Monday, March 2, 2009

Good schtuff/Bad schtuff!!

The Good Schtuff:

  • New episode of Big Bang Theory tonight
  • The fantabulous Sunday afternoon sex that Schnooky-wookie and I had
  • Snookms haircut making him look like a little boy
  • I finished reading Ammonite today (although, I'm a bit sad too, cause I loved it so fucking much. What can I say? Marghe and Thenike rock my world yo.)
  • I had Taco Bell for dinner
  • I didn't have to cook dinner
  • My soda tastes really lurvely
  • Mysty is happy now
  • Mysty is "Unger-iffickly" happy now, which, to me, is the BEST kind of Mysty happy you can possibly get
  • My momma is an infinite rock star
  • Sarah Laurensen says she loves muh blog posts
  • I hacked the Green Eyed Douch(e)bag's Myspace account, forcing him to proclaim his undeniable love for me via Myspace Moods & Updates. I even added flavor to the moment by indicating his absolute hatred for Cupid. Woot for me, Douch(e)bag: pwned
  • I took a shower
  • I can beat most Guitar Hero songs on Hard or Expert
  • My herbal supplements are not child safetied, so I can make my spawn get me my sanity keepers when I forget to take them, like, for instance, right now....
  • Going to see (possibly) Drop Kick Murphys and Civet (most definately!) with Mysty Wednesday!!!!!
  • The spawn don't have homework all week cause of I-STEP

The Bad Schtuff

  • Snookms will probably be all cranky & shit when he gets home from taking the Jr. to Speech Therapy @ Riley, cause we can't really afford Taco Bell
  • My kids have me hopelessly addicted to Mtv2's Nitro Circus, Scarred, and Fantasy Factory
  • The Green Eyed Douch(e)bag is plotting his revenge, so I am afraid at every corner
  • I have nothing fun left to read, except my own angsty bullshit
  • I-STEP all week for the spawn = headaches for all
  • I don't have any toilet paper to wipe my ass, & I fucking forgot to buy some when I went out to get Taco Bell
  • Napkins hurt, but not as much as corn cobs I s'pose
  • Kathulhu hasn't posted a blog in five days
  • I found 2 grey hairs on my head last week
  • I got metaphorical pinworms in muh butt. Blog post later all about it. (it's actually an oldie, but a "goodie")
  • I have nothing self important left to say, which sucks, because I'm really enjoying the hell outta using this bulletpoint font.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Dropkick is one of my alltime fav bands to see live and they will erase your bad list with a single song.

Realmcovet said...

The whole effin list eh? Sounds grand. Thx for the heads up m'lady. :)

kathulhu said...

Sorry, I was busy/hung over this weekend :) Not much interesting to post, though. And it's way too late and I need to go to bed now!

Realmcovet said...

Kat: The SARS makes you come alive with DELIGHT!!! Or is it the cough meds? meh!