Sunday, April 5, 2009

New & Improved!!

Muh new & improved "hand-made" Myspace friend's list: (I heart SEXAY & BEAUTIFUL!!!!)

"Snookms"(Brace yourselves!!)

Tha "Jr."


The Cha-chin-a-tor

The one that squeezed me out....

My awesome cousin, Dominick

Beauty beyond words

Let-Dawg & Company:

(I'm HER "Shalafi")
Thou shalt obey when I speaketh!!!

One FUNNY gal

Pretty girl

Another silly chick

The sister I never had:

Pyramid Head's Next Victim:

Some dork named u?i?q
(plays with Barbies frequently)

Green-Eyed Douche-Bag
(likes hot asians with cat breath)

My muse....
(when all is down, she turns muh frown upside down).

A hot ass that I stalk:

The Amazing and Fantastical Karina:

There are a plethora of reasons as to why I enjoy Myspace.....this being one of em. I like how you can be sneaky and customize junk like this and what not. You can't really do that shit here on Blogger or Facebook so much. As "Nazi" as Myspace is getting, there are still ways to bypass the Hitlerizing bullshit and still have fun. Squee-DOOD-ley!!!

Let's seeeee.....what else?

Still high offa Watchmen. Snookms kinda reminds me of Dr. Manhattan. So much that after the movie was over I had to come home and fuck him just to make sure his dick wasn't blue. Or any other colour for that matter. A rainbow penis would be really lurvely, ya?

Snookms took the spawn & I to see the newest Fast & the Furious flick on Friday. Pretty cool, loved the soundtrack. I was really glad Vin Diesel didn't try hooking up with any one else. & Paul Walker got pretty cute after he ditched his last semblance of hope that mullets were going to come back into style?

Other than that not much else to report. I are currently in the throes of my annual re-reading of Soulforge. Whenever a warm spring breeze flows this book calls to me, and I must obey it's will. Young Raistlin in the summer just wouldn't be the same without me! This book really made me want to fuck Raistlin with all my heart. Turned me into a full fledged Raistlin groupie. It also gave me a pretty bad hard-on for a possible Sturm and Kitiara fling as well. Soulforge is such a wonderful read!!!!

Also, J-U-C-I-F-E-R!!!!!!! Holy CRAP is JUCIFER badass!!! Mysty got me into them. It's just a chick, playing guitar and doing vocals and then some awesome ass old dude banging away on drums. Amber Valentine makes muh heart skip a beat. Fo' sheezy.

My current fav by them is "The Mountain", the first song that plays when y'all click on the link I just gave you. Go listen and then of course have a wonderful day. :)


Sarah Laurenson said...

Hey Realm - Great pix! And the music is seriously cool. Will have to listen to more.

Realmcovet said...

Thanks Sarah, glad you like the pics. :) And the muzak too, I am mesmerized by that deep guitar ablazin' from the abyss....

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Wow I made your MySpace list. I am honored. Just the pick me up I needed this evening. (Don't ask.)

Realmcovet said...

Well Sex, you'd make any "list" I have, including the grocery list. Glad to cheer you up, hope you feel better soon.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Already better, Realm. Thx.