Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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An update is probably in order. Haven't been posting much of anything lately. Been sorta lazy in that way, what with the spawn being home sick, and having to haul Snookms around everywhere. Taking him to work every morning isn't so bad, it's the backseat driving that drives me to drink. And then picking him up is just fine and dandy, except that as soon as we get home it's time for homework, dinner, showers and maybe 20-30 minutes of quality time with the kiddos if we're lucky. So my desire to write has been drained as of late.
I've posted little "snippleys" here and there on Blogger, but nothing big and kneeslapping. But I've been feeling Blog withdrawal big time, so I figured I'd slip in a little "me" time while Carmen gets caught up on episodes of Total Drama Island. That cartoon is kinda funny. It pokes fun at all those reality shows. Nothing wrong if anybody else is into em, but frankly they just aren't my cup o' tea.

But BIG BANG THEORY is, fo' shizzle. Last night's episode was TO DIE FOR, and I about shit my pants with laughter when Sheldon started have a "geekgasm" over Leonard Nimoy signing the napkin that Penny gave him. I absolutely ADORE Sheldon and live to watch him every Monday night. He makes me giggle with delight. I was literally clapping my hands and jumping up and down because of this guy, I love him SO MUCH! He (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, that is) had a guest appearance on the movie Garden State as the guy in the suit of armour, that said "By the way, it's says BALLS on your face" to Zach Braff. He was also explaining how to say "Kill Kirk" in Clingon, but he probably really was just saying "How can I stick my dick in your wrinkled ass pussy without having to take this suit of armour off?"

So yeah, like an update...

Let's see. Went out and saw Twilight with Mysty last Wednesday. For those of you that don't know, it was her birthday last Saturday, so I went out and got her a balloon bouquet, and derived joy from every moment of getting her them. I couldn't WAIT to see the look on her face when I gave them to her. It was one of sheer delight and beauty, and her giggle does something to my inner system of process that one can just not compute. It sends it into overdrive, and whilst my system is trying is damndest to recover, it just crashes over and over, unable to reformat itself properly. Mysty just does that to people. Damnit. (Too bad I couldn't say the same about Twilight.)

So like, here's her, and on her little headline thingy it says she's pretending the unicorn is me. Gwaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

She makes me feel like it's MY BIRTHDAY instead.

Let's see, what else?

Oh! I've been going here quite frequently, Nicola Griffith's blog. She's a pretty snazzy chick, if you have the time to read up on any of her stuff. She wrote a really cool memoir that I have yet to read, as well as a handful of novels, and she's really fucking innovative, very friendly, and outspoken in a good way. Plus she digs X-men and LOTR, so that's a big plus in my book! (Except she says Wolverine is her LEAST favorite character!! Whaaaa?? )

But she's no Mysty. :P

This Nicola chick is in the works of trying to put together a co-op arrangement of sorts, in the blogosphere, regarding muzaks, (music), writing, ANY KIND, visual arts and all kinds of other exciting and avante-garde schtuffs. A collaboration of the arts sort of thing, helping to promote one another, I s'pose. I think her main thing is finding a way to freely market and promote each other's arts, without having to sell out to corporations and what not. At least that's what I'VE taken from it. And that's always, for some reason, something I've longed to dodge, just because of all the fucking rejection one has to be subjected to (for me, that is), not to mention the changes one is forced to make if anyone DOES decide they wanna promote your shit. And I've heard both sides of the arguement about why this is actuallly a good thing versus why it's a bad thing, but when it all comes down to it, I'm just fucking neutral on it all, as usual. As long as everybody's happy, which is never gonna fucking happen, but what can I say??? *shrugs shoulders annoyingly*

Katie and I have been talking about collaberating our efforts to write some sort of something, and I really need to get up off my ass and get on the ball about it. It's really hard to do these days though, when all I wanna do is kick this mutherfucker's ass. (I got 96% on hard, fer cryin' out loud!) We've agreed to start emailing each other snippets of whatchamahoozits, and going off each other's prose. So at least it's a start.

Alas, I am watching the beautiful snow fall and listening to the muzakal magic that is Depreciation Guild playing loudly in the backdrop of my life right now. They manage to orchestrate some of THEE MOST beautiful fucking muzak I've ever heard in my life. 8-bit chips falling from HEAVEN. Listen to Heavy Eyes, Sky Ghosts cranked full fucking blast. I promise, you WILL NOT be dissapointed. Pretend you're a kid again. Just lay back in your computer chair, or on your couch, close your eyes, and let your mind take you back. That's where this music takes me....to the beautiful parts of my childhood. What a wonderful way to defy the laws of physics, time travel and all that other hullaballoo.

Snookms and I have been staying up late and playing Return of the King for PS2, and we keep getting our asses handed to us on Pelennor Fields. Seeing oliphaunts up close and personal is cool and all, and even being able to walk over the rotting corpse of one is coolness within itself, but when the fucking Easterlings and Nazgul hand your ass to you and then throw it back to the Uruk Hai to eat the leftovers, you just finally want Samwise Gamghee to shut the fuck up about singing of the oliphaunts and shove the last piece of lembas bread up his ass already. Pelennor Fields has always gave Snookms and I problems, but we've had to go back to the Southern Gate 3 fucking times now, just to build our levels up high enough to deal any sort of significant damage in Pelennor. We DID opt to play on "normal" mode rather than easy, so that may be the gist of it. I can't wait to get Gandalf unlocked again. For some reason, our memory card keeps taking a shit on us and has been randomly deleting old files off itself over time, which REALLY pisses me off, because I have...well HAD lots of important fucking files stored on there. Like the love scene that ensued between Tidus and Yuna at the Macalania Woods campsite on FF10, and the final boss fight between Sephiroth and Cloud on FF7, as well as the town that Cloud has to saunter through dressed in drag. So I'm kinda perturbed about that.

I also had some really cool files of Kage doing some riduculously funny moves on Drunken boxing old fart Shun Di on Virtua Fighter 4 via Kumite Mode. I renamed him Ugli Fruit!! (Or at least the file!) But it's gone. All of it. Only the boring files are left, like of DragonTales when Carmen was 5, or fucking Shrek 3. Who really gives a shit about those?? (Or ANY OF THIS, for that matter!)

End geek rant. For now.

Haven't been to my therapist in 2 weeks. Supposed to go see her tonight at 7, had to reschedule my 10 o'clock today for tonight, cause I can't take my little Carmen with me just so she can hear me bitch about how unshapely I think my buttocks have become, or how I'm jealous because my grandma never offered to pray the gay outta my cousin instead of me. So tonight shall be a busy night!

I've had this running around in my head all fucking week. Tragically beautiful. Kinda reminds me of Sex's little fallen angel snippet. (You'll have to scroll down to the 5th blog entry, titled "Angel Noir").....Way cool.

I had wanted to say more, but am (miraculously so) at a loss for words at this point. Snookms and I took a shower together the other night, (no we didn't fuck) ..... (not till much later in the night, anyway) and he offered to brush my hair. He put a bunch of conditioner in it and then hand combed all the tangles out, and THEN brushed it with a brush. The whole time he just kept telling me how beautiful my hair was, and how much he loved my hair, and I'm STILL high offa that, 2 nights later, fer CHRISTSAKE.

My hair feels so....unnatural.

Don't freak, I fixed all the lazy linky love. ;)


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Thanks for the mention. Now we'll see what the crit group thinks of it.

spyscribbler said...

Oh, THANK you! Half of my favorite blogs sort of fell off my blog when I unsubscribed from them in my one folder of Google Reader because they were already in another folder. (Okay, that sounds confusing. I just messed up, is all.)

And I "lost" Ask Nicola's blog. I couldn't remember what it was called, and I LOVE it!

Thank you!

kathulhu said...

I was going to say something but my internet locked up and I had to restart it. Now I can't remember what I was going to say.


Oh, Snookums washing your hair? To die for! That is so amazing and sweet. I love it when Aaron does that for me but my hair isn't nearly as fabulous as yours.

Realmcovet said...

I think watching Aaron brush your lovely brunette hair would be a major turn on in my book. :)