Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dancing with myself

current mood: when that 3:33 beat drops i almost die of heartache every time
currently listening to: kiss distinctly american -q & not u
currently watching: poltergeist 2

i've been fantasizing about sleep all day long but i don't want to go to sleep now that i actually can. going off of 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night has taken it's toll on me this week. i can't wait to climb back under our nightmare before christmas comforter with snookms tomorrow morning once i drop the kids off at school. often times just envisioning that as a standalone feature is better than porn. snuggling with sleepy snookms is my favourite.

i took my first computer test tonight. i got an 88 on the written portion, but i probably won't know until next week what i got on my hands on test. i know i messed up at least once, because i can't figure out how to not break up a line of text that wants to break to a new line. is it something to do with ctrl, shift, & space, or what? it was driving me nuts not being able to figure it out.

i'm still waiting on the results for my 1st psychology test, & i'll be taking my first test for sociology next monday. i'm kinda looking forward to exercising my testing ability in that class. i feel like i have learned so much useful information in such a short time just because of the reading. when class is over i wish it wasn't because i want to learn more & hear more. the professor for that class was a defense attorney for kids who were getting pinned with the death penalty. she has so many stories that i am fully immersed in hearing.

oh yeah. i guess i can talk about my new diet. i went to a long overdue physical last week & was told i had hypoglycemia. i had sort of figured that since my brother got diagnosed with it when he was locked up in prison the year before... we had shared the same symptoms. but hearing it out loud from the doctor was the kick in the pants i needed to shift my dieting gears. first i started out just completely staying away from anything sugary in the morning, which worked fine, & then when i came back for a recheck, the doctor said i had lost some weight so the diet must be doing me some good is what she said. it motivated me to want to continue improving so i got online & found all kinds of substitutes for meat & dairy & sugar. don't get me wrong, i am by no means a vegan, nor a vegetarian. but i am tryna go whole foods so i can get all this ridiculous fat build up out of my body. i still eat meat, but i try to do it sparingly. dairy has been pretty easy to resist because fuckyeahALMONDMILK. & i found a non-dairy ice cream today that is pretty rad too. i've been stocking up on beans, cooking them for a day & then freezing single portions to warm up in the microwave for the sake of convenience. it's been working out pretty well so far.

at first i started hating eating, because i was training my brain to eat for sustenance instead of enjoyment. everything tasted so gross compared to what i was used to eating. but now that i've gotten more used to it i have come to enjoy it.

i guess i am going to start reading some more before i fall asleep sitting up. it feels so good to not have any pressing obligations right now. & all at 12:24 a.m.

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