Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hey all! Seems like it's been forever since I've lasted posted. Certainly feels like it.

Between Tha Jr. getting sick on our anniversary, to us turning anniversary day celebrations into weeklong festivals, and the lovely weather versus helping out @ the school book fair, and BACK to Tha Jr. being sick again TODAY, I just haven't had the mojo to write. On HERE anyway. Yep. I lost muh fuckin mojo.

I guess I'll start with 2 weeks ago when it was Snookms and I's actual anniversary.

I get a phone call from the school an hour before they're s'posed to let out, and it's the nurse saying Mike's in the office yakkety yakking. Said he was pale and listless, all the telltale symptoms of his infamous migraines. Told the nurse I'd be there at the drop of a hat, picked him up, went ahead and picked up my other 2 spawn being that it was so close to the time that they get out, and my kiddo could barely make it to the car he felt so shitty. I had to carry him in the house and listen to him whimper and cry out about how bad his head hurt him in between vomiting sessions and there wasn't damn thing I could do for him except stand by and wipe his mouth for him after he puked. He finally fell asleep after an hour of that, but woke up an hour later still in pukefest mode. My mom and dad stopped by to drop off well wishes for our anniversary and like presto magick, Tha Jr. is all better. You get the kid talking about birthdays ( I swear by all that is holy and war-like, the kid has EVERYONE'S fucking birthday memorized. He IS a HUMAN CALENDAR.) and you get a brand new person. I can tell he is officially better when he asks if he can play Windwaker for Gamecube.

So there's THAT.

Snookms and I were so relieved to see Tha Jr. better that we didn't give a fuck about anything else at that point. We ended the night with a late night trip to Rally's. Sometimes giant messy cheeseburgers are the perfect remedy for everything.

The next day I was able to place an order for our cake, and the bakery staff there was fucking amazingly helpful. They were so excited about getting to work on the cake, and loved my ideas as well as some of their own suggestions thrown in. They told me it would be ready by 2 the next afternoon, so off Tha Jr. and I went (I let him stay home the next day to recover from the bullshit headstorm) to Target to buy anniversary t-bone steaks and fresh green beans. Managed to make the late night fancy dinner after the spawn were put to bed for the night and topped the evening off with me dressing up in my wedding dress and Snookms wearing some awesome suit that made him look like a sex god.

The icing on the cake? He was wearing his Vans with it.


The day after was all about the cake, cause it turned out beautifully, so beautifully that I stalked the cake decorator and put in a recommendation/comment card thingy saying that the whole damn bakery staff deserved to be acknowledged.

Friday was spent whining about seeing The Soloist. I had marked the day of this film release on my calendar months ago, and Snookms knew this. But he was playing hard to get and it was pissing me off to NO END. I started to think that maybe we just weren't going to see it at all, and then we finally left our house @ 10:00 p.m. to go see it. By then I was pretty tired and grumpy, but Jamie Fox and Robert Downey Jr. came through. They movie was able to pull out enough of the detail from the book that I felt satisfied by the end enough not to complain and say, "I liked the book better than the movie". I believe they compliment one another, even though one thing in the story changed that kinda threw me off. But I loved it, and my kids loved it, and I could tell it struck a pretty profound chord within Snookms, especially when they portrayed Nathaniel Ayers descent (or rather ASCENT, I SAY!) into madness. Snookms knows that path all too well, and while there is much pain, there is much beauty in the eye of the storm too, no?

Saturday and Sunday were kite-flying, cooking out kinda days, which were spent doing as such. Snookms' pal was able to slip out into the night borrowing his Uncle's "Thing", so we were out all night bleeping horns and yellling charge to the passerby, where they would yell "CHARGE!" right back, or sometimes even dare to dance an elven jig of frolic in front of MEIJER. I'm SERIOUS here people!

So that was the end of our celebratory week. There were some quiet moments of self reflection that were absolutely stunning, like when I was scampering through Hummel Park on the lengthy draw bridge with a trail of giant bubblepods following after me. Bubble wands are MAGICK, I'm telling you!

Have also been doing lots of work dialoging (?!) with the different "parts" of myself as per my therapist's suggestion. At first it seemed too much like homework, but once I put my ass in chair the words just flowed like vessels of time, space and mass that never ever wanna stop. There's been lotsa of strange illustrations taking over in my graphic novel as a result, and some of them I reluctantly shared with my therapist. She's basically walking me through this fucking novel, holding my hand and leading the way. So if I ever get rich or famous I owe her my right foot, being that I already owe Kathulhu my left one. Fuck!

Got to see Origins the following Friday and wasn't dissapointed by any means. I mean, sure, they changed some of the story line @ the beginning that didn't fall in exactly with the graphic novel Origin, but fuck, loose ends had to be tied in somehow, right? I was hoping there would be more emphasis put in on the life of little "James", but s'kay, Wade made up for it. And the young Striker too. I have manipulative-old-fuck complexes, big time. Mysty was just teasing me about this yesterday on our outdoor smoking escapades @ Starbucks. I told her I had a thing for Preacher Kane (Cane? Cain? Kaine? Kain? Kane?) from Poltergeist 2, and she already knows about my huge man-crush for Brother Justin from H.B.O.'s Carnivale, so she called me out on it and gave me some funny shit about it.

So now Carmen is nose deep in my Origin book, I've already read it twice but I had it out the night before we went to see the movie, hoping I would be able to skim through it quick enough, but alas, time is never on my side! (if I could have one superpower!? T'would be to STOP TIME, like Flashman from Megaman 2!) I let her take it to school to read when she has free time, but now I'm kinda worried that her teacher might think it too violent? Ugh. We'll see.

Speaking of Carmens! She surprised the shit out of me last weekend. Snookms and I finally brought her out to the Skatepark in Plainfield with ramps taller than GRENDEL and boys that could skate to Heaven and back, and she didn't wuss out. She got right up there with the fellows and skated to her heart's content. Fell on her ass when she finally tried the big ramp, but she DID it and I was so proud of her. When we first got there all the boys were like, "Huh?? That GIRL is gonna SKATE here????" I was so happy for her and Snookms was impressed with her bravado as well.

Other fun and useless information:

Me sending Let-dawg pictures of my MANGLED maxi pad, and her returning the favor by sending me pics of her nostril stuffed with cigarettes.

Me wearing Snookms' shanky work sweater right now, cause I miss him so much it HURTS. It has caulk stains all over it, and smells like a Carpenter's/Jesus's ass, but I don't care. I wish he was here so we could build a fort out in the living room and snuggle and sleep all day, jes' like in the olden' days, yo. I wasn't able to slumber next to him last night, cause Tha Jr. woke up in the middle of the night PUKING so I let him steal my spot in our shared matress while I slept on the couch in the living room having nightmares that I was raped by a fat werewolf that looked like Billy Mays.

And then of course the Scholastic Book Fair. Every year the school librarian stalks me @ this time and makes for damn sure that I am there to circulate and make change for evilspawn-that-are-sometimes-but-hardly-ever-nice. But I don't mind one bit. I actually live for this time of year. It's a sign o' the times, wailing "Summer is almost here!" Was able to snag a YA book titled Every Soul a Star. I hope it doesn't get all teen pop on my ass though. Doesn't seem like it will though. It does make mention of Cameron Diaz a few times too many, so we'll see?

Mysty also gifted me with Jenny Mccarthy's "Mother Warriors", which I have been wanting to read/investigate. I've heard alot of hateful accusations from mothers with children of autism that claim she is an asshole for being "anti-autism", and hopefully some of this book will disspell that s'posed myth? I've always liked Jenny McCarthy from before. She was able to pull the hot-n-funny thing off pretty good? There's this one picture of her posing on a toilet taking a crap, and she made it work to her advantage. Believe when I say that I've tried and it never worked for me. It's not as easy as she makes it look, I'll tell you THAT.

And then there's Lady Sovereign. My Fezziwig showed me this video last night cause he knew I'd just LOVE it. Crushes ABOUND!

The wicked bass makes me heart electrically drunk!


kathulhu said...

Wow. That was a whole lot of stuff. Why do you owe me your left foot? I never realized how young Lady Sovereign looks. She's a cutie! Carmen is awesome for skating! I always wanted to learn but was too shy. Hope Tha Jr. feels better. Migranes suck.

kathulhu said...

Oh and it's awesome that you can still fit into your wedding dress!

Realmcovet said...

Hi Katie!!! I owe you my left foot cause you took me out on 2 eating escapades in one day. Snookms doesn't even do that for me!!!

I think that Lady S vid is an oldie, not quite sure, but don't you just want to part your cuntflaps and let her dance around in your muff for a bit?? She's just DARLIN'.

And yeah, I'm kinda living vicariously through Carmen. I tried my feat @ skating but never got as far as I'd like when I was a wee lad. Shy you proclaim??? You and me BOTH!!

Migraines do suck. Tha Jr. is all better now though, so yay!

and FYI? That wedding dress was a'bustin at the motherfrakken seams yo! I could barely get on all fours when Snookms was tappin that ass.