Friday, February 27, 2009

The Attention Only Encourages Her!

Much congrats go out to Kelley Eskridge, for her novella "Dangerous Space" is a finalist for the Nebula Award, not to mention that this is Kelley's 3rd time as a finalist!! So yays all around for her, eh? Erica, I thought of you especially while reading Dangerous Space, because it touches on that same musical vibe that you succeeded so well in portraying in your novel Rock My World. I do believe that you will be pleasantly entertained by Kelley's novella. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dangerous Space and had such a hard time walking away from it that my family is now very much wanting to press charges of neglect upon me. Kelley's words had the ability to light up a fire inside me that I thought only physical touch was possible to ignite. It's just THAT FUCKING GOOD. If any are interested, feel free to click here and get right on reading the PDF format of Kelley's Dangerous Space.

Another round of applause goes out to my very own mother, for her and my father's efforts have gone far from being unnoticed!! The audition video that my mom and dad have been working so hard on has proved fruitful, for when it landed in the hands of t.v. show's "Can You Duet?" casting directors, it was unanimously decided they loved her look, personality and "Look But Don't Touch" image so much they decided to give her exclusive "wristband" access to the front of the long lines of other contestants. So needless to say, I've been gulping in the shared excitement of this new endeavor of my mother and father's. I'm just so very happy for them, and in such a way that words can not even begin to describe.

Other happy news is that Nicola Griffith's Memoir "And Now We Are Going To Have a Party" is now officially mine, dare I say it!! I had been resisting the compulsion to tear out the 3 scratch and sniff cards that are enclosed in said novel and indulge in the sniffing madness and frenzy, because I didn't want to become even more attached to the novel than I already was, in case I wasn't able to foot the cash to pay for the next reader in line to have a copy of their own. But alas, good ol' Snookms came through for me, and knew of my passion for this lovely memoir, so I now have him to thank when my nose is all bloodied in over-indulgence from sniffing the life out of Sandalwood, Geraniums, and The Pub. My favoritest scent is Sandalwood, and when I take a picture of this lurvely card to share with the group, you all will see why. :) I will also better explain why this book is a love of my life that I won't soon forget when I do post that precious picture. Karina you are so amazing for your selfless act of kindness!!! Thank you again for what could potentially initiate a convention of "Party With Your Box" Nicola fans, come to spread Ammonite love all acrossed the lands. :) We shall deepsearch one another, each with our own Ammonite necklace thronged around one another's necks in hymnal unison. I can't wait!!!! :DDDDD

Other little side goodies include my newfound love for Amanda fucking Palmer. I'm obsessed with Girl Anachronism currently. To a sick, sad and mortifying degree. But you just can't resist such a fevered beauty of crazed punk caberet!!

*photo credit given to WithThePearlLips on DeviantART*

I think, more than anything, it's the lyrics that resonate with me so well. It's like someone found a bottle of the essence that was once me, in some forsaken forest somewhere, and undid the cork, and the words just become me. I know AFP is "olde" news, but still though!!

One last thing, SexScenes@Starbucks (yet another favorite word, or rather slew of words to say) actually reminded me of it, with her own comment, in regard to the hailing of her little drummer boy and his victories, so I thought that this would be pretty fucking cool to share. The bitch just owns the world with a single point and nod of commanding attention, and a pair o' stix. Plain and simple. Make SURE you watch her bang out to Diecast's "Never Forget". 14 years of ruling the earth, with nothing but a pair of fucking sticks. I slurp the ground she walks upon. For shame!!

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