Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas loot!

current mood: i'm in love & i don't care who knows it
currently listening to: amy says -flyleaf
currently watching: elf

  • a netbook/notebook?
  • nightmare before christmas chain wallet
  • nightmare before christmas house slippers
  • nightmare before christmas snow cap
  • running sneakers
  • hello kitty knee high socks
  • black bjorndal uggs
  • black snow boots
  • towels galore
  • holiday gumdrop & cranberry scented candles
  • free dinner to 'on the border' with snookms & kids
  • free dinner to o'charleys for snookms & i
  • pear glace bath & body set from victoria's secret
  • pure seduction bath & body set from victoria's secret
  • socks galore
  • an oldschool popcorn popping machine
  • a canvas picture with me & snookms favourite bible verse ("& the greatest of these is love")
  • fancy photo frame that says the word 'love' in the middle
  • huge fuzzy nativity scene blanket
  • trip to rave metropolis to watch "sherlock holmes 2: a game of shadows" (which was beyond lovely)


mordicai said...

Yay loot! The picture links are broken though. You saw my haul?

... said...

I need to get a new flickr account so I can do like you do with your pics! & YES, dood, you're loot rules, I am getting ready to go comment on it now. Most everything that I've been seeing online has been through my phone cause I haven't been home in ages it feels like.