Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Night!

Okay. I am SO FUCKING JAZZED today.

Fer starters, Nicola Griffith's Memoir "And Now We Are Going To Have A Party" is now in my possession for the time being, and I have Karina of SheTranslates.Com to thank for it, as she is the one who initiated the kind gesture in the first place. Karina is a member of the Ozymandias Google Group as well, and while in the midst of members throwing out ideas and themes and mission statements and what not, Karina offered to order a copy of Nicola's "And Now We Are Going To Have A Party" Memoir to any who were interested in reading it, and HELL YES I was interested, so I jumped on the offer, which to me, is one of those "once in a lifetime" opportunity typed thingamahoozits, because how often is some complete stranger going to offer to buy you a $50.00 piece of art, AND have it shipped to your house? And all I have to do is promise to pay for shipping to the next willing recipient? Not often enough, I'll tell you THAT!! Karina is MUY awesome!!

It's funny though, but now that Nicola's Memoir is in my grasp, I don't want to let it go. I fell in love with it the instant I saw the link for it on Payseur & Schmidt, and now that it's tangible, and actually within my grasp? I'm like Gollum with the One Ring, and I don't want to let it go. It is indeed my Precious. I'm thinking of quite possibly keeping this copy, and just doing what Karina did for me in regards to whoever is next in line. And then of course repaying Karina for her awesome gesture. But I dunno. I'll have to see what muh cash flow looks like by next Friday. I'm really hoping that this is the case, as I don't see myself parting with this lightly. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Oh yes.

Nicola's Memoir comes in five volumes. It also comes with a cd of her early band Janes Plane, which I love, (reminds me of old Cure) and an autographed baby picture of Nicola, and 3 lovely lovely lovely scratch and sniff cards, which you will totally keep scratching and sniffing and appreciating the hell out of, and giggling too, cause there's little prefaces for each scent that make you giggle in that way that only Nicola has the ability to do. I twittered Nicola last night, to let her know that I had just begun reading "Limb of Satan", volume 1 of the memoir, and she sent me a twitter back with a link to her "read-aloud" of it, which I have watched many a time over in utter adoration. (You have only to scroll down to the first 2 videos, and WATCH EM!! You'll be HOOKED!! I promise!!) Nicola is such a wonderful storyteller, and she connects with her admirers, her fans, her audience, the ones who appreciate her, so wonderfully. She doesn't have this bullshit heir of "Hey everybody. I'm famous now. I'm better than you. I shouldn't be stooping to your level to talk to you."

And that? Right there? That's what builds a loyal fanbase. That's what real admiration should be all about. Not this untouchable, invincible entity of a mess that contradicts everything that one SHOULD be standing for. And this enthralls me. I love it. It's the stuff my dreams are made of. Sort of like this whole, "Reach for the stars" momentum, 'cept, you have only to "look up" and there they are. They're not out of reach, they're not unnattainable. You have only to reach up and there one will be, to rightly pluck out of the infinite sky, and then to be in the palm of your hand, shimmering fantastically for all to bear witness to.

I dunno. Perhaps I'm just too giddy with Saturday Morning Delight.

Yet another reason I'm also totally jazzed is because Snookms and I are taking the kiddos to see Coraline in 3-D tonight, and I can't friggin wait, as I've been waiting FOREVER to see this flick, and it's soooooooo up my alley in every way deemed possible. I follow Neil Gaiman on Twitter, and all he fucking does is talk about all the interviews and the premieres and the Red Carpet in Oregon, and while it's COMPLETELY understandable that he is Twittering all this in the first place, it's driving me mad, mad, MAD with envy and jealousy. I'm starting to develop one of those strange manic depressive bi-polar delusions that many are known for developing? Like, maybe that I know Neil in real life, that we have a secret mind reading relationship, and that he secretly wants to write stories all about me and my life sized teddy bear Footprint, and that in the end he is going to reveal that Sandman is a girl. And that indeed, I AM MORPHEOUS, KING OF DREMES. Oh yes. Everyone should want to bow now, before I get way too infamous to even be in your presence in the first place.

*See now, therein I contradict myself, and it just goes to show you that I should indeed, NOT be famous, nor adored. I should want to squash you all like the bugs and vermin that you are, with my trail of infinite wisdom and notoriety, leaving behind me a glimmer of Silver Stardust for you all to hover about and lap up like rabid hyenas.*

This is really strange, cause I've not even had my morning coffee yet, and already I'm blathering away like a raving lunatic. Must be the "Rock My World" jigglies too. I can't wait to have that in my greasy paws!! Demon Baby rocks my world!!

I'm so happy I could poop a rainbow!!

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