Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break

Well, it looks like the "Katie" weather has finally flown in....

It really is quite lovely. I do so love the coziness of Fall.

Fall = Katie in my book.

And I can't wait for Wednesday....supposed to go Haunted Housing/Gropping with Mysty.

The kids go to school today, and half of tomarrow (minimum day) and then they're off for the rest of the week. I did groceries with David yesterday with this in mind, so I had my cart CHOCK FULL of junk food. I really can't wait for Fall Break to commence. I even bought some Halloween cupcakes for me and the kiddos to bake & decorate, complete with sprinkles and perdily decorated cupcake tins. Goosebumps is on everynight on Cartoon Network until Halloween, so we've been having lots of fun watching that everynight. I'm at a dilemma on Monday nights though, as Big Bang Theory comes on at 8 p.m. and that's when the "newer" episodes of Goosebumps are shown on Cartoon Network. But watching Sheldon's potential autistic flare-ups is worth the trouble.

I have this list of movies that I make it my goal to watch once Fall (officially, meaning weather wise for me) commences.

1. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

2. Bram Stoker's Dracula

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

4. Garfield's Halloween and Thanksgiving Holiday Special

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other Stories by Eric Carle

6. Donnie Darko

7. Hero

8.Garden State

9. Pride and Prejudice (The one with Keira Knightly)

I especially love watching Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It EXUDES Fall warmth and flavor. Helena Bonham Carter is amazingly beautiful in this movie....EVEN as the Bride of Frankenstein.

On Friday I went with Mike after I dropped the kids off at school and helped him paint at what used to be "his-Grandpa's-house-but-is-now-his-mom's-but she-is-fixing-it-up-to-sell-it-house". It was nice being able to work with Mike again. The last time we worked together was when I first got pregnant with Mike Jr., almost 11 years ago, when we both worked at fucking Mickey D's in Carmel. I worked the drive thru while he got to hide from customer service responsibility as a cook. Lucky fuck. I HATED dealing with how utterly PICKY people can be. At FUCKING McDonald's for Christ's sake. And when you get their order wrong??? They acted like you committed treason against one's country. I mean, I can understand the usual orders of "hold the onions", or "extra mayo", or hell, even "no bun, just meat". But when fuckers start asking for "no salt" on their fries, or to NOT microwave their burger, and then get shitty because we goofed on the order, well then that's when I call in the troops. I usually would tell Mike to fart in the customer's cups before I put ice. He never does, but just the idea of his ass being that close to what's potentially going to be going into the mouths of these bitch ass customers is almost too much to bare for my giggle girth. Mike would always ask "Why" when I would put the cup to his ass and ask him to fart in it, and all I would have to do is to simply point in the general direction of said ass-fuck, and he would grin, shake his head in disgusted disapproval at my desire to exact revenge for customer's bitchiness, and walk away. I remember the time I yelled "FUCK YOU" to a bunch of feisty teenagers through the drive thru speaker and the reaction of these douchebags was pure DELIGHT. You could hear them cackle with glee at the idea of someone yelling "Fuck you!! Pull around so I can kick your fucking asses!" being spoken to them through the speaker. So much that, they drove past me, stopped, and WAVED. They acted as if I was a hero of some sort. Assholes.

Lucky my boss Terry wasn't on the other head set. Although, Mike and I would have some grand fun at the expense of our boss being on the other head set. One time, Mike thought our boss Terry (we got along really well with the guy) was on the "receiving end of the line", so Mike got on my head set and started singing the "Reading Rainbow" theme...."Butterfly in the sky, I can fly twice as high!!" and then this Asian dude comes out of the back of restaurant with a head set on and is like "What the fuck??" Mike and I bursted into tears with laughter. We also used to take turns chucking condiments at one another when it was time to close up. I'd be in the back doing dishes, and he'd be up towards the front by the deep fryers, so I would chuck pieces of ice over the dividing wall that separated us, making sure it fell in the hot oil. I knew success was born when I heard the sweet sound of hot oil spattering in angst as the ice hit it's preconceived destination. Mike would return the flame with high powered jisms of mayonaise and mustard being shot out of the condiment squirter thingamahoozits. They look like caulk guns, but instead they shot out Ketchup. He eventually mastered this manuever to where if you set the contraption on the ground just right, you could stamp your foot on the squirt lever, and you would get AMAZING results. The shit would shoot straight up to the ceiling at an accelerated enough pace to warrant our boss Terry to stop letting us close up on weeknights. Oh well. At least we got to take home leftover 40 piece Chicken McNuggets and Super Duper Chef Salads. Good times were to be had for all.

So like, I don't know how in the fuck I went from the topic of Fall Break to working at McDonald's 11 years ago, but here I am, and I forgot what the fuck I was talking about....

Oh!! Working with Mike at his mom's potential seller home...

Mike's mom actually paid me to do work for her, even though I insisted her not to, so I used most of the cash and bought the second volume from the Sandman Series: The Doll's House at B & N on Saturday night. I also bought a Toasted Marshmallow Latte, but I accidently called a "T'arshmallow" Latte because I'm just ridiculously retarded like that, and my daughter Carmen gave me shit about it, right in front of the Starbucks clerk and a long line of impatient customers behind us, so hence the "T'arshmallow" default name, and I also ordered a slice of pumpkin pie cheesecake, which was OH!!! so fucking delicious, and read and ate, and ate and read.

I have enormous piles of long forgotten laundry to catch up on, and a new episode of True Blood On Demand waiting for me, not to mention the newest episode of South of Nowhere as well to watch. And I need to finish watching The Love Guru that Mike rented for us last night. That movie is fucking HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait to finish watching it. Mike and I were laughing our asses off, and then next thing you know, we're both passed out on our couches like a bunch of fucking old farts.

But the laundry pile is not going to get any smaller on it's I guess I'll go do that now.

11 more days till Halloween!!! I can't WAIT for Kristi's my sister in law's) wedding! It's gonna be sooooooooooo much fun!!!

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