Friday, March 23, 2012

8 miles high

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okay, i am seriously not trying to freak the fuck out here. i'm biting my nails in paranoid anticipation. i just submitted a term paper i wrote for my interpersonal communication class to be possibly published as an academic journal. my professor for the class sent me an email saying that the atrium is a place for faculty to submit work, but felt that i was already a part of their community, that my work was worth highlighting & said that i would go far. I AM BLARING HUSKER DU & TRYING NOT TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK OVER THE EXCITEMENT OF ALL THIS SHIT

i have no one to talk about all this to right now so here's my next best bet.

also, i went downtown on wednesday to meet up with the director of the honors program for liberal arts & she wants me to join. i would have to change the direction of the degree i am currently pursuing, but this might actually be okay with me because i originally wanted to aim for liberal arts, but got talked out of it at the last minute. so, i don't know. i'm just freaking out a little right now because it all seems like so much to take in, & i don't have anyone to talk to since snookms is at work.

in other news, tomorrow/tomarrow snookms, the spawn, & i are going to see hunger games. then i'll be heading to mysty's for ghoul's night in/slumber party to watch horror movies with a bunch of fellow mysty worshippers, and to have pillow fights, paint each other's nails & crank filthy doom metal.

oh! & my psychology teacher said "fuck" today & that made me fall for her. here i was thinking i couldn't hang with her neurosis, because of my own baggage that i already carry around for myself, & then her chaos ensued today in such a way that many of my parts live vicariously through. she talked about living on a reservation for 3 years & how she knew exactly what profession she wanted to pursue the second she met her psychology professor because she came to class with her dogs on a leash & muddy boots, not giving a fuck what anyone thought. i dunno. just seeing her be so passionate today, instead of the default "rigid" mechanism she typically sets in to. it... did something to me. affected my perspective, i s'pose.

i love knowing the details, you guys. details about everyone & every thing. there are no words to describe how much i thrive on this kind of information about an individual. from then on, you become my cognitive play thing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA



Lurid said...

Just scrolled through your blog and I love your take-charge, unapologetic voice, and the way you write. Good luck with your paper submission--that's really awesome.

How did you like Hunger Games?

... said...

Wow, thanks. Glad to make an impression like that :) Also, thanks for the support. I probably won't hear anything for awhile, so I might as well just forget I even wrote the dang thing, right? Oh, & Hunger Games the book was way more awesome than Hunger Games the movie. But I should've known that. I'm glad I saw it though & am looking forward to seeing the next one. Did you see it yet?