. And in Avon!

When we got home I was challenged to a game of chess by The Jr., in which an Autobots vs. Decepticons platform was presented, and of course I got owned. Decepticons always do! After that we all jammied up and made Spongebob and fall leaf piles of comforters into makeshift beds on the floor and watched the newest eps. of Fantasy Factory, Scarred and Nitro Circus On Demand. I think so far Nitro Circus is my favoritest, but I really do like Fantasy Factory. Also watched College Humor with the kiddos, but it was kinda like walkin on eggshells the whole time what with the sexual inuendos and what not. They didn't even get most of them, but still? I couldn't help but giggle at the Facebook Off preview. "Who changed my favorite movie to High School Musical?" or something giggle status like that.

So now I like, have "blog crushes" on people and stuff. Not to be confused with "people crushes", where I want to skull fuck them or stay up late all night talking about Jesus and Southland Tales or even go for long walks on the beach with, cause I only have "people crushes" on Snookms, Mysty and my brothers. But these blog crushes are like, y'know, pretty bad ones? I mean, I have a lot of people on my blogroll, but whenever I see that these chosen few have a new post, I click with the quickness. One such character rants on and on about all the same things that I silently muse over and dream of in my own mind, and it's rather hard to find people in real life that like Silent Hill, Carnivale, and sometimes wish Superman was a God, even though they know deep down that he tries hard not to be. So that one's numero uno on my list. Another such are rather a duo of entities, yet they are separate, kind of like the yin-yang. And then there's one that posts scatteredly, but I adore her work as well. These are people I could either: a.) sit and drink heated beverages with all night using telepathic communion to express our obsession with Raistlin over, or b.) sit a few chairs down, using my telepathic abilities to tap into their fortress of ability and make them come sit closer to share our love of such exotic things. I opt for package A simply because I don't have to make them sit next to me, on most occasions that means that they actually like me enough so that I don't have to make them sit next to me.

So I'm working on a graphic novel-ished type of deal right now (on top of 2 other top secret projects!) It didn't start out in that graphic novel sort of way, but I was re-reading what I'd written, and really getting the imagery in my head of what it was actually like to be surfing Skyline Blvd. @ 3:00 in the a.m. when you're only 16 years old, with nothing more than your wits about you and a 40 ounce of Olde English in one hand and a blunt in the other. I kept gettting flashbacks of traipsing about on the Pier, smelling the saltsea oceans beyond Fisherman's Wharf in harmonious glee, my White Sox trenchcoat billowing in the wind behind me. You just have to share visions like that with the world in both words and pictures!

And I came up with the perfect title, cause I had fallen asleep one evening while writing in my special notebook all about it and had awoken to a documentary of The Who blaring on my t.v., and they were showing the making of Teenage Wasteland. And I thought, what better way to showcase what the fuck "all of that" was about back in the day, right? Our youthful adolescence is but a realm, a personal realm all to ourselves, and nobody gives it a second thought, yet as a young adult, you look back and tend to think, "What a fucking waste!", but it just ain't like that, y'know? You sort of have to tell yourself that though so you can look at yourself in the mirror again the next day, or be able to look the others in the eye when you speak to them without faltering. But again, it's all about the embracement for me. I must own every inch of myself, whether I've made parts of myself into different states or not. Ever see The United States of Leland?

Also, I've forgotten all ABOUT my introductions thingy via Ozymandias, but it has come to such a standstill that it made me almost completely forget about introducing as many of the cool people on board there as I can. And just for the record? I would share these people with the world whether Ozymandias was in existence or no, cause the universe is so full of beauty that life is too short to have a reason to want to share it with others.

So I give you Adam Lowe!! He is currently working on his release of Trogdolyte Rose, and I have been crushing on this site head over heels style, because I just love the whole "cyberpunk" feel to it. I don't know if Adam's "genred" it off that way or not, but I totally dig on it and I promise, if any of you readers of my "twaddle" (as Merry so elegantly puts it!) and are into the twaddle I babble about, you will totally be in to Trog Rose!! Be sure to click around everywhere and anywhere!! It's an adventure!! So what're you waiting for?? Go!!

Well now, I must sprout Faery wings and fly to Speedway Gas Station to get milks for the spawn. Damn how I curse myself when I forget to make these kinds of purchases the night before. Curse be to the gods instead!!!


kathulhu said...

What about your "people crush" on me? ::sniff sniff::

spyscribbler said...

Oh my gosh, I have people crush on you! LOL... I've never heard that term: "skull fuck."

That's brilliant! You have NO idea how much I want to write a whole novel just so I can title it that!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I had an editor recommend I change the name of a short story from "cliche" to something better suited to my subtle nuances. (Shit, it sounds like she liked it, why didn't she just buy the damn thing?) And I'm half-tempted to call it Skull-fuck.

Realmcovet said...

Oh Kat, yer secretly in there. I just didn't want your hubby beating me up for stealing you away. :) You are TOTALLY people crush material!!!

Realmcovet said...

Spy, Sex, I can't really take credit for skull fuck. I stole it from Full Metal Jacket. :)