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uuuuuuuuuuuuugh! my period is trying to start & i'm failing miserably at not being a wimp about it. the pamphlet for the morning after pill i took a while back warned that my next menstrual cycle could be pretty brutal, & they are already pretty bad in the first place. i can feel the balrog's footsteps in the depths! HALLLLLLLLLP!

in other news ... OH MY GOD MY COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR IS FUCKAWESOME. she took me to lunch at my first indian restaurant on tuesday & i loved the experience. she suggested we do the buffet for my first time, & i tried almost everything the buffet had to offer. my favourite was this ultra yellow sauce with tofu chunks. i forget what it was called already. i could eat that forever over the rice they serve there. my mom & dad serve that kind of rice regularly at their house. i think it's jasmine rice? not sure ...

so my professor brought an outline of what it would take to get both a bachelor's & master's degree in communications studies. she said she is being pushy about it because she thinks i have what it takes. in about 4 years i could be teaching level 100 classes at ivy tech & could get my master's degree in two more years after that, which i am totally down for, according to the fast-track plan she brought. i almost started crying in the middle of chomping away on my naan when she said that she was going to walk me through this, step by step, until we achieve the desired results.

other awesome things discovered is that she lives right behind metropolis, which is way closer to my house than i thought she was, & that she wants to hang out with me on a regular basis. we are getting together in two weeks to go to a tea room in greenwood. i've never been, so i looked it up & was delighted to see what exactly this shit is all about. scones! artsy & philisophical gossip! finger sandwiches! raspberry flavoured things! & all in a victorian mansion in a subdued atmosphere! the tasslehoff in me just wanted to rip flint's beard out at the excitement of it all. i always wished something like this existed, & like, OH. HEY. GUESS WHAT GOOBY? IT. ALREADY. DOES.

another trip we have planned is to take her to the international market on lafayette rd. to shop for lumpia ingredients & other exotic components. she is also inviting me & snookms over to her place to play cards with her bf & company. i am kinda nervous about that because 1.) i suck at cards. BAD. 2.) i have no idea what her other friends are like. 3.) if they are anything like her my unhealthy hero worship factor is going to kick in & demote my social status to that of a jar of mustard. right now, i am currently at barbecue sauce stature.

something i really appreciate about our friendship too is that she really seems to embrace my gothic nature, instead of making me want to conceal it. she constantly brings it up in our casual conversation & how cool she thinks it is. i never really put the gothic label on myself, but it seems as though that is the demographic i appear to represent to most people i meet initially. funny how all that stuff works out, especially considering that i don't intend to represent anything intentionally. I JUST WANNA DO HOODRAT STUFF WITH MY FRIENDS

today i went to the dentist after i dropped all my kiddoes off at school. i am deeply ashamed to admit it has been forever since i last went to a dentist. not having any insurance will do that to people, i guess. i was really freaked out at all the potential damage that was going to be found in this mouth of war, but i only came away with four cavities & one hell of a teeth cleaning. you should have seen the dentist! she was like leatherface from texas chainsaw up in my mouf. i kept saying, "I'M SORRY. I'M SO SO SORRY MY MOUTH IS SO CRAZY & GROSS". she laughed & told me she's seen much worse, but i know it was pretty bad.

when she was done she had this dude come in that had my mom as a patient just last week & i had to try real hard to not start giggling my face off because my mom has a supercrush on him & thinks he is superadorbz. i could see why though, & i think my mom has the most delectable taste in human beings. she thinks joseph gordon levitt is jaw dropping hot, & hayden christensen. she also has it bad for kat dennings, angelina jolie, & then of course, my dad, the renegade wizard. she looks deep & far & wide into their souls like galadriel, the lady of the golden wood & finds their true heart i guess?

i was starving to death by the time i got outta there, so i tried calling snookms to see if he wanted to grab lunch at ihop with me. unfortunately he was still in sleepy mode so i flew solo & treated myself to blueberry pancakes. i went there alone regularly on friday afternoons after my psychology classes during the semester, so i kind of missed treating myself since then. lolllll. it's only been two weeks. listen to me!

my mouth feels so shiny & delicate & pretty right now. next stop? to see if snookms new job insurance covers acupuncture treatments!

oh! i keep forgetting to talk about my dreams. one was that snookms was trying to kill me with a steak knife, chasing me around endlessly in our neighborhood, which eventually opened up to this strange obstacle course like atmosphere made from old junkyard parts. it was like the iron giant designed an amusement park in homage to dean or something. it was creepy as fuck though because the whole time i had the kids with me & we kept having to pretend that snookms wasn't trying to kill me because there were all these innocent bystanders around that would "never understand". i fucking hated that dream.

another dream was actually very obstacle course oriented as well. in this one we were all trying out for the real life role of megaman, & everybody got to wear different coloured suits. i was dissapointed as heck in my dream though because we all looked more like tron peoples than potential megamen. we'd all stand in front of the judge, listen to the rules for each obstacle, & then take our places in the different districts of the massive dome they locked us inside of & race each other to see who got the different obstacles finished first. at one point, us contestants had to race together down this ridiculously long water tunnel that had no water in it, & i was all, "what the hell are we doing?" & somebody yelled, "getting equipped by dr. light!". i was like "oh hELL NAWWWW" & was super jazzed to meet this fluffy bearded wizard irl. we slide on down & my claustrophobia starts kicking in really bad (i really do get freaked out on water slides all the time!) and by the time we get to the bottom there is this platform we have to figure out how to reach. the contestant next me goes, "oh! i have to use one of the levitating platform guns that dr. light injected in us!" & there you have it. i woke up without even getting to meet dr. light in my dream. DISAPPOINTMENT PREVAILS

now i am here, watching degrassi & hoping & praying that imogen & fiona will finally get their mack on in this here final episode for the season. i am also debating on whether i should order take out. i hope i say yes.

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