Friday, January 20, 2012

(snookms, me)

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so far this year, i have:

  1. shot a 12 gauge
  2. fallen in love with all my new classes this semester (sociology, interpersonal communication, microcomputers, & psychology)
  3. managed to NOT beat the living hell out of somebody that has managed to make my worst nightmare come true
  4. get into a friendly debate on facebook (which i typically avoid like the plague)
  5. fall in love with snookms all over again like it was the first time (& then readily hate his guts 2 seconds later)
  6. begun reading "catching fire"
  7. watch "it's complicated" 5 times
  8. watched every episode of "elfin lied"
  9. start playing guitar again & do nirvana/alice in chains karaoke with shespawn
  10. run out of gas in the middle of a snowstorm at 8 am, walk home, get gas cans, fill said gas cans, get offered a free biblical end times dvd whilst in the midst of filling these cans, calmly tell solicitor no, drive back to the car, fill it up, drive back home, walk back to the car, & take it home, all without losing my shit. IN THE MIDDLE OF A SNOWSTORM AT 8AM

my conclusion is that i am getting old. but i like it.

also, i forgot how old i was the other day.

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