Monday, June 7, 2010


Ack. I dunno what's wrong here but I am always trying to avoid updating here these days? I kind of hate it because it's so conflicting. But it's a thing I feel I need to do. Weird.

Maybe I just need a layout makeover to make me more excited about coming here? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love giving out updates & talking out my ass, & I also love staying caught up on my favourite blogs, but I just feel as though it's so 'blah' around here. Yeah, I think maybe I'll brighten things up around here for the summer.

Let's see here, so much to talk about!

The kiddoes are all out on summer break. Really excited about that. Things tried to go all lemonade on our asses there for a bit but I like sour shit, SO THERE LIFE! Seriously though, man, it had me down in the dumps for a bit. But I fought it back? With getting back into Silent Hill 3! That game is damn near perfect. Maybe not SOTN perfect, but quite effing close friendo/oes. I am completely in love with the soundtrack. The spawn & I beat it last week & it pretty much gave me a reason to get up in the morning there for a little while y'know? One of those kind of things. Well, Snookms & the kiddoes are ALWAYS the reason I get up, but well, you know how it is when you play a game you totally dig. It's the first thing you think about when you wake up; the last thing you think about before you go to bed. I wonder how Jesus feels about that? I think it's okay. I wouldn't be mad.

So yeah. I'm kind of laughing @ how Heather deals with the situations she's presented with tho... "OMG, this is SO NOT MY STYLE!" & whatnot. & when she says "bitch" it's pretty cute?

Now we have the unlimited sub machine gun mode unlocked & the kiddoes are on a mission to get the possessed ending & the whatever beam ending. I forget what it's called.

I think that another reason why I am loathing updating here is because I am not good with remember certain detailed facts. When I am not for certain, I just try to wing it, or I research it on the intarwebz to make for certain, right? Well, I don't like having to do that all the goddamn time just for the sake of not sounding like a pretentious twat. But I guess I can do that all on my own regardless eh?

Other such goings on are that I am super addicted to Pride & Prejudice right now. The Keira Knightley/Matthew Macfadyen one? OH SNAP that is such a ridiculously romantic movie! I am a huge sucker for the romance, no matter how much I try to lie to myself about it. Darcy, oh sweet Mr. Darcy. I want to see you pretend to be Alucard one day. I think the part that makes me cream in muh jeans most is when he & Elizabeth are @ the private ball @ Mr. Bingley's (goddamn he is quite the adorable one as well, no?) & Darcy says very subtly, "I hope to afford you more clarity in the future"... & the room goes silent & empty as if they two are the only ones in the room. You KNOW Keira's knees were a'bucklin over that. I get superstoopid over that scene.

She-spawn & I have been frequenting this new Green Leaf haunt down the way as of late. I spotted it back a few months ago & came to an epiphany one day driving home from SuperTarget: "HOLY SHIT! IT'S A BUBBLE TEA FRANCHISE!" So the next ample opportune that came I grabbed the she-spawn & we mosied on down there. Pretty cute place, really small, I had no idea what to expect really. At one point I was like, "Um kay, is bubble tea just carbonated tea?" So when I get there & it is all vietmanese franchise I am like "oh snap! It's almost Goldilocks up in here..." I was meg delighted. There is a supercute employee doll that she-spawn & I are crushing on there. She's got the most beautiful hair & she has the exact same complexion as my momma. So I haz Oedipus complex somewhat. SUE ME!

We tried the strawberry milk tea the first time & got some spring rolls to go. She-spawn totally digs em but I am more of the eggroll fan here. So the next time I got those & tried the taro green milk tea which I love way more than the strawberry. I find myself fiending for a black ball o' glycerin to chew upon after awhile though. The taro green stuff makes me want avocado ice cream from Lee's supermarket though. It's really creamy & the colour is just beautiful in a cup. I love the uber epic straws too. She-spawn totally wanted to stock up on them. I was like, "No! Save them for others too woman!"

It was so funny too because she-spawn & I went to Walmart today to do groceries & saw the bubble tea girl we are crushing on & she was wearing the cutest summer dress & drinkin the taro green. She saw us & was all happy & cute about it. She was with her boyfriend, which she-spawn & I totally did the 'knowing' nod over cuz we kinda suspected that they may have been an item when we saw them working together. He is the whitest caucausian I ever seen in mai life tho. & he was workin them counters like nobody's business. GOOD FOR HIM! They will have irresistable babies should they elect to reproduce.

The other big news is that Snookms is on vacation! He surprised me! Totally... He came home Friday, called all the members of the Turner abode together family meeting style & was all, "I got good news & bad news. Bad news is I have to work tomorrow/tomarrow (which was a Saturday) but the good news is I'm off for the rest of the week." I was dumbfounded? He is also getting it paid, which is a luxury we are not accustomed to affording round here. There's been a couple of vacations like that but most of them have been at the risk of losing a week's worth of resources. So we have fun stuff planned but nothing backbreakingly spectacular just because we are getting old & wanna take it easy. We saw the new Robin Hood flick late last night, it was okay. It was what I figured it would be. I knew the kids would be bored but I figured they could use a couple boring movies in their life. Gives em character.

I've discovered the awesomeness that is Tumblr too, via Paige, one of Mysty's acquaintances. I like it way better over there than I do here as of late. It is where I found these 2 gems anyway... (amongst so many others)

*sources via*

The top one is pretty much how I picture the wil o' wisp to look in Mordicai's "Wil o' Wisps & Other Illuminated Manuscripts" book; right down to a tee. She likes to yell out "SKULLY!" when she hates. & she does it so adorably! & the bottom doll I just ogle & ogle over for hours. It is quite adorable. I have a thing for nautical helms, leave me alone! It most be that one episode of Scooby Doo or something.

Katie's birthday party was held @ Robbie's on Saturday night. Trekked my way out there without too much trouble. I had stopped by Disc Replay beforehand to grab a few quick gifts & found Brutal Legend & 2 other movies for her. She seemed to like them just fine. I managed to snag Silent Hill, Shaun of the Dead & Mysterious Skin whilst I was there too. I can't wait to rewatch Mysterious Skin, I've been telling Mysty all about it. Rewatched Silent Hill today, this time with a different perspective since I actually played one of the games for a worthwhile amount of time. Also I let the spawn watch it with me since I didn't let them watch it when it first came out. They were still pretty sheltered from a lot of stuff then, didn't want to traumatize them with a bunch of stuff that I myself could not bring myself to explain to them at the time, y'know? But I liked it even better this time around, was able to appreciate the soundtrack way more at least. The kiddoes enjoyed it as well, were appropriately spooked & such.

@ Robbie's we I mostly played Rock Band, I even got to play on the drums! I liked it a lot & am now scheming & devising a plan in which I have some for our abode by the end of this summer break. I played on medium mode for a bit & got brave to do Hard, fucked up the second song in the set & chickened out, going back to medium. It was so boring though so I said fuck it & went back to Hard & did okay. I really got jazzed over playing "Welcome Home" by Coheed & Cambria on Hard Mode. It wasn't no joke, but I managed to make it through the song. Robbie made cheesecake which I didn't get to try & also chocolate covered strawberries which I did get to try & they were just as tasty as I'd always imagined them. Other things that were tasty was Katie in her pretty dress with her new hairz being all drunken & giggly & Robbie just being Robbie in general. He has this look. It gets me everytime.

I went to Mysty's house a bunch last week, what, I think at least 3 times, or maybe it was the week before? Heck, I dunno! All's I know is that we had a jolly good ol' time just hanging out on her front porch, enjoying the electric air, smoking, chatting, laughing. She showed me her collection of The Doors stuff she has & I was just totally in love with her dedication to such a thing. Her sister had brought by a bunch of her old stuff that had just been laying around for years in random boxes & she dug out a bunch of old Doors records. She put em on & we just scampered around her abode living life & enjoying being in each others'. By the time I left it was almost 2 & we were both equally spooked cause we were talking about exorcisms, remote viewing & our conspiracy theories regarding the C.I.A. She's so cute when she's paranoid!

Now I am about to assist Snookms in the culinary department. He is making breakfast for dinner with all the trimmins; homemade sausage gravy, biscuits, bacon, eggs, french toast & sausage. WOOOOOOT!


kathulhu said...

I luffed my presents! I tried to scam a copy of Brutal Legend from Aaron the last time we were out but he talked me into Soul Caliber since we could both play it. I can't wait to start in on it but I'm trying to beat my 2nd Dragon Age game.

You totally rocked out on Welcome Home! I was all impressed & shit. I can play Bass on hard but not guitar.

I can't wait to see you & Mysty on Wednesday!!!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I love brekkies for dindin. My fave.

And SHAWN OF THE DEAD!! yea. I so have to show that to my 11 yr old this summer. Thx for reminding me.

Realmcovet said...

That's too fucking funny cause I came this fucking close to buying Soul Caliber for you. I wish I had a 360 so I could borrow Dragon Age. It's sounds funny & awesome. & thanks man, you guys all rocked out too. I had a great time. :) Wednesday will be meg-fun watching you get poked by Dustin.

Sex! Yeah, breakfast for dinner is the best shit ever & I haven't even got to watch Shaun of the Dead all the way through yet. Mayhaps tonite? Hope your kiddo digs it. He's so cute it's re-dak-que-lus.

kathulhu said...

You are more than welcome to come over to my house & play Dragon Age all day!

Realmcovet said...

That sounds like one heck of a plan to me BAY-BUH.

Jess said...




...Avocado ice cream. I must have this. Where? Who? When? I'll totally pay for like, overnight frozen shipping. Holy crawps.