Monday, June 9, 2008

Far too late in the afternoon...

I can't believe 2 of my kids are still asleep. It's almost 11:30 in the afternoon. The other one, the oldest one, is wide awake, laying on the couch half naked, with his Spongebob boxer shorts, and Spongebob comforter. He looks so quaint, just lying there, watching his Spongebob cartoons. I wonder how much of the world is aware that Spongebob is the Anti-christ?

I need to wake my other 2 from their dreary slumber so we can get the free government funded lunches provided at their school. I am putting off waking them up. I am pathetic.

The lunch ladies have this sort of "persona", if you the world owes them something because they're serving free lunches. I feel bad everytime we go there, and want to offer up whatever I have in my pockets, be it a shiny nickel, lint, or a pineapple, but alas, my pockets are always empty. Next time I go there I'll make sure I have Hawaii in my pocket with a house on the beach for each lunch lady and her ever-enduring persona. We DO owe "the lunch ladies of the world" the world.

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