Thursday, October 23, 2008

More schtuffs

I had so much fucking fun last night with Mysty.

It's the most fun I've had in a long while with a friend.

I was laughing so hard it was like I had taken acid again for the first time.

I had screamer's cough, mingled with laughing my ass off cough.

Mysty asked me which "attraction" was my favorite, and I keep replaying the events in my mind of which one was the best because they were all so fucking lovely, but I still have to say it was the "Blackout". It's pretty much a maze, but there's almost NO LIGHT to guide you, so the whole time I kept running into the walls like I used to back in the day when I'd get piss drunk, but the great thing about this was that I WASN'T drunk, and Mysty would slam her hellaciously wonderful body into mine everytime I crashed into a wall, which only made me laugh even harder.

Being smashed in between a wall and one of the most beautiful souls in the universe in the dark is equivalent to jolly drunkeness. Not kidding.

She bought me a Faery notebook and some Hello Kitty stickers and even gave me the sweetest Halloween card. I have already filled the first few pages with the stickers and the events of our Haunted Housing ventures.

I have more to add to my wishlist.....

Another night of venturing with Mysty, AND Katie.

A copy of Little Women on DVD. My mom has it on VHS, she's the one that got me into that movie in the first place. I remember looking at my mother dubiously as a senior in high school when she was like "Watch this. It's good". I should have known better then about my mother's excellent taste in movies choices, but alas my ignorance walked with me far into my 20's. I NOW KNOW that when she tells me to watch a movie because it's good to obey like that of a robot. Little Women is another flick to add to my list of Fall movies to watch. Wynona is so charming.

I am eating a bowl of sinagan for breakfast. I forgot to mention that you boil all the ingredients I spoke of previously in water, for an hour, and pour it over rice, like a fine tender stew. Perfect for the illustrious Fall chill.

I'm still beating myself in the head for not ordering a Hot Chocolate at Hanna Haunted Acres when we were all done. I ordered a Pepsi instead because my throat was so parched from all the screaming and insane laughing. But Hot Chocolate would've been perfect to compliment the already wonderful night.

I also really loved the Haunted Hayride. But ALL of it was really fun. Especially being able to bury my head in Mysty's ample bosom to hide my face from all the Haunted House characters that were stalking us. I REALLY got to get my bosom's worth in Hell's 1/2 Acre. At one point we were greeted by this hooded being that had a pentagram painted on it's face, and it told us to go to the center of the room and stand in a circle. (There was another couple along with Mysty and I) You walk in the room and there's 3 pentagrams on the floor, we stand in the middle one but fail miserably at the attempt to make a circle because me and Mysty are just laughing our asses off the whole time at this guy in a clown mask. He's talking to me and Mysty the whole time, and then he eventually takes his mask off and starts following us out of the building (all part of the act, of course) but I just couldn't bare looking at this guy, so I hid my face in Mysty's tits the whole time, cackling insanely. Priceless shit.

Quinn needs to leave me blog comments, lest I get all "Jackie Chan" on his ass. I've got a ladder outside, I ain't afraid to use it yo.

I'm still being affected by the excellent read that was Neil Gaiman's Doll's House. I am so hungry for the remaining 9 volumes. Particularly looking forward to volume 4, Seasons of Mist. This book really got into the heads of serial killers, I believe. It made you empathize with them. Now that's ability. I had brought the graphic novel with me when I took Mike Jr. to his speech therapy at Riley on Tuesday, and this really groovy chick stopped me at the McDonald's inside Riley and was like "Ooh, that book is GOOOOD!" I was like "Oh yes it is" so we clamoured on for the next few minutes about the series and then said our goodbyes. It's so cool to see other chicks into shit like that. (Have you read your copy yet Katie????)

Neil Gaiman's also got a new book out: The Graveyard Book. I really wanted to buy it for the kids, and read a chapter to them every night before bed, the way my mom and dad would read a chapter from Charlotte's Web to my brothers and I every night when we lived in Seattle, Washington. I lived for those moments in my early childhood. I think it would be awesome to read about Nobody Owens, whose parents were murdered as a child, and wound up being raised in a graveyard by ghosts to my children every night, especially with it being so close to Halloween and all. I just recently discovered that this book has taken the number 1 slot on the mountainous pile that is Children's Novels.

Mysty took pictures of us but I look like a goober from hell because my eyes kept closing every time the flash went off. Must be a sensory thing for me, because that shit happens ALL THE TIME. I'm not photogenic one BIT!!!

At least Mysty is. I loved her Goatwhore shirk.(Yes, I called it a "shirk" on purpose, that's what Mike Jr. used to call shirts when he was little. So cute. "Shirk". Try saying it a couple times.)

I still say I have the best mom in the universe. I miss her. And I need to take pictures of all the awesome work my mom and dad have done to their house already. It's like walking into a wonderland of Fall and undying beauty. I shit you not.

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