Friday, June 25, 2010

Iron Girl

Went to a Floor show with Mysty on Wednesday & am still recovering from the vastness of it's impression upon me. The vocalist who is also the guitarist who is mesmerizing was wearing a Melt Banana shirt. His lyrics consist of being gay. Their sound, to me, resembles a cross between The Melvins & Melt Banana, but with the singer sounding like something quite original. We were at The Dojo, like, a few doors down from The Emerson in a tiny garage like building that consisted of 1 ceiling fan, a smoke machine & 50 man-sweaty punks. Mysty merged her way to the front where all the action was & I followed after her like a lost little puppy. My choice proved to be profitable though, cause my foot got smashed by some fool that was joshing around the vocalist once he decided to throw himself bodily into the small but devout crowd of jeering fans while still wailing away on his axe. It was was great. My right ear is still recovering from standing next to the PA system sans ear protection.


rach (rhach) = curse

el = star

Cursed star! Ha!


kathulhu said...

You did the elvish name thingee! I told Mr. M no because I'm too dumb to figure out how to translate my name :)

Glad you had fun w/Mysty. I've never been to the Dojo but I used to go to the Emerson quite a bit, back in the day. Then one day I realized that I was too old for the crowd that was coming in. Getting old sucks.

Realmcovet said...

Haha, yeah I saw that on Facebook, I was cracking up! But srsly, it's easy. If I can figure it out I know you can cuz yer way more smarter than me.

& I'm thinking I need to have at least one outing a month w/ Mysty that involves 50 sweaty punks jostling around in a one car garage & feedback blaring in our ears the whole night. It helps keep me sane. The agression of it all I s'pose? & you ain't too old woman! Unless yer like, going to a Bieber concert or Paramore or something. :P