Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Hope?

This has been something I've always played around with, daring to cast off that adulthood veil of doubt and dare hope for a moment that things like this could exist.

I already know that Sex and Katie know what I'm talking about when we say that Nicola Griffith is way cool, but her bold initiative has got me shaking with the mere possibilities of it all.

Is it wrong to feel so excited about something not quite yet born? Kind've like the expectant mother who wrestles with the possibility that her unborn child could be miscarried, due to pregnancy complications? Yet I hope, much like that of an expectant mother, drawing parallels to the world of naming the nameless, coming up with blueprints for the nonexistent of the "what shall go where?" and the "who?" and "how?".

I dunno.

Just go here.



Even in doubt, offer up what you may, provide angles we haven't forseen, roadblocks, potholes, Anything that may get in the way of not seeing this come to fruition....

If you have a desire to outlet your creativity, just click. It's a dream in the makes of possibly coming true for many, many aspiring "creatists" out there. It's a way to possibly get heard, get seen, get noticed, and to help others get noticed in that same stream of things.

It's innovative as all hell, and I'm really fucking excited and passionate about it.

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