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yukiko-chan's dream

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the last dream i remember feeling (& not having) is from a week ago. i went to bed feeling really cold; i was shivering. i grabbed snookms' brother's old ivy tech hoodie & curled up in bed. i guess i was shivering so bad that it affected my dream? i was walking on this desert mountain, but it was filled with townfolk, very urban-esque looking. snookms, the kids & i were walking on the fault line of some legendary shit, & then i felt vibrations in my legs, really bad. they were so strong they hurt. then i began to feel them in my heart & in my arms, but when i looked to my surroundings there was no evidence of an earthquake. & then we all realized the earth was bleeding, & it was tearing us up from the inside, out, since we were all extensions of the earth. i looked around & then the vibrations came out in sounds that shook only the trees but nothing else. cicadas came out & had bowls attached to their proboscis, almost giving them the appearance of wearing gas masks, except they were gold. they flew overhead & poured the substance that was in their bowls over everyone in the mountain-town. they were floating letters in an undecipherable language & i knew what was happening. but i really don't! but in my dream i did! the vibrations became so intense that it woke me from the dream & i bolted awake feeling all traumatized. it was like the cicadas were stuck in my legs now & they kept making them vibrate. not going to lie here, i was freaked the heck out. but you know how it is when you wake up from a dream, you're all like, "mannnnnnn, that was so. fucked. up!" & then BLONK! you're right back to snoozing away.

i love dreams. i love hearing about other people's dreams. i even love nightmares (excepts snookms' nightmares, because he scares the shit out of everyone when he has them). i had this re-occurring dream about lo pan, from big trouble little china? from like, the time that i was in high school all the way up until my early thirties. i'd be walking around in chinatown, wearing this miniskirt & some high heels. & he'd bust out from some corner & start chasing me & i couldn't run good because of my high heels & corner me and lift my miniskirt up & sodomize me. I HATED LO PAN FOR A VERY LONG TIME GUYS.

soooooooo. there's that. i keep forgetting to talk about seeing super 8. super 8 was a great fucking movie that i hearted a whole fucking lot! it was basically iron giant meets goonies. so, so, sooooooooooo perfect. & elle fanning is super fucking cute in zombie make up! you should totally watch it if you grew up in the seventies & sometimes miss the weird lighting & the oranges & greens that accompany that decade. they really went into some detail i could seriously appreciate in order to capture that feel of the post-hippie vibe. & the alien thing at the end, iron giant guys! i'm telling you, it's great!

snookms & i also saw drive, which was a let-down on ryan gosling's part, for me. hey man, i actually LIKE hearing him talk, which he did so very little of. i have a review that i wrote in ENG111 about it. might post it on tumblr sometime since one of my follower buddies is all butthurt about not being able to see it yet. i'm like, dude. trust me, you didn't miss much. (much)

on the women writing the weird front, yesssssssss, i know i'm promo-ing the fuck out of it on facebook, but dang! i'm excited! so sorry if that is annoying. there are a lot of ladies involved in this project, & they are doing their darndest to help spread the word about it too. supposedly, there are two females that may get a panel open for promotion at fantasy con? & then wendy, who is such a doll, is doing a launch in scotland! so. rad. again, if you're interested in reading my story, it's in the first section, second to last story. it's titled, "a stray child". also, mysty's is in there as well, hers I believe, is in the second section (there are 3 total, categorized by each story's particular "weirdness") & it's titled "the scene changes". pre-orders are available at the moment & should be ready to ship in late october.

(cover art by LushLynx)

in other news, i am so overwhelmingly excited about all the new shows on tv that i've been watching! doctor who is my new favourite, which snookms & i watch together. on saturday evenings, we'll either go out on a dinner date just he & i, or with the kiddoes too, & then we come home, slip into our jammies & watch it together. i think it's so cute that he's into it. & i can always tell when he's into something when he tries to predict what's going to happen at the end of the show, & he's usually right. our fav eps so far are "the girl who waited" & the "praise him" one, "god complex" is it? i got to watch the dollhouse ep & one of the weeping angel eps (so. fucking. perfect. i.....i want angel dust in my eye!)

there is also big bang theory, & community. but i have to wait to watch community on demand, because i have math class the nights it comes on. s'kay tho! 2001: a space odyssey homages don't happen everyday. my dad & i have a super-special connection with that movie. he said when he saw it in theaters as a teenager that it changed his life; his whole perspective on everything, really. he had me watch it when i was around 10 or 11, one of those nights when i was either sick, or couldn't sleep. it was a special father-daughter sci-fi bonding moment. we have a lot of those!

i can't really think of anything else. i'm doing pretty great in all my classes so far, & that is why i'm hardly on the internet anymore. my paper for ENG111 got an A (i wrote about the jucifer concert), then an A on the public speaking exam & a B on my first speech. uhmmmm, i got a B on my math exam (woohooooo, i guess a lot of people didn't do so good on it?) & then an A on my lecture exam for biology & a B for the lab test. not too shabby for the beginning of the semester, ya?

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kathulhu said...

I <3 Doctor Who! I love how devoted Rory is to Amy Pond. Are you watching any of the older episodes? I like David Tennant a lot as The Doctor. Torchwood is another good show, if you ever get the chance to watch it. It's a spin off of Doctor Who. Although it may make Snookums uncomfortable because Captain Jack is gay & he has some love scenes, etc. Does that kind of thing bother Snookums?

I can't wait to buy your book!!! I think it's awesome that both you & Mysty had stories put in there!!!