Monday, August 24, 2009

Black No 1!

I've got that song stuck in my head! The season calls for it though.

Oh boy oh boy. Was s'posed to help out at the Scholastic Book Fair today but second oldest spawn is home sick today with a cold. I was kinda lookin forward to going to the book fair too. The sexy librarian always hooks me up with a free book, even though I owe her from last year.

Well the weekend was spent well, on Friday Snookms, spawn & I ventured out to the Dennys by the airport for dinner. It's usually a darling of a place to go, but that night felt like a fail. There was a grumpy assed old couple we were seated next to which made us more self conciously aware of how noisy our spawn can get, so we weren't half as silly as we usually like to be in public places. I felt bad for our waitress because she was asked by the mean old lady if they had run out of coffee in the most rudest of manners. I could see the offense taken in the waitress' eyes so I kept baby-ing her all night long with 'pleases' n 'thank yous'. Plus the chicken fried steak n mashed potatoes I ordered was just way too much food for me! But the nacho appetizers were pretty grand.

Saturday I woke up & realized we needed milk & cereal so I headed up to SuperTarget & went ahead & got groceries for the week. Spent some time in the college/dorm supply-like area & fell in love with some posters. They had long rectangular strips of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon posters for cheap so I bought that & some romantical hogwash with a sexy couple posing in front of sexy places with the William Shakespeare quotation, "Journeys end in lovers meeting". Snookms wasn't crazy about it, but I mostly like it for the black & white scheme of things. Plus the quote! Also talked myself into purchasing a Jimi Hendrix regular-large poster. It's pretty! It's purple! It says 'craziness is like heaven', because, y'know, it IS?!?!

When I got home Snookms was ready to pay a visit to his mum out in the northo-nether region, but I was kinda tuckered out, so youngest she-spawn & I elected to stay home. But not really! Wound up over at the Renegade Wizard's pad. My mom has been sick, so we wanted to check up on her & make sure she wasn't on her death bed. & she wasn't! Spent a good 3 hours upstairs in her room laying in bed with her *yes! I still do that! Shamelessly mind you!* & smelling her lovely mother flesh. I'm so glad she's feeling better. We had fun talking about the potential for telekinesis, what Hitler's henchman could have possibly discovered (or tried to discover!) in their horrible experiments on humanity & the different classifications of psychic abilities. Renegade Wizard & she-spawn were chopping it up downstairs listening to Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' & making pot roast, which was a hit and a half, by the by! & then we sat around the 52 inch & halfheartedly elected to watch Slumdog Millionaire. By the end of the movie we were silent and teary eyed and mad at ourselves for not seeing it sooner. I now know why that movie took home the cake. Excellent film. By the time it was all over it was Powerball time & the only one that came out a winner was the fucking 9 (soon to be ten!) year old she-spawn. She guessed 3 of the 6 numbers right out of the 5 of us *I called Snookms & he gave me fucking prime numbers; for a LOTTERY!* plus had the multiplier of 5, so she won 35 dollars. Strange how such events lead to such things. & such!

Didn't get home til close to 1 in the am, Snookms was passed out on the couch & the spawn were already at their vices. Tha Jr. was enveloped in Windwaker, as usual, & David (Fezziwig) was very very close to defeating Majora on Majora's mask, had 19 of the 20 masks you have to trade to get to where you need to go. I have to say that I love this game. It is pretty much the most amazing of the Zelda series. The sidequests & lore are a must, you HAVE to get all the masks if you want to beat the game and even though the masks are a bitch to obtain in most cases, they are well worth the amusement. I spent/wasted 3 months of my petty life defeating the first 2 temples on that game, but when the game froze up & erased all my shit from the girly pirate fortress AFTER I had obtained all those fucking eggs....I just, well, I just LOST it. I went numb & frigid for at least a week & vowed I would never play that game again. When the spawn picked it back over the summer, they used my prior knowledge & experience from the game & now they are far more 'experted' than I in the way of this game. But seriously. This game is beautiful & needs to be made more beautiful with better graphics. Like maybe cell-shade animation, perhaps Windwaker style? Keep everything else though Dear God! The music, the lovely evil moon descending upon you, the many forms you become, all the quirky lovely people you have to talk to. You get a Giant's Mask for Christ's sake, & you can only use it to defeat a boss, where you really become a giant! The final reward for all your efforts? The Fierce Deity Mask, which makes you ascend to Godhood, Link style. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Sunday was a lazy day for me. Woke up feeling PMS to the max, so I just pattered around & enjoyed the Fall-like Foreshadowings. You know there's lovely orange-leafed trouble right around the corner whenever Mysty starts busting out THIS pretty kitty:

I was in the mood for hunting for new graphic novels, but sick of old B&N so I slipped away for a few & went to Half Price. Saw an old pal & her kiddo & whaddoya know? Her feller is working there too! Ha! I did find 2 jewels I am now coveting hardcore in the graphic novel section, for Lucifer the Morning Star has his own fucking series out that I did not know of. I pine for this; even in my sleep. How I fell in deep love with him in the Sandman Series. But alas, the two series that were available were more dollars than I had planned to spend, so I poo-pooed all over the place and pouted like a little brat in the Dragonlance section. I decided to comfort myself by going to the Dollar Tree & was consoled by Bjork cds for a dollar & the book ' The Kings of New York ' (for a fucking dollar, if you can believe it!). I was so happy for my findings that I celebrated by buying Tha Jr. a new sword, shield, & axe to add to his collection of cosplay like treasures.

After that, I paid a visit to Michaels, where I could live if you let me. I had my heart set on buying another tree pendant, (this one is silver with greenish-blue jewels encrusted into the branches, vs. my gold one with red jewels) & this lovely key pendant too, but they were far more expensive than I had anticipated so I just stuck with the owl pendant. He's purdy too. Large silver body, luminious black eyes.

I look forward to sporting that baby. & my new Heavy Boots. I wore them once when I met up with Mysty last week, but haven't sported them since, cause while they are awesome boots, they are painful boots too. But I luff them!

Well, Fall is nearly upon us, and I look forward to it's coming. I need to start really contemplating what pumpkins I am going to carve for Mysty's weddding reception. I really love the white ones, but they are so hard on my carpel tunnel infected hands & wrists. But the outcome is so much more defined & beautiful.

The other downside to these kinds of pumpkins is that the rind is so thick, they don't illuminate very well when a candle is placed inside them. & the rinds start to really stink after a while!

But then, here is another I did on a regular ol' orange feller, 2 or so years ago, & the outcome was so flimsy!

(I totally cut myself on that bastard too!)

So yeah. I'm gonna be busy. Meg-busy! But FUN-busy too.

Must go. Last night's taco salad calls to me.


Travis Erwin said...

That white Jack Skellington one is awesome. I'm gonna try one myself this year.

kathulhu said...

I luffs that owl pendant! I'll have to try and find one, too!

Realmcovet said...

Travis: Cool. I wanna see a picture if you do! You should do a steak somethin. Perhaps one that says, "I heart MEAT!" :D

Katie: Yes! Matching Owl Pendants!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

We had the "monster energy drink" pumpkin last year for halloween. That's my son's dream motocross sponsor.

I go for more in for plain, though. I really like my pumpkins whole.

Sounds like lots of fun stuff to do.

Realmcovet said...

Sex: Yeah, whole pumpkins are really cute too. I'd love to try painting some this year, perhaps black on white, or other similiar variations.

Your spawn is hella cute.