Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's hard to leave all these memories behind...

Today is the second day of talking to my old best friend Leticia all day on the phone. Yep! You heard me RIGHT! Fucking LETICIA!! (She's from South Frisco!) I still get fleeting glimpses of unreality, like I'm just waiting for someone to pinch me and tell me it's not true, that it's all just a dream. But it isn't. It really fucking isn't!

(here is my pretty little miss with her family o' four, aka the 4 gemini)

Life has been quite fucking amazing to live these past few days. I mean, sure, I still get my ups and downs as usual, but dear GOD, everything occurring in my life have been events that I would have NEVER dreamed I'd be a part of. And so many of the "simple" things in life? Have given me such an undescribable amount of joy to be a part of and witness. Simple things like reading "Somewhere Down the Diamond Back Road" or "Eye of the Storm" by Kelley, or knowing that "somebody" from Seattle, Washington comes to read my blog from time to time. There's also the fact that I've just finished reading Volume 6 in the Sandman series. (I feel like in another life or realm, Neil and I are kindred spirits. It's a sad and sick path us of the bi-polar fever traverse, but I truly feel this way in my heart, soul and mind while in dreamy manic-mode, reading Fables and Reflections. Neil's father just recently passed and my heart goes out to him. I can't even BEGIN to imagine the hurt and the pain. But if he can get through it he will be a newly forged blad in the fire, and he shall truly be set free. At least I hope so....

Other such fancies include my new love for Guacamole and us getting our tax check.

But the icing on the cake???

Was Date Night with Mysty!

We moved our Wednesday Date Night to Tuesday night instead for this week because her fiance Eric had a show to play Tuesday night and she REALLY wanted me to come see his band play.

I have got to say that I was TOTALLY unprepared for what took place before my eyes and ears and every other sense I had that night.

I had been anticipating a small venue, being told it was to be at the "Casa" behind The Emerson. Keep in mind The Emerson has been fashioned into a fucking old ass movie theater, and that is where I was usually accustomed to seeing bands play.

When Mysty parked her car behind a bank parking lot and got out, she led me to a HOUSE right BEHIND The Emerson, no bigger than Mr. Fucking Rogers humble abode. She then unlinks the screechy gate latch to the chain link fence that surrounds the property, and next thing you know Mysty's introducing me to fellow children of the grave.

I'm overwhelmed by social anxiety, grasping the plastic bottle of Pepsi Mysty had thoughtfully bought me earlier so hard I think it's going to spontaneously combust all over my bloody French maid outfit. But everyone is s'very kind, beautiful and friendly.

You enter through the back door of the house, descending the stairs to the basement, with the deep sound of bass reaching into your chest and manually pumping blood from your heart and forcing it to course through your veins. One last step before reaching the Land of Hades and you look up to see the words "All ye who enter abandon hope here" (or something delightfully wretched like that) etched upon stone, hovering above your forehead.

Once you get past the wanker that says, "That'll be 6 dollars please", you are entering a tiny realm of dystopian paradise, where screams are heard as sonnets sang to Angels of Decay, brutal riffs are like songs of serenade to the Gods of Norse and Thunder. The drummers eyes are closed tightly in trance, pumping out a decibal of tribunal hymn in reverence to the dreadful melody spewed forth from the vocalist's drooling mouth.

And you are all but 5 inches away from this beauty.

You come to momentarily, finding fellow grave dancers in their own tribunal accord, moving sporadically to the sounds that only death can make one dance.

The smell of man overpowers your senses til you can no longer recall what it's like to wear a skirt or have ovaries, and then in the heat of the moment you become one with the enemy, fusing blade and forging steele to reinvent a hammered weapon of chaos.

'The Devil and the Sea' take their sacrifice to the pyre, and the Deities reward them faithfully, for their riffs will be heard, admired, and scored for centuries.

Next up is Mysty's fiance's band. You realize that the same wanker that tried to collect the 6 dollars from you at the door is not only smelling a cupped handful of his own farts, but that he is also the vocalist of this next band called 'Tunguska'.

Firmly planted in front of all the action, I steady myself for the storm ahead.

Nothing prepares me for what is to come. I've no choice but to surrender myself to the torrent once again and let the destruction take me down in waves, pullling me deeper and deeper into the abyss of Nothingness til I no longer want to breathe.

The vocalist is in a crash dance wave of frenzy, hurling himself bodily into the bassist and audience alike. All this time Mysty takes pictures of the "man who's dick everyone wants to suck" as he pounds away on clanging brass and resounding cymbal as though/if life were EVER about anything else but this one fucking moment in time.

Then the music fades, the lights come on and you're outside smoking a cigarette, sharing the shelter of a black and white polka dotted umbrella with THEE MOST beautiful soul in the universe.

Later in the twilight of 'eve, after you wash the cover of night off of you, you awaken in mid slumber to find the scent of her flesh embedded within, and you realize that it was always ever about Mysty.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

I love magical nights like that and I love virtually any music live. Seeing people do their thing is the best.

Oh. I'm back btw, tanned and staring at grey skies with a frown.

Realmcovet said...

Whaddup Sex? Long time no see. Good to hear your back. I've been bored while you were away. Hope you have lotsa interesting cabana boy\girl tales to share...

And believe me, I KNOW the feelling! :*(

kathulhu said...

I like chicken.

Realmcovet said...

I like tater tots Kat, but they give me a headache.

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