Tuesday, January 11, 2011

shinRa technology at it's finest

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i found the cutest pyramid head cursors on deviantart.com. also, some really cool elemental icon sets. so now i have a gogo yubari backround with the five elements as icons & pyramid head for a cursor. woot.

my laptop crashed over the weekend so snookms had to fix it & i lost everything. but it's whatever, i'm over it now. i celebrated with a new theme.

so my first day of school was really fun. i was so nervous i thought i was going to puke on the way there but everything went really well. it's a life skills class & i love everything about the class so far. journaling for homework, talking about our emotions, the teacher looking like a redheaded tina fey. heck, even the students had really great senses of humour.

tonight i go to my math class & i'm not as nervous as i was yesterday just because i'm ore familiar with the terrain than i was yesterday. it's at my old high school so we'll see. more than anything i'm just worried with how my brain will take in numbers. it seems to automatically shut down whenever numbers are involved. that's why i suck at dnd. it's frustrating & embarrassing at times, but it is what it is. no sense in trying to hide from it or lie about it. BOOM. there it is.

other stuff. it really seems like there is but there isn't i guess? still plugging away on wasteland & i got all excited when gillick had a flashback dream of the carnivale days w/ red & blondie. i have homework to take care of already for the next two weeks so i'll probably be spending more time on that than anything else.

also. the first thing snookms asked me last night when he got home from work was if anybody hit on me. he said, "because if they did, they're gonna hafto meet me @ the flagpole after school".

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