Monday, August 20, 2012

black orchid

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currently listening to: overworld theme -ultima-exodus
currently watching: hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

i miss staying up late, struggling to keep our eyes open while the glow of the television, with all the lights turned off, burned 8-bit images into our retinas. forever enabling in us , a heartfelt pang of inexplicable and fragmented desire for things no longer of this earth. always afraid we descended too deep, the soundtrack of those caverns caused in us a panic that led to an irrational sense of misdirection. above ground, we were safe once we got to town. you got in so much fucking trouble, for being a smartass, for playing nintendo too much, and for showing your bare ass to us. you even eventually got me in trouble, because i was influenced by your behavior.

& i loved every second of it.

the castle theme, when heard, will always bring solace ... while ambrosia will always creep me the fuck out. that is, unfortunately, where the party was always at. you knew things were looking up though, when you got your sea legs.

regardless, we'll always have the mark of kings.

goodnight <3

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