Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yes indeed, what a horrible night to have a curse....

This twisted wretched place shadowed by the utmost darks of hellin dreams of black beyond the bounds of a withered witch's spellwhere the doors surely are locked when the sun threatens to wanewhere shamblers dwell in dim moon light beyond the warmth of dayliars line the roads at dawn watchful eyes are upon you heldsacred weapons to the sacred revealed to be unleashed upon the council of hellblood flows down the streets at night where wolves cry out for fleshwhere a horrible curse taints the woodlands nearby with the forms of the walking deadunholy inversion of hope twisting the faith of the meek into hatedriven insane by the dark one to bring forth the foul biddings he speaksthe undead are among us at dawn they shrink back to their silken bedsthey dance by night and drink the blood of a child's broken neckhis spires are growing taller still their shadows stretching throughout the landfreeing the evils that sleep within the weaker minds of maninto the tower never go the horrors multiplygears can mince the strongest ones leaving heroes paralyzedthe rivers flow with poison the sands swallow you wholethe ghouls that roam this darkened wood are thirsting for your throat

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