Saturday, April 11, 2009

An award from SEX!!

Yep. Muh dream come true. An award from the one I stalk. I'm speechless!

Give me a few to come up with nominees.....

I'm still taking in the newness and freshness of having internets back. I've been "internet-less" for almost 4 days now, and while it's been nice, OH BOY HOWDY how I've missed the motherfucker.

Our monitor took a shit Thursday? I think? & now I finally uncovered the ancient treasure that is some 1980 whatchamahoozit clunker from the garage. It looks like something that Bill Gates might've wankered off too before Microsoft came into existence. Like maybe the kind of screen Jeffrey Dahmer might've stalked potential eating material from. I've got it plastered with oldskool Dance Dance REvolution Mcdonald's happy meal toy stickers, but it still doesn't do the thing justice. I actually kinda like it, truth be told.

New things in REalm's land farANDwide.....

Facebook: Why can I not find you on here Sex?

Leticia and our daily phone convos: There just isn't enough time and space for all the shit we speak into existence. 7ft tall tatooed Bob Hopes that I wanna fuck in my dreamscape? Squidward's nose being a dick? Satanically sacrificing the neighborhood childrens like shishkabobs for asking to use the restroom? Will it ever end? I should hope not.

Starbuck's Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate: Mysty turned me on to this bitch, amongst many other things which resemble her "Art Saves" skin modification grafted acrossed her bosom in Slayer fashion. We did a whole bunch o' NOTHING on Wednesday, and while this bores me to hell most occasions, it was the most fun I've had with her EVAR. No false pretenses. Or fake mustaches. Just me, her, and GIGGLES that don't give you migraines.

Jeff Vandermeer: Found his blog via Ugly Bad Bear's blog. I am s'VERY complete.

Snookms: He's been ominous lately. And in a good way. Not the "I'm not going to get in a car with him tonight cause he might chop me up and dump me in a river by the freeway" kind of way that I'm usually accustomed to. And he shaved and it's sexy. I usually fight for the five o' clock shadow, but not today Jesse. Not today!

Tha Jr.: It's early Saturday morning and the fucker's @ a chess tournament at some high school. Finals and shit. And the hilarious thing about this all? He's just in it for the fun. And a chess shirk(t).

Kathulhu: We missed you Wednesday! But the Grease flick on the big screen was a no go. Hope to see you next Wednesday, naked and begging for me to be your shalafi still.

Myspace: Come dig muh new shiz.

I dunno what else.....

OH!!!! THE SOLOIST!!!! I saw a preview for this MONTHS ago. These are the kinds o' movies that I brAKE for. Like, get on all fours and beg and do whatever you tell me and I'll do it? Well, Snookms was a sweetie and bought me the book last week and I finished it in 2 days and OH BOY HOWDY am I obsessed. I must see the movie. I MUST SEE THE MOVIE. Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers deserve to be characters in my graphic novel, complete with Brahms & Beethoven rat-shooing sticks. *huge SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Thaz all fer now. I will come up with nominees soon I hope! Thanks again Sex! WOOT!


spyscribbler said...

Ohmigosh, I LOVE salted caramel hot chocolate! I get asthma attacks 90% of the time from dairy, and I love it so much that I risk it for a small one. Ohmigod, they are AWESOME!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

No prob. I dumped facebook after they claimed to own all our content. Yup, they later renigged, but I don't trust 'em now. Plus, it was a timesuck I don't need and I learned things about friends that I was happier not knowing. Besides:


Realmcovet said...

Spy: Yes!!! It's funny too cause everytime I order one now the employee will go on and on about how it's Starbuck's greatest invention. I crave one EVERYDAY ever since Mysty got me hooked. :) Too bad about the asthma though. :(

Sex......HA! You called Facebook stupid.

kathulhu said...

Wednesday is a go! My mom actually has Wednesday off and she said I could bring the boys over around 3!!! So I'll be over to your place around noon.

Congrats on the award!