Friday, March 20, 2009

Homework Kills Trees!

Homework I hate you, you stink
Homework kills trees.
It must be stopped, it must be seized.

Most kids hate homework
When they cut down trees you'll hear crunches
If you go to a forest and hear a crunch,
it'll be a tree using crutches

Oh my gosh!
I can't believe my ears,
at school today my teacher said,
"No more homework for the year!"

An hour later,
I asked my teacher and said,
"Why is there no more homework?"
"Because too many trees are dead".

I can't believe it,
It's a dream come true!
I was very surprised.
My teacher said, "What's with that look?"
I said, "You'll probably see it in my eyes."

The Cha-Chin-ator

(my youngest spawn, 9 yrs old, sankyouveryMUCH!)


kathulhu said...

Cute! Your family is so talented.

Realmcovet said...

Thanks Kat. The same goes for you too m'lady. :)