Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some gems to share with the group

First off.

My second oldest spawn came home with this from school yesterday. He is so proud of himself, and well he should be!!!

"The Turners Go to Los Angeles-2012"

On my trip to California, my family and I will go to Los Angeles. It will be harder than usual because we are going by car and the apocolypse is happening. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm taking Route 66 because it's history and it's the only road to California that isn't destroyed yet.

We saw a Guitar Hero Contest at Area 51. I beat an alien at Guitar Hero! We were in Arizona.

We were going to Los Angeles because it was the only safe place for an apocolypse. We finally made it to Los Angeles and we survived the Apocolypse. We decided to stay in Los Angeles.

So I just thought that was WAY cool. His 5th grade class has been working on short stories all week, and I had to brag about his cool story. How I long to beat a fucking alien at Guitar Hero, y'know???

Also. This place. Is so.....VERY COOL. I found it yesterday, while doing my usual weird stalk-like-a-professional typed internet habits, and fell in LOVE with the place immediately. It's one of those "Guerilla Optimism" typed operation thingies, which is something I've always dreamed of secretly launching by my own means. And the atmosphere of the place is like that of those heavenly shops you only dream of visiting. Kind've like, you always WISHED there was a place like this, but only your dreams allow you to go to places like this. Well, here it is, so what're ya waiting for??? Go!! I've already printed out some of the "cards" (if you scroll down the first few entries, you'll find em) that they suggest you can leave in miscellaneous places, like coffee shops, libraries, bulletin boards @ the grocery stores....whatever. I can't wait to drop them hitherto, like little bird droppings falling from the sky. :)

Here's one of em, which I heart like a motherfucker:

Also, if ye has time, you should check out PrettyFnMess, it's another blog that the blogger of Kind Over Matter is in connection with. VERY inspiring and adorable. And FUN!!

Let's see...what else?


Another lovely place to visit is Sync Chrome City Sensorium. It's an indulging of the senses. Very enigmatic, but also so very tantalizing. As the author of said blog puts it, "A catalogue of the senses". I go there everytime there's a new post, or just when I feel like I have a need to venture off to faraway places I've never been. Kinda like the Tasselhoff character from the Dragonlance novels, when he experiences the overwhelming feelings of Wanderlust. Such a groovy word. Say it aloud a few times. :)

I redid my Myspace profile the other night, which I'm rather proud of, cause it was looking pretty shitty for awhile there. The whole switchover to "Profile 2.0" had me thrown for a loop. I now have ever-so-lovely Lorde of Dremes gazing upon me whenever I want to boost my ego by going to my OWN Myspace instead of everyone elses.

I know y'all thinks Myspace = Ass suck, but for whatever reason, I still love it. I keep in touch with Mysty there, and still manage to find it amusing to ridicule everyone's absurd mood updates. I know. I'm pathetic. With a capital "P". But yep. I was gonna request Erica as a friend, I saw that she had a Myspace account, but then realized that she hasn't logged into her space since like, last September or something or another. So many people hate Myspace and Facebook. It's just funny hearing everyone talk about how much they hate stuff sometimes. I giggle.

Well, now, I thought I had much more meaningful junk to chatter on endlessly about, but I guess not. I s'pose I'll try to go rent "The Secret Life of Bees" offa my On Demand Box. Hopefully it'll let me this time.

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kathulhu said...

I posted a comment on this blog (I thought) the other day but it's not showing up. Stupid blogger.

Anyway, I liked his story. I used to write a crap ton when I was little but my mom never saved any of it. I wish she had.

PS I wish we lived close enough that you could mooch toilet paper off of us.