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turns out i'm chatty on muscle relaxers! i've been having to take them every night before i go to bed since last week & you know what? i LIKE talking. i sometimes miss not having reservations.

i've been having neck pains off & on for years now & ever since school started back up for me & the kiddoes, there has been added stress i guess? i thought i was handling things pretty well, honestly. but it came out in a physical distress signal instead. so here i am, feeling good, feelin' fine.

today was super fun in biology class. i really dig my teacher too. she's short, old, & full of spunk. she loves to tell stories & is not afraid to talk about nasty, crazy, shock value shit. she brings it up in a funny way tho, & somehow manages to pull it off classy. i like her a lot. she has a super short pixie hair cut too, & it compliments everything about her. the first half of her class is just lecture, & then the second half we go in the lab, which i love doing. we get to work together with our classmates in groups which i realized i actually enjoy doing. i never have before! but i am kinda clueless in that class & it makes me feel so much better to realize most everyone else there is too & that we can band together to form a knowledge Voltron of disaster. today we were learning about molecular structure & how to read periodic tables. i liked drawing them & writing out the formulas. & then we got to mess around with a bunch of solutions & measure their pH balance. the cabbage juice we got to use was a really pretty shade of purple & i wanted to put some in a vial & secretly drink it. GROSS.

there is this guy that sits across from me in lab & he is HELLA FUCKING BUFF. but he's so quiet & not like the "hey y'all come look at my bi-ceps" kind of a dude at all. & i hate to throw this term around so loosely, but he is what one might classify as the "nerdy" type, & not in the new way that everyone & they gran-maw-maw likes to claim they are these days. basically he reminds me of what napoleon dynamite would look like if he had washboard abs & straight blonde hair. that is a really hard thing to visualize, i know! but if you saw him, you would get it, i think. but yeah, anyway. i thought for sure he was on top of his game in class but when we got to get in groups today we were both talking about how lost we felt. the teacher talks so fucking fast! & then muscle-man said that he thought this was just going to be a class about the human body & i was all "i know right?" but then said it will be eventually, these are just some of the preliminaries & then he opened up his binder & busted out this old school looking muscular tissue chart of the human body & was all, "see!" like he was loud & proud about it. i dunno. i just thought it was cute. in a napoleon dynamite way.

what else... ohhhhhhh. the whole "Women Writing the Weird" anthology thing is creeping up on me. it's due to be released sometime in October, i believe. some of the females have already begun the process of promoting, Scotland (hiiiiiiiiiiiii Wendy!) being one of the places that at least one writer is from, & then a possible panel at the world fantasy con? mysty & i were talking the idea of our stories being shared across the world, in places we've only dreamed of being, & that we thought that was really neat shit to get all head-swellered about. i still can't believe we're being published in an antho together.
*le twirl*

snookms, the kiddoes & i went to see "don't be afraid of the dark" last saturday. it was very disappointing. it had so much potential to be a great movie & a great story that i thought for sure there was no way guillermo del toro could fuck up, but sure enough, (whether it's his fault or not) it sucked. the opening scene had me hoping for a theme that did not continue throughout the duration of the movie & by the time it was all over i was glad to be done with it. it was about evil faeries for christ's sake! HOW COULD YOU FUCK THAT UP?

i am all about seeing the remake of "the thing". & i really want to watch the new "fright night" too. & then "paranormal activity 3" is on the must see list. oh yeah, has anyone heard anything about the "lady in black" flick yet? i never thought daniel radcliffe was uber cute or anything but he looks totally suitable to me in this. i'd say it's like "lemony snickett" meets "the shining"? one can only hope! coming out in february, so we'll see...

i also forgot to say that my new math teacher for this semester looks like superman with grey/gray hair. he dresses like clark, acts like kent, but reminds me of jor el more than anything i guess. he's not sexy to me, but it's cool that he's all fit & still takes care of himself. he's not a very blunt fellow, likes to beat around the bush with everything. i don't take that as a bad thing neccessarily, i've just noticed about myself over the years that i have come to appreciate blunt honesty. i guess maybe because of having to live with & adapt to snookms for the last 15 years? & this teacher is not blunt. but it's okay, i can adapt to the different behavioral patterns of society.

lastly, i think i might be headed in the pastoral counseling direction for my career. at my last appointment with my therapist i asked a bunch of questions about what she does, because i want to do what she is doing, but i just don't want to limit my availability to only those of a religious faith. & mother katherine made it clear that that is not a requirement. & so the more questions i asked her about it, the more intrigued & excited i became about pursuing it. & i really like how she emphasized the point to me of a non-evangelical approach in how their system approaches clients, which is a very important thing for me. the last thing i want to do is the whole "turn or burn" dance. she even told me they stress that in the classes & instructors go out of their way to be informative in cultural upbringings as well as environmental factors. so who knows? i may be a pastoral counselor in my future, & i'm excited about the thought of it. set me up with the finest red robes y'all!

good night <3


Sarah Laurenson said...

Wow. Been awhile since I ventured out this way. Life has been amazingly crammed full of stuff - mostly good thankfully.

I loved reading about your process with respect to school. You make me sort of miss being in school and yet I know I would not be happy there these days.

So glad you're enjoying all of this and your life is moving forward with wonderful stuff going on. Awesome about the antho!

... said...

Hey Sarah! Good to hear from you, as always :) Glad to know things are mostly good, as you say...

School is going so much greater than I could have imagined. I didn't think it would occupy much of my blogging fodder, honestly, but as you can see it's pretty much all I talk about. & I know you are a wizard at math, so I envy you!

& thanks for all your well wishing, I am really excited about the antho, I intend on keeping everybody & anybody who cares posted on the latest info :)))