Sunday, March 1, 2009

Per *his* request

Current mood:satanic

The illustrious Green Eyed Douch(e)bag has taken it upon himself to make me feel wanted in the Ass-Suck Universe that is myspace.

To quote:

"O.k. What is the fucking deal with no recent blogs.Let me guess! You have been busy. Whatever! I subscribed to your moms blog this morning just so I can get my blog fix for the day. You must post a blog today regardless of how boring or uneventful I may find it. I cant go much longer without saying something mean to you. Please help me here. I really need a fix now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The Douche bag

So thanks green eyes. I needed that push. I actually HAVE been posting blogs, but I've just been keeping them on my this blog, cause I thought for sure no one gave a shit anymore in Myspaceland. But I digress!! Green Eyes needs a reason to insult me, and I, being the attention whore that I am, can not let him down.


Sarah Laurenson said...

Love Blackburd. Who sings that one?

Love reading your posts, too. Whatever you feel like posting. But I'm not up for saying anything mean. Have to wait for the Douchebag on that one.

Realmcovet said...

Hey Sarah!! Always good to hear from you. :)

Um, let's see, the song version I have on here is Sarah Mclaughlin, I think that's how you spell her name, anyway. Fell in love with that version the first time I watched I am Sam.

And I'm happy you love my posts. I always love reading your stuff too. :) I get you on the meanness jazz too. Leave it to Snookms' Uncle to be the douch(e)!! He's got a heart o' gold really, but such a sharp edged sword. Eesh!!