Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Ocean of Noise

Probably my favoritest song by Arcade Fire, lyric wise anyway....I love The Well and The Lighthouse in all it's beautiful harmony, and My Body is a Cage (GOD-DAMN Win is one SEXY em-effer in this performance, as well as Regine) is spiritually enraptured with so much encrypted melody it makes my heart ache. Black Mirror illuminates my own darkness within, No Cars Go speaks to my inner child like nobody's business, and of course Rebellion/Lies is what "whetted" my appetite for Arcade Fire in the first god-damned place....

But somehow An Ocean of Noise just fills me with so much serenity I feel I could burst at the seams with an array of love and sunshine. Blech. Regine on them drums just makes my vagina throb with anticipation. One of the most beautiful female entities I've ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon.

But anyhoozle, I found this on Deviantart, one of my favoritest sites to go to. I can LITERALLY spend HOURS there, looking for shit. From Ian Curtis artwork to Sigourney Weaver Bleach just don't get any better than that!!

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