Thursday, May 14, 2009

Krull-like Objects and other such things Snookms hath made

A little fun with pictures:

Snookms makes stuff!.....with WOOD!

A Krull-like-ished object-thing that was leftover from the picnic table Snookms built for his mom for madre's day:

A PO-TA-TO! Cannon....(this one's the pneumatic version, he made an igniter one too!)

Nerf gunz Snookms paints for our spawn:

Golden M-16 air soft? Wha??

A 2 colour sided schnazzy, just fer fun!



Snookms @ work on my pentagram/gon! ha! table:

Finished product!

I will sacrifice many a virgin on this table:

The hexagon one he made for his mom:

Love the finished concentric-like look:

Snookms should be rather proud of himself...he's been working on these every weekend, even made an octagon one for my mom and dad. These things run anywhere from 300 to $500.00 smackaroonies @ places like Menards & Lowes, and he builds em for what? A little under a Benjamin and 3 hours of sweat? He had to create his own design for my PENTAGRAM/GON Ha! table because there were no plans for one online. His mind is troubled with numbers, in a good John Nash kind of way, y'know?

Well I'm sorta bummed caused I do not know what the hell I was thinking, but I swore up and down that this week was of the 21st? And 21st = Terminator Salvation. But it's NEXT week. *slaps self*

Mayhaps I can talk the Snookms into seeing the New Star Trek instead.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

GO SEE STAR TREK! it's awesome!

cool tables.

kathulhu said...

Mmmm...Spock...nom nom nom...